We are known as a top Dallas Petting Zoo and also Dallas Pony Party company and can aid with her HOLIDAY Event. We room your finish petting zoo, pony ride and also entertainment agency in the Dallas-Fort worth area. Get a magical design template pony for your following entertainment event. Pony rides, pony parties, Fiesta Burro, "water" donkey, petting zoos, a petting farm yard party and pony carousels in the Dallas, DFW metro area. Our adorable pink ponies, date of birth party ponies, fiesta burros and rainbow unicorns space a an excellent birthday idea and also are wait for you.
We provide gentle animals for countless TV commercials, Plays and Productions. For both indoor and also outdoor events, we can carry out donkeys, mini cows, mini goats, sheep, rabbits, cute mini piggy"s, chicks and also ducks. Ours live pets bring life and also realness to any kind of play!


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What"s warm this year? Goat YOGA! yes that"s appropriate Goat Yoga! we provide small friendly goats to enhance your yoga experience. Have actually your instructor give us a call to collection up the hottest tendency in YOGA! We also offer Fiesta BURROS additionally known as a "water" donkey at her event. Good your guest v a friendly donkey and get in the mood set for your spectacular event. Snapshot opportunities are boundless!

Cooler weather brings the vacation season to mind. It"s not to early on to book your nativity animals.

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We have an excellent packages for your Live Nativity, The story of Jesus, Bethlehem revisited, Christmas Sip and Stroll, HOA vacation Celebrations, Employee Christmas Parties, college Carnival, Church Christmas Events and Kiss the Pig events as well.

We also offer other packages that are perfect for your indoor or the end event. Indigenous cute cuddly critters come riding donkeys we deserve to make your occasion exceptional!

Do you require a cheat for mary to drive to carry your story alive? We have actually several speak donkeys to pick from. We also have mini donkeys because that hand led events. Parents and grandparents love to see the kidos dressed together shepherds and the three kings.

The kids get come pet and also feed the petting zoo animals for a fully interactive experience.

Pony rides and also pony carousels space also very popular attractions for vacation Events.

All events booked in March, April and also October have a 2 hour minimum.


The office will be close up door on Monday November 22nd - Friday November 26th, 2021 to invest the Thanksgiving holiday v our families. The office will reopen ~ above Monday November 29th, 2021. All calls and also emails will be changed at that time. Us hope you have actually a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us right here at A one of a kind Pony Party.

** we no longer company the City of Plano. If your occasion is external of Plano it would be our satisfied to be of service. **

Please note our office is closeup of the door on Wednesdays.

Petting Zoo


Fun because that Everyone!

We just leave girlfriend with tons of smiles and fond memories. Our Farm animal list is as follows: Miniature Goats, Hair Sheep, Mini Rabbits, Ducks and Chickens.

Baby animals are constantly included as soon as they are easily accessible to be enjoyed by your tiny one.

Do you need a larger petting zoo?? We have the right to help. Us can lug up to 30 animals!

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Single pet Show


Donkey Rides!

Due to popular demand we are currently offering single animal appearances. Some of the most requested space "kiss the pig", "babe the blue ox", "ba ba black sheep or black sheep of the family" and also "kiss my A** (donkey)" events.Have a one-of-a-kind idea let united state know.We are always looking forward to helping make the dream, gag or idea come true.

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Pony Carousel


Pony Carousel!

Just prefer the famous publication "Magic Pony Carousel" permit your youngsters be taken on a magic ride about our Live Pink Pony Carousel in Dallas. Actual Ponies for her pony party or event are available for hire.

We have been vote #1 Children"s entertain for six years in a row for Ellis County.

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Easter Zoo


Easter Petting Zoo!

Live Zoo pets mean your next outdoor Zoo collection is going to it is in the best. Spring is here and our Easter Petting Zoo in Dallas is full of miniature chickens, mini goats, ducks, bunnies and lambs for her spring events.


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Combination Package


Kids Party Themes in Dallas!

Mobile Petting Farm combination Package. We would certainly be happy to create a combination package because that you.

Petting Animals and also rides through a tiny mobile petting zoo, for example. Pony carousel and petting zoo or petting farm.

Don"t check out the package you"re interested in? contact 972-617-3948 or email [email protected] for quote.

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Princess Pony Party


Pony Parties!

Pony Parties space the ideal cure for your kid"s pony fever by having actually a Pony birthday Party!

Your child and also all your friends will reap trips about the garden or circles approximately the carousel. We are one of the ideal known Dallas Pony birthday Party companies.

We market all kinds of parties, including Theme Pony Rides.

We have actually party ideas for a girl or a boy.

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Theme Pony Party


Themed Pony Party!

Have a pony birthday party various other pony party theme concepts like Clown, Knight, fourth of July, Halloween, Unicorn, Stars and Stripes combine the ideal birthday party principles into your party.

Create your own theme pony party plan and also remember to incorporate invitations, party food, beverages, party cake, party snacks, gift bag favors, costumes and also gifts.

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Riding cheat | Mule


Fiesta Burros!

Our donkeys deserve to work indoors or outdoors. Ours handlers will certainly be happy to wear costumes the are listed by the occasion to finish the setting.

What"s warm this year? having actually a FIESTA BURRO likewise know together a "water" donkey at your following event.

Greet your guest v a familiar donkey/burro and also get the mood set for her spectacular event. Photo opportunities room boundless!

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Nativity Rental


Nativity scene Live pet Rental

Do you require live pets for your indoor/outdoor nativity productions? We can help!

Most well-known are the miniature donkey, sheep, goats, miniature cow and also any other nativity animals that you would like.

We"d it is in happy to aid bring her nativity to life v our petting zoo in Ft Worth.

Our donkeys deserve to work indoors or outdoors.

Our handlers will certainly be happy come wear costumes the are detailed by the occasion to finish the setting.

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✯About one of a sort Pony Party

We bring the "simpler, funny times" to you.

You haven"t had a premier occasion until you have hired our compensation winning Dallas Pony Party Rides and also Dallas Petting Zoos Service! birthday Parties, holiday Events, Picnics, Corporate, HOA"S, parenting Homes, and also School autumn Carnivals, trunk or Treat room a couple of of the plenty of events the which we can resolve make your occasion "A one of a Kind" ! We have the ideal petting zoo/farm and pony ride service in the Dallas/Fort worth area.Our Dallas pony parties and also petting zoos have something to please every son (young or old)! We do all the work... We will transfer the cute nation critters to your location, set up and also oversee the event. Then us tear down and cleanup after our petting zoos and also ponies during and after your event. We can accommodate exclusive Parties, Weddings, grand Openings, Churches, Schools, day Care, Carnivals and MORE!!

A among a type Pony Party, llc is YOUR resource for party animals and ponies brought to her location.

We service every one of Dallas, fort Worth and surrounding counties. Huge or tiny we deserve to do it all.

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Contact Us, give us a speak to ( 972-617-3948 ) or email us at [email protected] for an unforgettable event.