A repertoire of useful structures because that in-game colonies, existing to Ranching Upgrade note I. Each build includes exposition regarding the room’s role, advantages, and design philosophy.

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Chlorine Room

GoalThis room is all about using pesky Chlorine to resolve our worries with the peskier Slimelung germs discovered in the Swamp biome.

Approximate TimingThis room is ideal used for the change from early on game come mid-game. The technology and complicated material demands are relatively low, with minimal polished metals forced for construction. However, the room isn’t totally optimized to prevent Chlorine leakage and will eventually require a more facility replacement.


Design BasicsA Chlorine environment will rapidly and also passively disinfect any contaminated resources stored in ~ it; this room is design to take it early-game advantage of that fact while attempting to minimize the spread of Chlorine. If this might be amplified further v water-lock techniques, i personally choose to prevent water-locks as result of their results on stress, as this room will be commonly used because that sustained periods of time when pioneering within a Swamp biome.

Note that the Chlorine room is designed come be gotten in from above. Together Chlorine is the second-heaviest naturally-occuring gas resource in the game and also is heavier than Oxygen, this architecture passively keeps Chlorine within the room so long as its inner pressure is reasonably equal to its external pressure. Dropping the doors an extra tile from the hallway entry (resulting in a depth room) would administer extra protection versus the spread of Chlorine, but even in the form presented here, the room have to last about 50 cycles on its initial supply of Chlorine.

Researches Required

Decontamination (Tier 3) – unlocks the Ore Scrubber and also DeodorizerDistillation (Tier 3) – unlocks the algae DistillerImproved Ventillation (Tier 3) – unlocks the Gas ShutoffAutomatic manage (Tier 2) – unlocks the Signal move and basic Automation Wire

Additional Recommendations

Healthcare (Tier 3) – permits use of the Hand Sanitizer over Sinks.

Other RequirementsUse of Hand Sanitizers will need over 50 Bleach stone – aim to have 65kg of it accessible for your construction efforts, as the an initial 50kg will be totally consumed by the initial building and construction of a Hand Sanitizer.

You’ll require a minimal lot of Refined metal – also a solitary batch should be sufficient to it is provided this room’s needs.

This concludes the build’s overview. I only advise proceeding in this section whenever you have determined to actually construct this building and construction pattern in-game.

Design DetailsThe storage Compactors you see are collection to hold precisely two materials and also are collection to a high sub-priority to ensure rapid containment of claimed materials and also their side-effects:

SlimeBleach stone – since it (slowly) emits much more Chlorine

Storing Bleach stone in the very same compactor as Slime helps to ensure the the stored Slime sits in emitted Polluted Oxygen balloon as tiny as possible.

Note the the Chlorine chamber likewise contains an birds Distiller. Building this refinement building within a Chlorine atmosphere permits direct decontamination the distillation products before they’re even expelled from the structure!

The three doors in this construction are designed come restrict accessibility in a manner valuable for use in germ containment:

The hallway door must be collection to enable a specific collection of Dupes access through come the infected locations beyond your base, i m sorry in this image means right-to-left i only. Shot to store this number short to prevent overwhelming the room’s germ-containment measures.The right-most door should be collection to enable only bottom-to-top passage, which enables Dupes to return indigenous the ar while avoiding random Dupes from bypassing the top door entirely.

As a result, Dupes journeying to the Swamp biome will utilize the upper hall. As soon as they return v Slime or other contaminated materials, they will pass with the Chlorine room from left-to-right, ensuring containment of unwanted germs so long as the Ore Scrubbers and Hand Sanitizer are not overwhelmed.

As Slime has a tendency to emit Polluted Oxygen over time, you’ll require some method to take care of those emissions and also prevent their spread. Towards this end, note the Gas Pump, Gas Filter, and also Gas Shutoff. The Gas Shutoff need to usually be collection to “off” in stimulate to minimize Power intake – the Gas Pump will certainly not consume strength if blocked. At any time the room has high quantities of Polluted Oxygen, friend should rather activate it v the Signal Switch; this will permit circulation within the room. The Gas Filter need to be set to “Chlorine” come ensure that any other gases are gotten rid of from the room, preferably straight onto a Deodorizer or few.

