The DS"s Ni no Kuni: dominion of the Dark Djinn and also the PS3"s Wrath the the White Witch share numerous things in common, in addition to a few key differences.

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Ni no Kuni - PS3 and also DS games
some fans might not establish this but Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was no the first game in the series. That actually started out as a DS game. The was dubbed Ni no Kuni: dominion of the Dark Djinn and also launched specifically in Japan top top December 9, 2010. Both RPGs are an extremely similar, with the PS3 video game acting choose an expanded remake the sorts when it exit in 2011 in Japan and 2013 in phibìc America.

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While they share similarities, these games have a lot of distinctions in their designs together well. As most more than likely haven’t play the DS game, the differences will primarily emphasis on what was and also wasn’t consisted of in it, through a few nods to the PS3 contents as well.

7 The Wizard’s Companion

Ni no Kuni Wrath that The White Witch
The DS game came through a physics copy that the Wizard’s Companion publication which additionally appears in the PS3 game. Both room filled with advantageous facts around the people including monsters. The reason why the DS version came with a physical copy is that players required to use it as a reference guide. 

Spells, in various other words, essential to it is in traced top top the touchscreen in order to activate them. There is an English patch because that a pdf variation of this book to coincide through the video game patch for those curious. 

6 The Dark Djinn Vs The White Witch

Ni no Kuni gameplay screenshot
The stories to both gamings are virtually identical within a 75% radius. The huge villain that the DS game is the Dark Djinn, Shadar, as need to be noticeable by the title. The PS3 still has him in it, however his function is slightly altered.

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The video game makes room for the White Witch, a fully new character who serves as the one pulling the strings. The PS3 game basically adds ~ above a new ending to the original, prolonging the story lot further.

5 The battle Systems

Ni no Kuni gameplay screenshot
when the battle systems the these games have a similar vibe, they space almost totally different. The DS is turn-based, adding a much more classic RPG vibe with an aspect strategy lot like Dragon Quest. The game still attributes Oliver, Esther, and Swaine as the 3 main people in the party return those names room different. 

one more component that changed is that Familiars were not stand-ins for these heroes. Castle were instead party members, again, lot like Dragon Quest, the 5th game in that series to be precise. In the PS3 game, as soon as Oliver, for example, summons a Familiar, control would convert to the creature. Wrath the the White Witch wasn’t quite an activity game like its sequel yet something much more in-between. 

4 Other acquainted Content

Ni no Kuni gameplay screenshot
The very nature the Familiars is really different in the DS game and not just in battle. In the PS3 game, players only had actually a chance to recruit new Familiars after battles. The DS variation made it much less randomized and also made catching them an ext like a puzzle. Every creature had actually its own way of getting them come join. 

comparable to Pokemon-Amie, i beg your pardon was presented after this in Pokemon X/Y in 2013, players could additionally play with Familiars via the touchscreen. The DS version additionally has 92 creatures that were exclusive to it. 

3 DS exclude, Areas

Both games have exclusive locations to them. To focus on the DS first, there room two significant areas worth discussing. The an initial is a tropical island will that is centered approximately a casino. This casino is instead applied in a spooky forest in the PS3 game so the didn’t adjust for the many part. That was just the theme and location the was altered. 

The various other area is a much bigger deal. Xanadu is discussed as a shed city in the PS3 game, yet it is in the DS version. Overall, the world of the DS game is the same yet slightly smaller and altered come fit in these 2 areas and also more. Ultimately, the system itself might only manage so much. 

2 PS3 to exclude, Areas

together for the PS3 game, over there is one large area brand-new to it. For starters, together the game now proceeds after the Dark Djinn is defeated, everything after the is brand-new in one method or another. It’s an ext like remixed content but it tho counts. 

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The really new large area in the video game is Mr. Drippy’s fairy homeland. On the subject of Mr. Drippy, both he and also Swaine are offered bigger roles in the PS3 game. It even dives right into the previous fifteen years prior to the game takes ar to present Swaine together a younger adventurer and also how that ties into everything. 

1 The PS3’s Graphical Touches

The most obvious changes in between the DS and PS3 games are the graphical and also overall quality improvements in between each system. The DS has nearly the exact same score and cutscenes, which all look and also sound pretty an excellent for the hardware.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath that the White Witch, of course, sounds and also looks better as the is on one HD mechanism like the PS3. On top of that, the PS3 game also features an ext voice acting 보다 the DS original due to the fact that it didn’t have actually to problem about limited memory an are as much from a consisted of cartridge. 

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