Ever gained this tracking an alert from the UPS? here is every little thing you should know around what it method and what is next for your package.

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Responsible for shipping millions of packages and parcels each and also every day, UPS is one of the many respected shipping carriers in the United says (and maybe also the world).

Ranking right up there through FedEx as much as customer satisfaction is concerned, it’s difficult not to get at least a small bit excited once you view that brown and also gold vehicle pull into your driveway.

You know your package is ultimately here!

At the same time, figuring the end when precisely your parcel is going to arrive deserve to be a bit of a headache when using the UPS tracking system.

Not since it is overly complicated to take advantage of or because the tracking tools are challenging to master. But because there room so many different standing updates you can be given when you beat in her tracking data.

For example, it’s not at all unusual to input your tracking information to watch where your package is and also get “Order Processed: prepared for UPS” together your condition update as soon as you were ready something rather entirely.

That’s why we have actually put with each other this quick guide, though.

Below we breakdown some the the most typical UPS status update friend are most likely to come across, glowing a light on what castle mean and how they have the right to inform you as soon as it come to much better understanding where your package is in relation to its can be fried destination.

Shall we obtain started?


Better understanding the UPS Tracking Platform

UPS takes benefit of the same kind that shipping framework that companies choose FedEx and the USPS take advantage of, “spoke and wheel” systems to relocate your parcel efficiently approximately the country until that lands in ~ its can be fried destination.

Each step of the method your tracking information is scanned and updated, providing you a much more complete snapshot of where your package is, wherein it has actually been, and also when that is most likely to in reality make it come its last destination.

Different kinds of tracking to update scan room made depending on where her package is transparent the UPS shipping infrastructure, though.

For example, the come scan basically method that her package has actually arrived in ~ a UPS facility – however that could mean it’s landed on the an initial UPS facility on its journey or the critical one.

This is why that so crucial to patent right into the remainder of the paper definition of the scan updates that your tracking information will include. That the only way to really obtain a feel for what her package is doing and how close that is to completing its journey.

What go “Order Processed: all set for UPS” Mean?

When you obtain the “Order Processed: prepared for UPS” condition update ~ punching in her tracking details it way a couple of various things.

For starters, it method that the individual (which may also be yourself) sending the package via UPS has started the electronic transmission the tracking details for that package with UPS systems.

This wake up after every one of the shipping information about that package has been uploaded, consisting of information choose it’s origination address, its can be fried destination, the type of UPS delivery organization to be used, and also a pair of various other details, too.

On height of that, it method that the billing information for the distribution has to be completed and the parcel is ready to rock and also roll.

The package is ready to start its trip to its can be fried destination, and only requirements to be received by UPS – one of two people dropped turn off at a UPS place or picked up by a UPS driver on their route.

To really leveling things, usually think the this alert and also status upgrade as the first leg the the journey. When you check out this you know UPS is prepare to move your package through their interior network!


Other Tracking standing Updates indigenous UPS You’ll desire to recognize About

Of course, over there are various other tracking standing updates you could receive indigenous the folks at UPS that are vital to understand as well.

Like us highlighted a minute ago, the information detailed from each standing update build on the context detailed by every previous status update.

While every individual condition update does carry out a glimpse or a photo of whereby your package is in the UPS system, only as soon as you look at the whole of this messages will certainly you know specifically what’s happening through your parcel – and also how quickly it’s walk to uncover its way to its can be fried destination.

Let’s dig ideal in.

Arrival Scan

Arrival scan messages (usually) monitor the “Order Processed: prepared for UPS” message, though not necessarily.

This sort of article simply way that a UPS facility has actually received the package and also scanned it right into their internal system.

Sometimes this happens at the originating basic (the first facility that accept your package and also begins the journey), but sometimes it wake up at a variety of different actions along the method – depending on how much your package has to travel.

At the finish of the day, this update basically means that her package has actually arrived in ~ the following stop. You’ll nearly always view a exit status update when your package pipeline that basic (but we talk around that a little much more in simply a minute).

Clearance Completed

Clearance Completed standing orders are rather rare, especially if UPS customers no having any kind of packages sent to castle from global destinations.

That’s because this details status update needs to do v clearing us Customs.

The second that your UPS package has gone through the necessary US custom-mades procedures to be cleared because that entry right into the United claims (giving it the environment-friendly light to relocate forward v the UPS system) you’ll check out this status an alert pop-up.

Don’t it is in surprised if points “hang around” in US custom-mades limbo prior to they discover their way into the country and on to their ultimate destination. V so countless packages flowing around the nation (as well as into the country) right now US custom-mades is a tiny overloaded and also you could want to intend a work or two delay as the norm because that a small while.

Clearance in Progress

Clearance and Progress is the very first status upgrade you’ll uncover when you’re package access time the US customizeds system.