In order to develop a Chlorine atmosphere within the room, we must have actually some means of giving it through its initial Chlorine. Toward this end, note the room’s Gas Valve. It’s set to prioritize any incoming gases over any type of being proactively circulated within the room and comes after ~ the Gas Shutoff so that the room can be filled regardless of whether or not the room is in “circulation” mode.

Natural Gas Plant

GoalTo utilize our colony’s available Natural Gas sources for permanent Power generation.

Approximate TimingThis building pattern is best utilized anytime you an initial discover a high-output natural Gas Geyser. Prevent that, think about implementing it in addition to a Fertilizer Room whenever her base has a high quantity of contaminated Polluted Water.

Design BasicsNote that this room is 96 tiles in size – the maximum dimension allowable because that a system-recognized power Plant room. Together such, this room is designed come maximize the number of generators included within it in a forward-thinking manner come facilitate management of other problems down the line. Cautious management the piping will permit for all 6 slots to be filled with natural Gas Generators together your base expands. Here’s exactly how the room watch when totally implemented later in the game; I’ve take away these images from cycle 256 the the very same game, where it can sustain approximately 7.2 kW once room buffs space applied!


Directly beneath the room is a four-tile-high tank for Polluted Water emissions, available through the bottom-right Pneumatic Door straight beneath the room’s Ladder. We usage Mesh Tiles throughout the room to ensure every Polluted Water lands within this tank. The peak two rows of stated tank have to be utilized to certain the Carbon Dioxide emissions of the room’s Generators can safely merge because that export right into a solitary Gas Pipe.

For details top top future expansions to the Polluted Water tank, be certain to examine the Polluted Water Purification and also Cooling component of this guide’s collection of building and construction patterns!

Finally, note the smart Battery just over the power Plant room – by using its Automation output, we have the right to turn on the Generators just when necessary in stimulate to maintain resources when possible! keep in mind that it must be associated via Automation wire to each natural Gas Generator in the room.

Researches Required

Fossil fuel (Tier 3) – unlocks herbal Gas GeneratorsAdvanced power Regulation (Tier 3) – unlocks Heavi-Watt Wire and also the strength Transformer, vital to manage the room’s strength outputGeneric Sensors (Tier 3) – unlocks the smart BatteryFiltration (Tier 2) – unlocks the Gas Valve, which you’ll have to ensure only natural Gas start the room’s intake Gas Pipe.

Additional Recommendations

Advanced Automation (Tier 4) – permits automation logic.HVAC (Tier 4) – gives the Thermo Sensor.Improved Ventilation (Tier 3) – gives the Atmo Sensor.

Researching these will enable for safe control of a Gas Pump in a natural Gas Vent’s chamber, which i advise structure at the exact same time together your initial Gas Pump.

Other RequirementsYou’ll want around 300 Refined steel on hand because that the forced Automation-related buildings and also another 100 or therefore if implementing the extr recommendations.

Potential IssuesAs the room is quite packed, note that over there is no an are to insert a cooling solution within the room, which will eventually become necessary. Fortunately, there space no liquid Pipes required within the strength Plant room itself, so liquid-based cooling will be extremely possible later in the video game once it i do not care necessary.

Fertilizer Plant

GoalTo transform infected Polluted Water resources into safe Fertilizer and also Power-friendly herbal Gas.

Approximate TimingDuring or after ~ implementation of a organic Gas Plant.


Design BasicsThis room is designed to take excess unwanted Polluted Water (especially contaminated sources!) and also convert it into helpful resources. Fertilizer is helpful for operation Farm Stations and feeding hatch ranches, while herbal Gas provides resources extremely advantageous for strength Generation.

