Students, faculty and also staff need to verify their vaccination condition by September 30. Visit the Vaccination web page to learn just how to upload her information.

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Influential labor leader and also social righteousness activist Dolores Huerta in ~ the dedication ceremony of’s César Chávez monument in September 2008. Celebrates hispanic Heritage Month

San José State recognizes nationwide Hispanic heritage Month together an yearly celebration of the history, culture, accomplishments and contributions of the Latino/a, Latinx and also Hispanic Americans and those who room a part of the cloth of our campus community.


Most Transformative University

Ranked by Money magazine based upon graduation rates, earnings and also student loan repayment.


Best Undergraduate design Program

Ranked through U.S. News and also World Report amongst Public universities that market bachelor’s and also master’s degrees.


Top Colleges for Diversity in the Nation

Ranked by wall surface Street Journal/Times greater Education (WSJ/THE) among colleges and also universities in the nation for diversity in institution environments.

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Shaping the Future of student Success

San José State offers a world-class education—whether courses are online or in person. The university is broadening the ways we carry out high-quality education and unique research and also hands-on experience to students.

How Diamonds might Unlock the secrets of Quantum Physics

What renders diamonds so valuable? many of us would suggest to their brilliance, clarity and also beauty.But Christopher Smallwood, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at san José State, has a various answer: that looks to diamonds together the vital to unearthing the keys of quantum physics.

Listen come “The inadvertently Geographer” Season 2

Hosted by our really own Provost, Vincent del Casino, “The accidental Geographer” is designed to introduce the field of expertise of faculty, whose research, teaching, and commitments to community engagement carry life come this cutting-edge university. Available on your favorite podcast platforms.