If girlfriend need assist passing every course question v the correct Persona 5 answers, and also midterm and final exams, then look no further than this handy overview compiling the test answers to every check in Persona 5.

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In this Persona 5 Royal and also Persona 5 answers guide, we"ll provide you v all the Persona 5 answers transparent the game, including answers for the Midterm exams, Finals exams, and more. You"ll have all the Persona 5 answers through the finish of this guide, for this reason you deserve to cheat your way to the height of the class and ace every test. We"ll break-up Royal native the initial game, as the answers space slightly different.

Should you need assist in any type of other areas of Persona 5 the aren"t institution test answers or Persona 5 exam answers, climate we have a wealth of various other guides top top the video game over on our guides hub because that Persona 5, such as just how to fuse Personas to create other, much more powerful Personas, and how come level up the Confidant society Links. It"s a good selection the guides, also if we execute say so ourselves.

Persona 5 royal All test Answers

Persona 5 imperial is the upgraded edition of the base video game from 2017, finish with brand-new characters, brand-new dungeons, and most importantly of all, new questions because that you to answer in the classroom. In this guide, we"ve compiled a complete list of every solitary test answer in Persona 5 Royal, for this reason you have the right to ace school and also get v your exams with height marks.

In every of the tables below, we"ve compiled a list of every the exactly classroom answers. Top top the mentioned dates, you"ll be asked a inquiry by a teacher while you attend school, and also the answer detailed below is the exactly one you require to provide on the corresponding date. Law this will increase your expertise stat, offering you a tiny boost toward coming to be the perfect honors student.

April check Answers

4/12 - villains4/19 - they"re every the same4/23 - every one of them4/27 - four shade theorem 4/30 - a prodigy5/7 - a fatal woman5/10 - the heian period

May Test

5/11 - Minamoto no Yoshitsune5/11 - Minamoto no Yoritomo5/11 - Yorimoto won5/11 - the weak5/12 - cognition5/12 - map of the world5/13 - the devil"s dictionary5/13 - femme fatale5/16 - the placebo effect5/19 - Katsushika Hotsukai 5/21 - 1:1.4145/23 - senses coming together5/26 - Arthur Conan Doyle5/31 - long John Silver6/4 - the halo effect6/7 - the variety of legs6/8 - regulating public thought6/13 - green6/15 - coins6/20 - smartphone6/23 - a pope6/27 - a dog6/29 - gold7/1 - a barbarian"s head7/4 - Julius and Augustus7/7 - the Milky Way, Soumen Noodles7/9 - triangle7/11 - forever7/12 - thievery

July Test

7/13 - 64 degrees 7/13 - Zhuge Liang, barbarian"s heads, to sell them rather of heads7/14 - red king crab7/14 - it brought about confusion in the economy7/15 - raining cats and dogs7/15 - Orihime"s silk9/3 - prosperity9/6 - chronostasis9/14 - money loans because that collateral9/17 - cats eating human being tongues9/21 - main Europe9/24 - 20 white, 12 black9/28 - phantom vibration syndrome9/29 - imperial household agency10/3 - stars10/6 - Joseph-Ignace Guillotin10/11 - bouba

October Test

10/17 - 32 spaces10/17 - provided to be one color, black and also white picture10/18 - Charles-Henri Sanson10/18 - it"s a hereditary profession 10/19 - slave labor 10/22 - 1510/24 - storage bias11/2 - stolen goods11/4 - a sword11/8 - any kind of age11/10 - since they"re hard to see11/12 - the voice is synthetic11/14 - because of the high altitude11/15 - his head was placed on display11/17 - Cochleoid

December Exams

12/20 - D12/20 - over one exchange rate yen, having his head displayed, publicly performance12/21 - hearts12/21 - attend12/22 - Japan12/22 - Dreadnought

January Exams

January 11th How many they are, The Eight Million GodsJanuary 14th: IwateJanuary 18th: ImpressiveJanuary 21st: A snakeJanuary 24th: Kind-hearted, Negative, ResentfulJanuary 27th: to friends of friends of friends

Persona 5 answer - exam Questions, Mid-term Answers and Finals

This Persona 5 answers guide is sectioned off by two months in ~ a time, therefore the an initial section is April/May, and also we"ll provide all the relevant answers because that every test question that occurs throughout those 2 months. This will then be separated by continual questions the occur throughout everyday class, and also questions the come under the significant exams the take place during these 2 months. So for example, the there space Midterm exams in both April/May and September/October, if Finals Exams will certainly take ar in June/July and November/December.

