The former brand-new York, new York Cabaret ~ above East 2nd Street in Franklin will come to be a automobile wash. The Franklin planning Commission newly approved plans because that a auto wash. Demolition that the roof has already started in ~ the previous strip club. ED RICHTER/STAFF

Demolition has already started top top transforming a former strip club into a brand-new automatic vehicle wash in Franklin.

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Real heritage investor Andrew Leonhard relocated from new Jersey come Ohio 2 years earlier is functioning on his very first Tommy’s Express car Wash at the former brand-new York, new York Cabaret at 1221 E. Second St. In Franklin. He has actually plenty the Ohio relationships as his mom is native Hamilton and also has various other relatives that live around the state.

Leonhard has actually the Tommy’s Express auto Wash franchise civil liberties in Warren and also Montgomery counties.


A Tommy's Express vehicle Wash is planned for the former new York, brand-new York Cabaret, 1221 E. 2nd St., in Franklin. Plans were authorized last spring by the Franklin to plan Commission and also demolition on the roof has currently started. This are illustrations of the brand-new automatic vehicle wash it is registered to the plan commission. CONTRIBUTED/CITY that FRANKLIN

“I’m yes, really excited around it,” Leonhard said. “When it pertains to fruition, my expect is the the result will do a positive impact.”

During his analysis, Leonhard claimed the Franklin ar “looked very attractive” since of the strong demographics and also the variety of cars the pass by the property less than a mile from the interstate 75/Ohio 73 interchange.

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“Car washes room not finish destinations,” Leonhard said. “They feeding off various other destinations.”

Leonhard stated the Franklin location is near some gas stations, a Walmart, restaurants and also a drug store.

He said the site attracted him because it would be an opportunity to carry something optimistic to Franklin.

As part of the major site plan submitted come the Franklin plan Commission last spring, Leonhard wrote, “We strongly think that repurposing our website at 1221 E. Second St. Will improve the appearance and also enhance the surrounding community.

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“The addition of a Tommy’s Express auto Wash to the city of Franklin will certainly also include a new and beneficial service come the community, supplying its occupants a fast and also high quality and also competitively priced automobile wash.”

Leonhard claimed he’ll begin construction ~ above the about $5 million invest - a 5,243 square-foot automatic automobile wash in Franklin as quickly as building permits room secured. He claimed the deed transport for the Franklin residential or commercial property is pending and that that is finalizing financing.

Once completed, he said the auto wash would certainly be open up 14 hours a day, seven days a week and also will have actually 20 permanent equivalent jobs.

“Ideally, I’d favor to execute site ready work in between Nov. 1 and also Dec. 31,” he said. “Construction will certainly take five to seven months.”

He freshly closed on an outlot by a Kroger keep on Brandt Pike near Needmore roadway in Montgomery County. Leonhard claimed his plan is to construct his an initial car wash in Franklin, then role over to begin construction top top the Brandt Pike location. He said he is currently searching for one more location in Warren and Montgomery counties.

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Michigan-based Tommy’s Express vehicle Wash right now has one Ohio location in Toledo and the Franklin ar will it is in the second in the state. Castle have approximately 81 places in 30 states and also are functioning on one more 87 locations.

New York, brand-new York close up door its doors once Ohio’s stay at house Order was issued in mid-March 2020. Owner opted come close the organization due come not having actually a liquor license, follow to lawyer David Chicarelli.

Franklin City Council had actually objections to the rejuvenation of liquor licenses in 2017-18 and 2018-19 because that the brand-new York, brand-new York Cabaret after ~ a in march 2017 state investigation that caused two arrests and also several citations versus its liquor permit.

The Ohio Liquor control Commission issued an order on Oct. 31, 2019 to refuse renewing the liquor permits. The order was affirmed during an bureaucratic appeal in Franklin County common Pleas Court top top April 6, 2020.

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Franklin also moved to dismiss the Sexually Oriented service Permit bureaucratic Appeal through prejudice the was pending in Warren County usual Pleas Court at the time.