Since we don’t want herbal Gas to escape our Fertilizer Plant, ns recommend utilizing Conveyor equipment to automatically deliver created Fertilizer outside the room, whereby Dupes have the right to pick it increase for basic use as needed.

In the picture above, I combined the room v a low-output organic Gas Geyser, i beg your pardon isn’t in ~ all necessary for making use of this building pattern.

Researches Required

Agriculture (Tier 3) – unlocks Fertilizer SynthesizersVentilation (Tier 1) – unlocks Gas Pumps and also Gas Pipes

Additional Recommendations

Solid deliver (Tier 5) – allows full use of Conveyors. That pre-requisite consists of the Auto-Sweeper.Low-Resistance Conductors (Tier 4) – because that Conductive Wires.The room’s circuits will likely attract over 1 KW total.Conductive Wires use far less sources than Heavi-Watt wires and can pass through Tiles like constant Wire.Generic Sensors (Tier 3) – because that the Clock Sensor.Decontamination (Tier 3) – for the mechanized Airlock.

Other RequirementsYou’ll want to have very significant stores of Refined steel for this one due to the usage of Conductive Wires and also Conveyors.

This concludes the build’s overview. I just advise continuing in this section whenever girlfriend have determined to actually construct this building and construction pattern in-game.

Design DetailsAs Auto-Sweepers can not “sweep” with Tiles of any type of kind, the top row that Fertilizer Synthesizers has actually been developed on optimal of mechanically based Airlocks. (Neither Pneumatic Doors nor hands-on Airlocks will work.) this are linked via Automation wire to one of the Clock Sensors, i m sorry emits a really brief active pulse once per cycle. This pulse enables any created Fertilizer come drop where the Auto-Sweeper can reach it in ~ the cost of briefly deactivating the Synthesizers us – I recommend aiming because that an roughly 0.5 second duration on that Clock Sensor at some allude during her colony’s Night.

Speaking that Clock Sensors, ns strongly recommend linking one directly to her Auto-Sweeper. If friend lock the Fertilizer room, activating that for just 6% the a bicycle is long sufficient to retrieve all Fertilizer produced by the Synthesizers throughout a cycle, so turning it off (via automation) exterior of that interval will conserve you far-ranging Power. Ns advise additionally having this active period during the Night, as your Dupes will certainly not be operation Power-consuming machine then.

Another tip once working through Conveyor equipment – collection your calculation Conveyor Receptacles to extremely low priority. (I’ve inserted mine just external the room come allow access to many of the produced Fertilizer there is no letting natural Gas through.) If any storage container (like a Conveyor Receptacle) is reduced priority 보다 another, Dupes and also Auto-Sweepers will automatically move sources to higher-priority storage end time. If the priority is also high, on the other hand, Dupes might never clear her Conveyor systems’ calculation resources!

This room can be expanded for great distances vertically upward by use of the mechanically based Airlock trick. Don’t bother prolonging the brief pulse; all the matters is the the calculation Fertilizer will drop under to a level that the Auto-Sweepers have the right to reach over time.

Steam Vent Enclosure

GoalBy utilizing Wheezeworts and Tempshift Plates, the major goal is to provide enough cooling to the steam Vent’s enclosure that all emitted vapor condenses rapidly.

Approximate TimingDiscovery and dormancy of a useful steam Vent prior to sustainable fluid cooling remedies are available.

Design BasicsHydrogen is the many conductive naturally-occuring gas in the game and also is the most effective gas to pair with Wheezeworts. As a result, as soon as the upper chamber is filled with Hydrogen, the optimal chamber gives a consistent source of cooling come the enclosure.

The Pitcher Pumps are existing to allow Dupes to attract from the renewable resource pool the a heavy steam Vent provides. Note that many uses of Water requiring hand delivery can use warm Water the would damage a farm; use of vapor Vent Water helps to maintain your cooled Water supplies instead when possible. In particular, research study tends come be an extremely costly in Water.