Persona 5 School class Test answers - April/MayPersona 5 Midterm check Answers - April/MayPersona 5 School class Test answer - June/JulyPersona 5 Finals test Test answers - June/JulyPersona 5 School class Test answer - September/OctoberPersona 5 Midterm test Answers - September/OctoberPersona 5 School class Test answers - November/DecemberPersona 5 Finals test Test answer - November/December

April/May - School class Test Answers

4/12: A heart is created of appetite, spirit, and also what else? Answer: logic. 4/19: Is the line expanding from A connecting come B or C? Answer: C.4/23: What event did Emperor Nero include to the Olympics for this reason he could participate? Answer: singing.4/25: What"s the typical usage of kakushinhan again, about an activity you take? understanding that your actions are wrong. Answer: conviction that you"re right.4/27: How countless colors does it take to print every region without any kind of two adjacent ones gift the exact same color? Answer: four.4/30: Firstly, the "wunder" part probably means... Answer: wonder.Next, the "kind" component means... Answer: child.So a "wunderkind" would be... Answer: a prodigy.5/7: What do human being generally speak to a mrs who has actually a charm that periodically leads males to your doom? Answer: a femme fatale.5/10: What do you think is the beginning of the hatchet "magistrate"s patronage"? Answer: Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

April/May - Midterm check Answers

5/11: although the heat connects A come C the looks choose it leader to B instead. What is this phenomenon called? Answer: an optical illusion. If exactly how they"re seeing things is different, it probably needs to do with this sort of information... Answer: intuitive information.What bring away the visual info from your eyes and also processes it? Answer: the brain.The mind processes intuitive information. So, the reason why people see things differently is... Answer: lock have different cognitions.5/12: i m sorry of the following expressions come from the name of the position that Minamoto no Yoshitsune held? Answer: magistrate"s patronage.What is the origin of the English indigenous "talent"? Answer: the name of a sum of currency.5/13: What walk the Greek theorist Socrates say that evil is born from? Answer: ignorance.What"s the least variety of colors necessary to repaint Japan for this reason no two adjacent areas space the exact same color? Answer: four. 5/16: perform you know who produced the piece which offered for the greatest price earlier in the 20th century? Answer: valve Gogh5/21: What is the surname of this ratio that Japanese architects and artists have liked using? Answer: the silver- ratio.5/23: The root words that synesthesia room "syn" and "aisthesis". What carry out they mean? Answer: "together" and senses". 5/26: What to be the name of the other well known novel that Sherlock Holmes showed up in? Answer: "Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar."5/30: that was the pirate who said that the hid his sweetheart in a particular place just before he to be executed? Answer: wilhelm Kidd.

June/July - School class Test answer

6/4: The original blazers were called that thanks to a particular quality lock had. Any type of idea what the was? Answer: they to be brightly colored. 6/7: What space red king crabs many biologically associated to? Answer: hermit crabs. 6/8: with the development of the color TV, miscellaneous else started to show up in color. Carry out you recognize what it is? Answer: dreams. 6/11: deserve to you imagine exactly how much gold has been excavated by mankind over the course of history? Answer: three Olympic-sized pools. 6/13: file money is approve by the bank of Japan, however who issues the coins? Answer: the government. 6/15: What would happen if you kept washing her hair through water that was contaminated through metal? Answer: it"ll change color. 6/23: that is this woman, drawn as the High Priestess in many tarot decks? Answer: Pope Joan.6/27: In English, what walk the term "cat-and-dog" weather to express to? Answer: hefty rain. 6/29: This character is the cursive kind of a certain Kanji. Execute you recognize which one the is? Answer: gold. 7/1: ...But perform you know what Chinese food Zhuge Liang is credited for inventing? Answer: baozi. 7/4: do you know the factor why July and August both have thirty-one days? Answer: who pretentious stated so. 7/7: What is the timeless food the Tanabata? Answer: Soumen. 7/8: What"s a common trait of almost all shaved-ice syrups top top the market? Answer: they all have the exact same flavor. 7/9: What is the sum of angle A v E? Answer: 180 degrees. 7/11: What is the name of the light-producing substance in fireflies? Answer: Luciferin. 7/12: What was the name of the gentleman theif whose household was boiled alive during the Sengoku period? Answer: Ishikawa Goemon.

