This week on ABC’s Once upon a Time, the physician was really much in, together we ultimately got backstory ~ above Storybrooke’s mysterious Dr. Whale (played by David Anders). Elsewhere, Rumplestiltskin developed a monster and also Captain Hook offered Emma the sky.

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IN THE assimilated LAND the WAS…. | Rumplestiltskin is trying come teach Regina magic, however damn if she doesn’t stop short of crushing the heart of a pretty unicorn. “I can’t — it’s innocent,” she protested. “Nothing is innocent,” Rumple argued. In the middle of assuring Regina the “dead is dead” and also no lot of learned magic have the right to revive her steady boy fiance Daniel, the rascally imp is went to by Jefferson (have castle ever dubbed him the foolish Hatter…?), who comes bearing a crystal ball, together requested. Rumple requirements the “slippers,” though, to gain to whereby “she” is — in a realm through no magic (and Jefferson’s cap only offers transport in between magical worlds). In private, Jefferson tells Regina he has heard of a “wizard” who deserve to do what she wants, resurrecting the dead.

Jefferson bring away Regina come this “wizard,” that prefers to be referred to as “Dr.” the tests Daniel’s magically maintained (yet truly dead) body, and say it’s suitable candidate because that his “experimental” procedure. He just needs a “strong heart,” for this reason Regina allows him have his pick from Cora’s vault. The night, the physician goes to occupational his non-magic top top Daniel, yet claims it failed. Devastated, Regina returns to Rumple’s tutelage ready to carry out what’s crucial — beginning off through plucking the heart the end of his brand-new Regina Lite protegé. Later, we see that Rumple was in cahoots v the doctor (to whom he trades the solid heart for the “monster” he’s obtained in Regina) and Jefferson (who supplies his hat to gain the doctor home).

IN STORYBROOKE…. | Whale tells David he has heard the they’re spring into producing a new portal, and that maybe all the various other realms still exist — consisting of where his brothers is. Whale barges in ~ above Regina’s “Magic Anonymous” sesh v Archie to demand she send him back to his brother, due to the fact that her curse just transported the life to Storybrooke. Regina cases she can’t help, that she only lugged along that she wanted — including, we then learn, Daniel, who’s been preserved with a spell. Driving home in the rain, Regina watch Daniel roaming about, climate finds his glass coffin empty. She goes trying to find Whale, that is ~ above his rap floor with his eight ripped off. Regina and David deduce that resurrected Daniel checked out the stables (the website of his last fairytale land encounter v Regina), where Henry happens to be.

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Daniel puts a scare into the boy, yet Regina stop him before he can do harm. David is all set to “put down” the “monster,” but Regina insists she can talk to him. She it s okay as far as pulling the genuine Daniel only long sufficient for the to advice her come “stop the pain,” let the go and “love again.” prior to he have the right to turn on and kill her, she freezes and destroys her fiance, then claims a sad goodbye.

While Regina confesses to Archie the she dabbled in magic, Whale shows up at Mr. Gold’s to acquire his eight reattached. Gold an initial makes that admit, “I need magic,” and also poof — Whale is no longer a member the TV’s ever-growing amputee club. “Always a pleasure doing company with you, Victor,” gold says… and also we reduced to the people where the “wizard”/doctor come from, together he it is intended the solid heart to his activities assistant. They use the wonder ticker to jolt the doc’s dead brother back to life. “It’s alive,” the scientist declares. “It’s magic, Dr. Frankenstein,” claims the assistant. “No,” Victor counters. “It’s science.” (P.S. Just how coinky-dinky the we acquire a stormy tale of Dr. Frankenstein just as the “Frankenstorm” is hitting us right here on the east Coast?)

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IN THE assimilated LAND that IS…. | Emma, Snow, Mulan andAurora (who really needs to lighten up) return to their safe haven only to uncover it ruined — no by ogres however by Cora, and also save because that one mysterious rake that a survivor, who eventually reveals self to the females as Killian Jones aka Captain Hook. He divulges Cora’s setup — for him to obtain scoop from them on the portal back to Storybrooke. (And why walk he want to walk to there? “To precise revenge on the male who take it my hand — Rumplestiltskin.”) He leader the females to a towering beanstalk, at the height of which stays an fascinating compass required to use through any new portal. “It’s no the rise you have actually to problem about,” the says. “It’s the huge at the top.” (Cue next week’s guest star, Jorge Garcia. Dude.)

What did girlfriend think the Once‘s riff ~ above Frankenstein? will certainly you permit it? Were you starting to groan the they were going to just hint at the doctor’s identity all hour and never drop the “F”-word?