Researches Required

Smelting (Tier 4) – unlocks steel Tile. The prerequisite additionally unlocks Tempshift Plates. 

Additional Recommendations

Improved plumbing (Tier 3) – for the Hydro SensorGeneric Sensors (Tier 3) – for the Clock Sensor

Other RequirementsYou’ll should pump a pocket or two of Hydrogen into the peak chamber for reliable cooling to take place. Furthermore, significant Refined metal is strong advised for the Hydrogen chamber’s floor.

Potential IssuesAvoid dumping heated sources of Water from outside the enclosure right into it; until you are able come implement fluid cooling in the enclosure’s top half, you’ll require all the cooling friend can gain to prepare because that the Vent’s active phases.

This concludes the build’s overview. I just advise proceeding in this section whenever friend have decided to actually develop this building pattern in-game.

Design DetailsConstruction products used:

The walls, aside from the two access doors, space Abyssalite. We want to limit the spread of warmth from this enclosure as much as possible.The Tempshift Plates are all Granite.Granite is the many conductive raw Mineral; that conductivity beats the end both Water and Steam, so metals wouldn’t administer much cooling gain.At the allude you’d it is in worrying around tapping a steam Vent, you’ll have tons of the stuff, and it’s much easier to usage en masse than polished Metal.As Granite isn’t too Conductive, and Tempshift Plates have actually high mass, this setup can likewise serve together a kind temperature buffer to protect against wild ferris wheel in warmth levels in the vapor Vent room and also facilitate permanent rapid condensation that Steam.

Take treatment with her initial construction efforts for the enclosure; ns advise building everything listed below the actual vapor Vent completely before mining the end the Vent’s surrounding floor tiles, which would certainly dump preexisting boil Water into your work area. It’s possible to prepare much of the enclosure prior to actually accessing the steam Vent itself, though you’ll absolutely want come wait because that Vent dormancy before constructing most of the Tempshift Plates.

While the usage of Clock Sensors in the develop may no be intuitive, over there is one very far-reaching detail that renders them extremely helpful – you have the right to directly readjust the settings without waiting on a Dupe come implement the changes. This permits you to activate and deactivate buildings in areas that room inaccessible to Dupes… choose your Hydrogen chamber.

I recommend ensuring a tiny amount the Water constantly remains in the reservoir at the enclosure’s bottom throughout your early implementation; this will assist balance the end the temperature that newly-produced warm Water.

Later in the game, I recommend attaching one Exosuit Checkpoint to one of the enclosure’s sides for easy access during activity. Furthermore, once your base has actually liquid cooling available, consider eliminating among the Pitcher Pumps to enable dumping alternating sources of excess Water right into the enclosure throughout times the your heavy steam Vent is dormant. You may wish to expand the enclosure horizontally to ensure Pitcher Pump access to Water as soon as its reserves room low.

Metal Factory

GoalTo facilitate long-term, reliable Metal Refining efforts.

Approximate TimingAfter accessing a pre-existing Polluted Water pool from the Swamp biome and after her base deserve to regularly calculation a minimum the 2 kW Power.


Design BasicsThe main point idea the this building and construction pattern is the Polluted Water reservoirs make terrific Heat batteries due to Polluted Water’s high certain heat and boiling temperature. Thus, continually cycling an isolated reservoir’s Polluted Water through a steel Refinery allows far-reaching amounts the Refined steel to be produced prior to the resulting warm must it is in addressed. You must easily have the ability to produce over 10 tons of sleek Iron (the worst warm offender) before Heat i do not care an issue!

Also precious noting is that as soon as Polluted Water is put through a Water Sieve, the calculation Water is constantly 40 C. Once the reservoir becomes also heated, we have the right to simply operation it with a Sieve come eliminate substantial amounts of unwanted Heat and also resupply from an alternating reservoir if necessary. This building pattern also synergizes ridiculously well through a Cool Slush Geyser, must one exist in your world.

