Welcome come the Newark Beth Israel Emergency medicine Residency Program!

Our Mission

The Department"s education mission is come train proficient, caring physicians able to meet the many challenges of emergency medicine. We are committed to carry out our graduates through the clinical and also interpersonal skills to as necessary manage many acutely ok or hurt patients in a timely, compassionate, and cost-effective manner.

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Residency Profile

Newark Beth Israel’s Emergency medicine Residency is an ACGME accredited regimen that deserve to graduate 8 Board-prepared physicians per year.

The major site because that the residency is in ~ Newark Beth Israel clinical Center, i beg your pardon is a high-acuity, quaternary treatment center encompassing over 650 inpatient hospital beds. Every year, the key emergency room sees end 95,000 patients and boasts an admission price over 15%. Residents additionally train at Rutgers university Hospital in Newark, whereby they carry out rotations in toxicology and also trauma, as well as Saint Barnabas Medical facility in Livingston whereby they turn through the ICU. First-year citizens do a two-week EM rotation in ~ Jersey City clinical Center.

A blog post From The Chair


Welcome come the civilization of Emergency medication (EM) in ~ Newark Beth Israel Medical facility (NBIMC). Say thanks to you for her interest!The department of EM at NBIMC is a large, independent, scholastic department that’s residence to 4 postgraduate EM training programs: our flagship residency in EM, and also our advanced fellowships in Pediatric EM, Emergency Ultrasound and EMS & catastrophe Medicine. The backdrop because that this expansive educational suffer is our single campus, 95,000 visit-per-year metropolitan Emergency Department situated in the heart of Newark, new Jersey. Additionally, ours department dwellings an 18-bed observation Unit that provides more definitive, post-ED care to nearly 600 patients per month.The cultivate we carry out is cut edge and also evidence-based. Our phenomenal to teach faculty is made up of board certified, seasoned, working docs who normally prefer the bedside to your offices. Ours trainees are few of the kindest, brightest and also resilient learners ns have ever had the pleasure of teaching. And, to height it off, the vast bulk of our patient are facility and sick. They come native both around the corner and around the world in require of the comprehensive, compassionate and also high-quality care we for this reason diligently strive to provide.The entirety experience is quite hardcore. The EM cultivate is 2nd to none. The outcomes are impressive.

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But please don’t take it my word because that it - have a watch around and see for yourself…Kind regards,

Eric J. Wasserman, MD, FACEPChairman, department of Emergency MedicineNewark Beth Israel clinical Center