June/July - Finals exam Test Answers

7/13: which of this phrases has actually its origins in this shogi piece? Answer: nouveau riche. Goemon was popular because he wasn"t just a thief, he to be a... Answer: gentlemen thief.And the human being in strength who had it in for Goemon was... Answer: Toyotomi Hideyoshi. And, Goemon"s fatality after that got caught by Hideyoshi is famous too... Answer: he was boiled alive. 7/14: i beg your pardon of the complying with statements are true the this organism? Answer: it"s not related to crabs. What is claimed to it is in the factor why people began dreaming in color? Answer: television. 7/15: Which one of these was made making use of the silver- ratio? Answer: B4-size paper. Define "syn" and also "aisthesis", the Greek source words that "synesthesia." Answer: "together" and senses."

September/October - School class Test answers

9/3: In this famous statue, he"s stop a spear in his left hand, but what in his right hand? Answer: nothing. 9/6: What is the name of this phenomenon whereby the 2nd hand looks prefer it stops moving? Answer: chronostasis. 9/7: We have a speak in Japanese: a expert hawk hides its talons. What hides that is claws in English? Answer: a cat. 9/21: the word "robot" didn"t come from English. So, what nation did it come from? Answer: Czechoslovakia. 9/24: carry out you understand why they made decision black and white? Answer: so it shows up well on TV. 9/28: for this reason "PVS" refers to as soon as you erroneously think your phone is walking off. What"s the "P"? Answer: phantom. That means it"d be "phantom..." what? Answer: vibration. So if we have "phantom vibration" so far... Answer: syndrome. 9/29: not all civil servants job-related in federal government offices. Which among these occupations is a civil one? Answer: anglers of Nagaragawa. 10/3: ...But in the entire universe, which one of these is closest come its density of star? 3 watermelons in the sun. 10/6: This an equipment made massive executions possible. You recognize what it"s called, yes? Answer: a guillotine. 10/11: Which do you think most world chose to surname "Kiki"? Answer: A.

September/October - Midterm check Answers

10/17: What is the origin of the word "guillotine"? Answer: surname of the one that proposed it.First the all, that proposed the idea the a guillotine? Answer: a doctor. So, from his perspective, what to be the advantage of the guillotine? Answer: it can execute civilization quickly. 10/18: i m sorry of the complying with statements around this round is true? Answer: it has actually thirty two faces.What is the definition of the word "robota", the is the Czech word that is the source word or "robot"? Answer: slave labor. 10/19: What is the English name for the phenomenon wherein it feels prefer your cell phone is vibrating? Answer: phantom vibration syndrome. I beg your pardon of the adhering to government organizations do the cormorant fisher the Nagaragawa belonging to? Answer: the Imperial family Agency. 10/22: What number need to be in the middle of this square to do it a magic square? Answer: five. 10/24: can you call me what the S in "SOS" means? Answer: it"s meaningless.

November/December - School class Test Answers

11/2: words "whack" was likewise used in a coded language native history. What was that language? thieves" can"t. 11/4: Clubs is a club, diamonds is a gem, spades is a sword... So, what is hearts? Answer: the divine Grail. 11/8: carry out you know what age you have to be to hear in ~ above a trial? Answer: zero. 11/10: do you know what the heat that"s in "bird" however not in "crow" represents? Answer: an eye. 11/12: execute you understand why listening someone"s voice end the call sounds various than their real voice? Answer: it"s greatly processed. 11/15: as soon as he to be executed, something to be done to his appearance. Perform you recognize what that was? Answer: they placed makeup ~ above him. 11/17: i m sorry of this is referred to as a cochleold, after its resemblance to a snail? Answer: B. 11/18: in ~ which of these locations have the right to you view the sunrise the earliest? Answer: the summit of mount Fuji.

November/December - Finals test Test Answers

12/20: Which among the complying with is called the Devil"s Curve? Answer: D. Ns think they claimed the voice you hear through the phone call is... Answer: no their genuine voice. However why go the listener think the artificial voice is the real person? Answer: they speak the same.Even if the voice is different, as lengthy as they talk the same, the listener will certainly subconsciously... Answer: supplement the voice. 12/21: Which suit of cards to represent the divine Grail? Answer: hearts. Which one of the adhering to is not true around the kanji because that "crow"? Answer: it includes a number. 12/22: Which nation refers come a human who controls national politics behind the scenes together a "prime minister in black"? Answer: Japan. What English word did the early stage "do" in the Japanese "dokyuu", or massive, originate from? Answer: dreadnought.

Since we"re all done with this Persona 5 answers guide, why not head over to any type of of our other guides on the game, together as exactly how to romance various other characters, or just how to gain a job and earn some money.

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Now that you"re all set to ace every question and also exam in Persona 5, you should have no problem dominating the classroom. You"ll also bag yourself a PSN Trophy because that the game, must you regulate to ar at the really top that the class throughout the year.