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With the 2021 All-Star game cancelled (despite the NBA mulling some last-minute options), the huge occasion going under in the month the February is Valentine’s Day, a holiday wherein couples both brand-new and old can gift each various other some loving presents (or once lonely singles have the right to fill that void v a new delivery). You might’ve currently spotted the Valentine’s job Air force 1, a simple execution that functions an all-white upper through a gushing red heart with a pendant-style border ~ above the heel. This AF1 is a bit various as it takes ~ above a much an ext literal colorway with the pink suede and a shining red leather Swoosh, however what sets this apart is the distinct tongue label that doubles together a love letter come arguably the greatest Nike shoe ever before made.

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You can actually open up the tongue by publication the button, revealing “True Love since ’82” top top the appropriate shoe and also a pink heart through a Swoosh top top the right. This same detail can be checked out on the Valentine’s work Air Max 90 that was revealed some weeks ago, yet nothing fairly shoots an arrow into the heart choose the AF1 does.

A for sure release day has yet to be revealed, but a February autumn seems choose a safe bet prevent any added postponements. So the question is – do you prefer these over the various other Nike Valentine’s job AF1s?

Updated February 11th, 2021: The U.S. Keep list has actually been updated.

Updated February 5th, 2021: A U.S. Release day has been scheduled for February 13th, 2021.

Updated February 4th, 2021: Nike.com now has actually the Love Letter Air pressure 1 together “Coming Soon”.

Updated February 1st, 2021: The Europe save list has been updated front of the February sixth release. A united state release day is still TBD.

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Nike Air pressure 1 "Love Letter" Release Date: Feb 13th, 2021 (Saturday)Color: Tulip Pink/White/Pink Foam/University Red
Mens: $130Style Code: DD3384-600

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