Researches Required

Smelting (Tier 4) – unlocks the steel Refinery

Note the the recommendations below can conveniently be delayed there is no issue; they merely help to rationalization the flow of resources.

Additional Recommendations

Smart storage (Tier 4) – enables automatic distribution of locally-stored raw Metals.Solid transport (Tier 5) – permits remote delivery of developed Refined Metals.

Other RequirementsSignificant amounts of reasonably cool Polluted Water.

Potential IssuesThe Polluted Water reservoir will output very far-ranging amounts of heat when its warmth capacity is virtually maxed out.

This concludes the build’s overview. I just advise continuing in this section whenever girlfriend have made decision to actually construct this building and construction pattern in-game.

Design DetailsWhy go this construct include a small Battery? whenever a single building requires over 1 kW power per second, it becomes vital to connect some type of Battery to said building’s circuit if its major Power intake is native a power Transformer; otherwise, the building will rapidly cycle on and also off, obtaining very tiny work done.

The steel Tiles lining the reservoir serve to evenly distribute the consisted of Heat. Feel totally free to use plain Tiles during the initial ring of building and construction and adjust them out for steel Tiles (preferably, Gold) at a later point after you have done significant amounts of refinement. The metal Tiles additionally serve come synergize v a later expansion to this building pattern inside a Thermo Aquatuner may be inserted to perform limited liquid cooling, permitting the Aquatuner’s temperature to be managed properly.

An example implementation of the above-mentioned extension is shown below; mine example human being has a Cool Slush Geyser, for this reason I offered its output to cool the reservoir and also convert overflow into Water v an unseen Water Sieve, which is then cooled within the reservoir itself without issue.


Polluted Water Purification and Cooling

Speaking of which, let’s take a additional look at how such a cooling system could work.

GoalTo develop ideally-cooled Water from excess Polluted Water.

Approximate TimingWhen your herbal Gas Plant’s calculation reservoir is over halfway full.

This one’s a two-parter, i beg your pardon is a tiny different. First, the Purification zone:

Secondly, the Cooling zone. This instance connects through the natural Gas Plant’s Polluted Water pool:


Design BasicsThe Purification section enables near-complete automation the Water filtration. One storage Compactor is set for Sand and also the various other to Fertilizer + Polluted Dirt; this permits the Auto-Sweeper to manage the Water Sieve completely and minimize the Compost errand load for her Dupes dramatically. Sand and Fertilizer will certainly still require hands-on deliveries, yet those are simpler tasks that deserve to be done in bulk, and also are therefore less i have lot of money to have actually Dupes manage.

The Cooling section relies on the reality that Water Sieves calculation 5kg Water at 40 C. The trick right here is come double-back the calculation of the Sieve ~ above itself with a Thermo Aquatuner. As soon as the loop is up and running, doing this allows the Thermo Aquatuner to have a net result of cooling 5 kg Water per 2nd by 28 C – twin the Thermo Aquatuner’s basic cooling – without any added Power draw! while this walk emit considerable Heat right into the Polluted Water pool, if that pool consists of the Water we’re proactively Purifying, we’ll be directly eliminating that warm as component of the mechanism without issue!

Overall, as soon as the combined system is active, the result Water is calculation at 12 C, i beg your pardon provides an ideal resupply resource for your colony’s central Water reservoir supplied for Bristle or Sleet Wheat farming.

Researches Required

Liquid Tuning (Tier 4) – unlocks the Thermo AquatunerPressure administration (Tier 2) – unlocks the fluid Valve

Additional Recommendations

Advanced Automation (Tier 4) – unlocks the Filter Gate

Potential IssuesYou could want to ensure that you deserve to handle the output resources now that you deserve to implement automated output to your key Water reservoir!

This concludes the build’s overview. I just advise proceeding in this section whenever girlfriend have chose to actually develop this building and construction pattern in-game.

