A couple years ago, ns watched the No game No Life anime and really enjoyed it, particularly with its striking visuals and silly humor. Since of this, ns bought the first light novel as soon as it was analyzed to English… but didn’t finish up analysis it until currently ^_^; (I have means too many books.)

If girlfriend aren’t acquainted with the series, it’s around a sibling duo who are both shut-ins, yet are geniuses as soon as it comes to strategy and also games. Since they space so talented, a god from one more world transports Sora, the larger brother, and also Shiro, the younger sister, to an additional world wherein all decision are based upon games.

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But to my surprise, i didn’t gain the irradiate novel, i m sorry is written and illustrated by Yuu Kamiya. Let’s begin from the really beginning. The very first few pages that the light novel space written really well. The Prologue starts out by explicate the ambiguity and also nebulousness of urban legends – just how they evolve end time and how they all originate from some kind of wish. This ide was an extremely thought-provoking.

Overall, I like premise of the story: the idea that a civilization where all decisions, even political ones, are based on games. That really renders you think… what if those rules used to our world? ns was really impressed with the beginning so I assumed the rest of the book would it is in the same. But that wasn’t the case.

Too much Fan Service

I favored the beginning of the irradiate novel till Stephanie Dola, the princess that the human kingdom and a key character, was introduced. As the story progresses, I came to realize that she is basically Sora and also Shiro’s beat thing and also that she isn’t supplied for anything various other than pan service. I am okay with fan organization as lengthy as that doesn’t overcome the line, yet in this case, the fan organization was… cruel.

Sora treats Stephanie choose she is one idiot. To it is in fair, Sora treats most world like they’re morons and also Stephanie absolutely isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Still, i didn’t like exactly how she was treated. Sora calls she simple-minded, insults she constantly, and acts like she is a dumb animal.

Stephanie Dola being forced to dress choose a dog in the anime.

After she loses a game, Sora order Stephanie to loss in love through him. This may not it seems to be ~ that poor on the surface. However, the world’s rules room absolute… for this reason a spell drops over Stephanie. Since of this, she may not have control over she feelings because that Sora, which really isn’t fair. She should have the ability to fall in love through whomever she wants, no be forced.

Sora’s decree lets him gain away through some things that would otherwise be unacceptable, choose groping Stephanie. In ~ one point, Sora and also Shiro decide to “play director” and create a X-rated movie. Sora purposely falls on Stephanie and gropes she chest for a extended period of time. Then, Shiro make the efforts to get a snapshot of Stephanie’s underwear. This is not okay by any type of means. V the book, Sora likewise frequently humiliates Stephanie in a sexual manner, favor in the photo shown above.

At this point, I start thinking “If this is upsetting me now, why didn’t it upset me once I watched the anime?” So, I actually went ago and watched the episode v that moment. And also the answer is the presentation. The same thing an ext or much less happens in the anime, but it’s a lot shorter, less intense moment. Castle also changed the dialogue a small (at the very least in the subtitles) and added funny visuals. I honestly couldn’t aid but laugh at Stephanie’s “Steph-a-scope vision.” The voice acting is really funny as well – Stephanie’s exhilaration performance in this scene kills me.

Altogether, the moment in the anime wake up so fast and also is therefore ludicrous that it’s kind of difficult to call what’s happening, specifically the very first time you watch it. I likewise watched a lot an ext fan service-y anime during that time, so i may have been desensitized a little. What happened in the anime was still not correct on both Sora’s and Shiro’s part, but the display actually presents it in a comical manner and also then quickly moves ~ above something else, offering it less emotional impact. The same thing applies to how Sora treats Stephanie in the anime; he still says mean things come her, but Yoshitsugu Matsuoka’s (the actor for Sora) voice acting and also the stunner visuals make it every seem lot lighter.

In the irradiate novel, however, the groping part felt very prolonged. It goes on for a couple pages, and reading the situation was a really different suffer than the town hall it. For me, seeing it in words had much much more weight. I have actually seen a the majority of comments that the fan business in the book is because that comic relief, but, without every one of the comical enhancements the anime included, I didn’t discover this scene, or various other overly sex-related scenes, the funny at all. If i was Stephanie (and no under a spell), i would have felt incredibly uncomfortable, and honestly I more than likely would have cried every time they did something mean.

" data-image-caption="An example of just how Sora’s insults it seems to be ~ lighter in the anime.

" data-medium-file="https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/sora-insulting-stephanie-e1552161056523.jpg?w=300" data-large-file="https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/sora-insulting-stephanie-e1552161056523.jpg?w=620" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-15831" src="https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/sora-insulting-stephanie-e1552161056523.jpg?w=620" alt="No game No Life Stephanie Dola" srcset="https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/sora-insulting-stephanie-e1552161056523.jpg?w=620 620w, https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/sora-insulting-stephanie-e1552161056523.jpg?w=1240 1240w, https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/sora-insulting-stephanie-e1552161056523.jpg?w=150 150w, https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/sora-insulting-stephanie-e1552161056523.jpg?w=300 300w, https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/sora-insulting-stephanie-e1552161056523.jpg?w=768 768w, https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/sora-insulting-stephanie-e1552161056523.jpg?w=1024 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" />

An instance of exactly how Sora’s insults seem lighter in the anime.

