What are the differences between the Oster fast Feeds and also the Andis Masters? that a inquiry I obtain a lot and also one I’ve acquired pretty great at answering. Together they’re some of the best clippers in the industry, lover by both novices and pros alike. Even if it is you’re simply looking at gaining your first set of clippers, or you’re a seasoned veteran who wants a heavy comparison, this guide covers it all extensively. 

Quick Rundown


On the other side of the fence the Oster’s usage a pivot motor the doesn’t perform everywhere near the level the the Andis. While an excellent (great even) it fits in a lower, much more casual category due to the fact that of this. For bulk cuts or a high volume shop, the Andis is merely going to it is in the better fit many of the moment (if friend can’t have actually both).

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Oster’s blades are harder to beat, however, as their cryogenically-hardened stainless stole remains extremely cool. The rapid Feeds take it house here. 

Both blades are adjustable switching in between #000 and also #1 through a bar on the side. The Andis lever feels distinctly more premium however both do the job simply fine. That feels like I can acquire a closer, tidier reduced much simpler with the master so bear that in mind.

Noise and Heat

Noise is an important category and one that Oster handily wins. If i were to guess I would say the rapid Feeds room about fifty percent as noisy. This is proof of the much more powerful motor in the Andis and is less crucial than it seems to many novice barbers I talk to. Neither are all over approaching quiet so don’t gain that in her head. The can’t be expected, also with hand-operated clippers… I take into consideration this category mostly a wash together the noise really isn’t an issue with either, especially in mine shop which tends to have sufficient chatter and music in the background you’d never ever really be bothered. 

The one area ns wish the Andis were better is v heat, they gain some of the sexty of any type of clippers I’ve ever used. Aluminum is a strong conductor of heat and during operation, together the motor generates heat it’s successfully sucked the end by the aluminum frame. This helps through their longevity yet makes longer cuts more complicated and less pleasant 보다 it should. If you’re a professional who can gain through a cut in under ten minutes, and also hold them appropriately this definitely becomes much less of an issue, however to any kind of casual or self-cutter this is precious considering. 


Maintenance is an area the Oster’s really pulled ahead. That doesn’t make the Andis’ particularly bad by any type of means, but since of that is design, it requirements a little much more care. The Oster’s on the other hand just need much less done v them and also are less of a fuss to transaction with. 


This video comparison I found online likewise gives a great look visually in between the clippers. Hey, a second-opinion is always good too!

Rounding Up…

To sum it up, they’re both amazing sets that clippers, however they both serve different markets and also needs. If budget plan is a concern and you’re no as competent or interested in barbering the quick Feeds space going to be your ideal bet. ~ above the various other hand, if you desire something that is all kinds of professional, extremely powerful, and also will tear v all type of hair, the Masters are what girlfriend need. They provide you the absolute finest cut and also are developed with the in mind. An unified with their premium design and durability, they’re just a hallmark of quality. The fast Feeds are easier to maintain, make less noise, and heat up substantially less making lock a far better casual option. For any full-time barber, ns really watch both this sets the clippers together essential. 

For more on the specifically, of each set of clippers check out on Andis grasp review here, and also our evaluation on the quick Feeds too. 

I expect that clears things up for you and helped you make a decision.

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Questions? leaving them in the comments down below or send me an email through the call form. I’m constantly keen to talk barbering.