Design DetailsIt’s a small tricky come get everything right through the piping in the Polluted Water reservoir, therefore let’s look in ~ the piping structure. Note that the top-left pipeline exports the result cooled Water through Abyssalite pipes and the top-right pipe supports import of alternative Polluted Water resources. (I usage this pipeline to dump calculation from my Carbon Skimmers and also Algae Distillers.)


Both the the two valves nearest the Thermo Aquatuner are set to a rate of 5 kg, ensuring a price of 5 kg input straight from the Water Sieve, also after the device is paused and also unpaused via Automation.

Speaking the Automation, the most crucial thing is come ensure you have actually an adequate Filter door in location – you want to make certain that the pipes in between your Sieve and the Aquatuner are constantly full.

Keeping the pipes complete ensures that you have no accidental liquid Pipe breakage.This likewise helps the Aquatuner to stay as effective as possible, quite than wasting strength on half-batches generally that never converge to 12 C Water.I like setup the Filter to its max delay – while this is clear far more than sufficient to refill the pipes, that keeps the Aquatuner going because that a much longer stretch that time, helping it to optimally cool the output Water an ext consistently.

For the mathematically-oriented, keep in mind that ours loop usually creates a geometric collection with a proportion of 1/2, since the Sieve outputs fifty percent the possible throughput of an Aquatuner. The initial output from the Aquatuner is in ~ 26 C (1x cooling), and once the loops back around, the Valve merges the 2 streams come give produce a half-cooled currently (33 C) together the new Aquatuner input. This outcomes in 1.5x cooling, then after one more loop 1.75x, till the network cooling converges come 2x.

The Self-Powered Oxygen Module (SPOM)

 GoalTo develop Oxygen at best temperatures (11.5 C!) native Electrolysis as Power-efficiently together possible.

Approximate TimingOnce a far-reaching number of Wheezeworts space accessible, huge amounts of gold or Tungsten have actually been refined, and also the base has actually 8 or therefore Dupes.


Design BasicsBy use of mindful construction and gas management, the is feasible to passively different an Electrolyzer’s Hydrogen calculation from that is Oxygen. This enables the Oxygen module to develop a net confident amount that Power and Hydrogen. Furthermore, rather than use a it is provided Thermo Regulator, the room achieves similar cooling performance by using a collection of Wheezeworts to cool the SPOM’s Oxygen output. This two strategies combined enable the SPOM to it is in a zero-maintenance, heat-negative, and power-positive module that makes a wonderful addition to any type of colony.

You’ll want to usage 4 Wheezeworts to obtain an output of 11.5 C, though if the calculation temperature isn’t very critical, you have the right to safely alleviate the number of Wheezeworts with small issue.

Researches Required

Smelting (Tier 4) – unlocks the metal TileImproved Ventilation (Tier 3) – unlocks the Atmo SensorInternal burning (Tier 2) – unlocks the Hydrogen GeneratorPressure monitoring (Tier 2) – unlocks the Gas Valve

Additional Recommendations

Generic Sensors (Tier 3) – unlocks the Clock Sensor and Smart Battery

Other RequirementsLarge amounts of refined metal for Tempshift Plates.

Additionally, i advise having actually a large amount of initial Hydrogen obtainable to assist jump-start the SPOM’s setting properly.

Potential IssuesNote that using a SPOM directly ties your Oxygen provides to your Water reserves, do Water administration far an ext critical.

Additionally, the SPOM often tends to generate more Hydrogen than it needs to self-power. You must either discover a use for the extra strength or uncover a usage for the overfill Hydrogen; I advise the latter, together it have the right to be offered to power any kind of Anti-Entropy Thermo Nullifiers you may find and will provide a resource for Hydrogen for various other future localized cooling services you might need.

This concludes the build’s overview. I only advise continuing in this ar whenever girlfriend have decided to actually develop this construction pattern in-game.