The worst component of the totality book, in my opinion, is a scene the isn’t in the anime. Close to the end, Stephanie comes into Sora’s room and an ext or less asks if he desires to sleep v her. That doesn’t happen (thank goodness), however it to be still yes, really unsettling, especially because it appeared out the character. Walk Stephanie carry out that on her own accord or was it since of the “fall in love through Sora” spell? to make points worse, Shiro renders a rude and inappropriate comment, as soon as again violation Stephanie. This scene really offered no objective to the story other than pan service and also making Stephanie look at stupid.

Did Stephanie destroy the Book?

No, no entirely. It’s in reality Sora who ruined it for me, in addition to what the writer included in the book. Sora isn’t simply an ass come Stephanie. He additionally ridicules one more female character, Kurami (Chlammy) the elf, and also does or claims a lot of things that i didn’t like. I mean, that’s component of his character; the isn’t socialized due to the fact that he’s a neet, and also he’s likewise self-centered, which renders him much less empathetic towards various other people. Shiro also treatls Stephanie poorly, but she is a child and her only role model is Sora, therefore it’s a little an ext forgivable.

Still, all of the ingredient they did left a poor taste in my mouth. Sora can have to be a jerk without totally dehumanizes Stephanie – but in the end, it was the author’s decision to include in sexual “humor.” Again, I’m not fully against fan service. It’s simply the way it was provided in the book.

" data-medium-file="https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/stephanie-dola-maid-outfit.jpg?w=195" data-large-file="https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/stephanie-dola-maid-outfit.jpg?w=442" class="alignnone wp-image-15833" src="https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/stephanie-dola-maid-outfit.jpg?w=293&h=451" alt="Stephanie Dola pull on in sexy maid outfit" width="293" height="451" srcset="https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/stephanie-dola-maid-outfit.jpg?w=293&h=451 293w, https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/stephanie-dola-maid-outfit.jpg?w=98&h=150 98w, https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/stephanie-dola-maid-outfit.jpg?w=195&h=300 195w, https://tacoemojishirt.com.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/stephanie-dola-maid-outfit.jpg 442w" sizes="(max-width: 293px) 100vw, 293px" />Stephanie being required to undertake a maid outfit without under garments.

It’s a shame because if it wasn’t for Stephanie’s treatment and the distasteful parts, the irradiate novel might have been really great (despite some parts, sex-related or not, that were too attracted out). The all at once concept is unique and the makings the the fictional world are very intricate. The writer Yuu Kamiya is obviously very smart since there are so numerous twists and also turns in the story. Plus, there’s Sora and Shiro’s intelligence. Castle are always calculating a setup within a plan within a plan, i m sorry obviously take it a the majority of thought top top the author’s part. I just wish that put all of his knowledge into something other than cheap fan service and belittling Stephanie.

Grammar Rant!

There is something else I desire to talk around because ns am a grammar geek. I understand many world dislike grammar, but please bare v me! ^_^; Before I enter the bad, I want to suggest out that, overall, the English translate in is really good. Over there is tons of good vocabulary, facility sentence structure, and and exciting writing techniques.

Sometimes authors break grammar rules to produce a specific rhetorical effect. I personally start countless of my sentences with coordinating shortcut (“and,” “but,” etc.), which you aren’t supposed to do. But there is one grammar technique I really didn’t like. Because I don’t own a Japanese copy of the book and also I can’t fully read Japanese, i am not sure if the initial version uses the exact same techniques. So, my quibble might be through the Yuu Kamiya and also not the English translators/editors (you did a great job!).


It’s just… as someone who has actually taught and also tutored English and Writing, some of the grammar in the English variation irked me: it provided A the majority of incomplete dependence clauses. Here’s an example from the book:

“Looking at his sister’s cold, fifty percent shut eyes– most likely not simply so indigenous sleepiness.”

^ This sentence has amazing choppy effect. The difficulty is that it’s made of two dependent clauses, or two incomplete sentences the can’t stand on their own. There is no elevation clause, or complete, main sentence, for it to attach to. It pipeline you wondering, what go Sora perform while the looked in ~ his sister’s eyes?

In mine experience, many students (and adults) struggle with the difference between dependent and also independent clauses since this concept isn’t teach in numerous North American schools. A many people also struggle through comma location and specific punctuation (em dashes, semicolons, etc.), i m sorry relate to the form of i you space using. So… I issue that having a big number the sentences favor that will confuse readers.

That gift said, ns think having actually a sentence prefer that is fine in dialogue because it mirrors plenty of people’s speaking fads – especially when many of us don’t speak in a grammatically correct manner… including me. Ns stutter a lot once I am nervous and also need to correct myself.

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However, once a book has third-person omniscient descriptions, i personally think this type of sentence have to be supplied only occasionally. Or, maybe I to be overthinking it… ns don’t think this publication will be used in grammar classes.

Anyway, if you review the whole grammar section, give thanks to you for sticking that out!