This standing update basically simply let you recognize that the custom-mades folks room going with your package, confirming the it is safe and also able come be moved through the country, and also should intend a Clearance Completed post to follow in ~ the next 24 to 48 hours.

If her package hasn’t moved from the Clearance in progression status upgrade in 72 hours or so, though, it may not be a negative idea to contact UPS directly and also see if castle can number out what’s going on and what the longer delay is.

They may or might not be able to give friend the details you room looking for, yet they’ll typically be able to assist direct you come the US customizeds office you require to call for much more details.


This is the scan that all of us love come see, the scanned and status update that essentially way that our UPS package has safely and also securely discovered its method to its final destination and is officially delivered.

In the United says (as well as in Canada) UPS deliveries that room dropped off at residential areas do not call for a signature come be yielded – so lengthy as the packages deserve to be left somewhat out that sight, in a safe place, and also out of implement weather.

UPS motorists like to shot and autumn packages off on the former porch, inside of a breezeway, by a next door, ~ above a earlier porch, or close to a garage area at any time possible.

You likewise have the opportunity to request that your driver her deliveries in a details area also (or also with a ar or a package acceptance office). In those circumstances you have the right to expect a UPS Info notice to be left behind so the you recognize your package is in for sure hands.

Departure Scan

Departure scan updates go hand-in-hand v the arrival scan updates we mentioned earlier, and are basically the second part of the two-part process.

Arrival scan allow you recognize that her package has actually arrived in ~ the next UPS facility, and Departure scan updates (no surprise here) permit you understand that her package has actually moved v that facility and is on its next leg of the journey.

If your UPS parcel is moving throughout the country (or also just across a couple of states) you might not see new Arrival or departure status updates for a pair of days.

Some the this as to do with the logistics of your UPS package, several of it has to do through the speed of delivery that you have selected, and some of it just needs to do with how packages space scanned as they move through the UPS infrastructure.

Destination Scan

Destination Scan status updates room (generally) the second to last update you’ll get before your UPS package is physical delivered.

This details status simply means that her package has arrived in ~ a neighborhood UPS facility (maybe a UPS circulation warehouse, perhaps a UPS store, perhaps a UPS affiliate, etc.) and also is all set to be invited on a UPS truck and sent out to its can be fried destination.

This scan is constantly made by the persons that are going to it is in responsible because that actually moving your package, too.

Dropped turn off at a UPS access Point Location

A condition update like this usually means that a UPS package is obtaining ready to it is in moved right into the UPS shipping facilities after it’s to be dropped turn off at a companion UPS accessibility Point location.

You most likely won’t see another update on your tracking info until it actually begins moving with the UPS infrastructure itself.

Dropped off at The UPS Store

This alarm is comparable to the one we highlighted above, v the main distinction being that a package dropped turn off at a UPS save updates in different ways than a package dropped turn off at a UPS accessibility Point.


This type of standing update is one the no one desires to see when their packages being shipped through UPS.

If you watch this alert, it means that something has actually happened (something unforeseen) that is walk to delay the distribution date beyond what that was originally going come be.

You’ll get more information around the to update delivery date as soon as it i do not care available. That typically happens as soon as your package is scanned again within of the UPS system.

In Transit

In Transit scans basically tell you the your packages are moving from one UPS ar to the next. This is the type of article that usually adheres to the exit scan (and are adhered to up by an arrival scan).

Those that gain a small peace of mind discovering that their packages are proactively moving with the UPS logistical framework are going to be happy to see these type of notifications!

Transferred come Local post Office for Delivery

Sometimes the USPS is tasked with the “last mile” of shipment for UPS (and FedEx) packages, particularly in more rural areas and communities.

This post let you recognize that UPS has officially handed over her package and responsibility for it being delivered to the folks at the USPS. Tracking information and also delivery notifications native that point on will certainly be handled by the United says Postal Service.


Never Wonder those in your Mailbox Again with US global Mail

As you deserve to see, there room a lot of different messages and status updates that UPS will send you when you are checking your tracking info – sufficient to make her head spin!

If friend would choose to simplify points significantly, acquiring alerted as soon as her packages come at her mailbox (with a digital picture or scan of that package), then you’ll desire to consider moving forward v a business like the one listed through US an international Mail.

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The ultimate online mailbox service, you not only get full package accept from every one of the significant shipping service providers with a US global Mail account (something you don’t get with a standard PO Box) however you additionally get so lot more!

A secure, safe, and private street address that is “permanent” no issue where girlfriend move, the capability to forward your mail come any attend to on the planet at approximately 80% off of classic shipping costs, and even examine depositing capabilities – all of which aren’t obtainable from UPS, FedEx, or the USPS.

For an ext information about everything US global Mail needs to offer, or to acquire started through your very own account, call them directly!