Jeremy Camp exit a new radio modify of "Out Of mine Hands," together with a complementary lyric video.

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The lyrics are an significant reminder of oh my god strength. “There’s nothing the You can’t manage God, you are strong enough, just You deserve to take this out of my hands,” Camp sings.

LISTEN NOW: Jeremy Camp"s Audio variation of "Out Of my Hands"

The song was initially featured on Camp’s 2019 album The Story"s not Over, which was released in parallel through the biographical film, "I quiet Believe."

"This song "Out Of mine Hands" came from a time whereby I really combated with trust and I to be holding onto points too much," Camp said. "This track came out saying "God, I"m sorry because that trying to host things in my very own hands because I"m no in control, you"re in control." and when I ultimately let that go, the peace came."


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