Odin Sphere produced by Vanillaware and published through Atlus. This is an analysis between the initial version PS2 (2007) of Odin Sphere and also the work again, please again PS4 (2016) . Several determinants will it is in analysed such together the graphics between both versions, the structure rate, and also the changes to video game play mechanics.

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Graphics480p VS 1080p

Odin round designed v the lush gorgeous 2d layout graphics indigenous the video game studio Vanillaware. The leap between the graphics in both version is actually quite large. Particularly if friend zoom in and also look in ~ the massive an increase in resolution and also detail. In regards to resolution the PS2 version appears to run at 480p. The sprites it seems to be ~ to it is in designed at or about this resolution. The 2d graphical artstyle looked quite an excellent for that is time, the resolution being so low sort of makes the game seem muddy or blurry because of the low resolution. You can see just how compressed the looks increase close if friend zoom in ~ above the image.

The ps4 version seems to be high an interpretation and to run at 1080p or at the very least the sprites room scaled to operation at 1080p resolution. The character models are clearer and also easier come read. The graphics popular music out and also the information in the outfits and also textures are an ext vibrant and fresh. I think this is rather a massive innovation going native the ps2 to the ps4 remake. You have the right to really view the large leap in details and also background objects being more crisp, rounded and vibrant.

Frame Rate60 fps variable vs 60 fps locked

The playstations 2 version of Odin round does not have a locked framework rate. It runs at a varied 60 frames per second frame rate. Which means the frame rate is not consistent and bounces about during game play. For instance while accessing the food selection or items the structure rate hovers approximately 50 to 60 frames per second.


However specifically during large boss fights and enemy encounters the frame rate dips into the teens occasionally. It rapidly varies in between 10 frames per second and 60 frames per second. This go not specifically translate right into a smooth gameplay experience. In fact I would rather have a locked 30 frames per second than this large variation that constantly jumps around. Even the controls come to be inconsistent as soon as the framework rate is this varied.


The playstation 4 variation of Odin Sphere appears to run at a nearly locked 60 frames per second. It continued to be smooth and consistent throughout enemy encounters and boss fights. The only dips that i encountered were greatly transitions in between loading display screens where the framework rate started to drop. But otherwise it seemed to remain consistent and also smooth. Specifically in comparison to the ps2 version.

likewise just to keep in mind the cut scenes in the remake show up to run faster than in the original as well. My calculation is the its as result of the framework rate being an ext consistent and greater in the remake the cutscenes are slightly faster. The original version appears to take slightly much longer to play scenes out most likely due to the inconsistent framework rate.

Load Times

When to run both versions i noticed the the load times on the PS2 version were contempt longer. I would say by about three to 5 seconds longer than the PS4 remake leifthrasisr. No too huge of a difference however I think its worth noting that the pack times in the remake have actually improved.

Gameplay Mechanics

The initial version the odin ball on PS2 offers a meter mechanic for every strike or ability you usage you have actually a meter called pow. If you completely deplete her pow meter you gain put right into a dizzy state wherein you space unable to move until the bar refills. So you need to carefully arrangement how lot to attack and when do the pow meter.

The new remake ~ above PS4 transforms the video game from Odin Sphere right into Odin may Cry and also becomes a stylish action combat game. The game becomes about comboing enemies and also crowd manage management. Just how should girlfriend attack and also how to regulate the enemies on display given all the devices that you have actually at your disposal.

I think these transforms for the remake completely alter the method the player ideologies the game. It absolutely becomes a an ext active and aggressive technique to combat v the brand-new systems that vanillaware has actually implemented.

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If friend would like to see a video comparison that both execution please check out this video below that both versions running simultaneously.