Design DetailsBuild Materials:

Standard tiles and also liquid pipes space made indigenous Abyssalite. We can go through insulated, yet that’s extreme overkill as soon as working through Abyssalite.Gas pipes room made native Granite.Metal Tiles are made indigenous Tungsten and also Airflow Tiles are made native Wolframite.Tempshift Plates are made native (refined) Gold. Gold is near-equivalent to Tungsten aside from a slightly-lower specific heat. It’s no worth spending priceless Tungsten once Gold walk the very same job and is far an ext plentiful; Oxygen’s not virtually conductive enough to warrant using big amounts the top-dollar materials.The top and also left chambers space Hydrogen-filled.The inner Gas Valve is set to enable full throughput. This ensures that the Generator has actually a full reserve that Hydrogen for fuel prior to dumping excess Hydrogen exterior the system.


The height chamber’s Atmo Sensor should be set to 800 g to ensure the pump maintains optimal pumping efficiency.The Oxygen chamber’s Atmo Sensor must be set to 600 g to ensure optimal throughput. Setting it higher will minimize the quantity of Oxygen the SPOM produces and yield colder output.The peak Smart Battery controls the system’s connection to exterior Power sources, permitting the mechanism to start from zero early stage Power. It’s connected to the power Shutoff seen between the 2 Smart Batteries, i beg your pardon isolates the SPOM as soon as disconnected through a “disabled” signal. Active: 0% Standby: 25% – we just want to draw enough strength to jump-start the SPOM.The bottom clever Battery manages the Hydrogen Generator, maximizing our Hydrogen intake efficiency. Active: 20% – this starts the Hydrogen Generator before allowing the SPOM to attract power from exterior sources (at 0%). Standby: 100%The Clock Sensor is only current to allow direct manipulation of the Electrolyzer’s active/disabled Automation state, through no need for Dupe interaction.

Construction:This structure requires great care during building and construction to certain the gases line up properly during a live, non-debug game. My said build pattern:

Get most of the core structure in place first, including its Pipes and Wires. Make sure you can method the SPOM from the bottom and also right easily. Perform not block off the ultimate cooling chamber from the pump chamber at the bottom.Prepare a vaccum: Use the Clock Sensor and top Atmo Sensor come deactivate the Electrolyzer and the Gas Pump connected to the Hydrogen Generator. Replace two of the Tiles in ~ the Hydrogen Generator with Airflow Tiles. Connect the device to power, allowing the bottom two Gas Pumps to create a near-vacuum.Once the top-left chamber’s pressure is around 200 g, deactivate the vacuuming pumps and also fill the room with Hydrogen. When the chamber is almost full and also the gases have settled, the peak chamber should contain just Hydrogen. Make specifically sure this is true for the one-tile-wide path at the top-right! Once you have actually verified that this hold true, replace the momentary Airflow Tiles with Abyssalite again in ~ the Hydrogen Generator. If this is stage has been done properly, we deserve to be certain that the peak chamber will certainly only ever hold Hydrogen!Now it’s time come ensure the cooling chamber is appropriately prepared. Block off the cooling room from the pump chamber, but this time deconstruct every tiles in ~ the Wheezeworts, making sure the plants have been put first. (We won’t have an additional chance to download them without contaminating the chamber!) We can’t have the Wheezeworts energetic here since they will trap contaminants in the chamber’s top. After adding an extra brick beneath to help trap Hydrogen, pump Hydrogen into the cooling chamber until just Hydrogen continues to be in the cooling chamber’s space. Preferably, add an extra row complete of Hydrogen come ensure zero contamination as well. You may find it useful to begin the SPOM running and also use its overabundance Hydrogen to assist fill the cooling chamber, though its output will be hot during this phase. Once this is confirmed, climate seal turn off the chamber again with Abyssalite.

The Math: One Wheezewort cools 1 kg the gas by 5 C. Due to the fact that Hydrogen’s details heat is 2.4, relative to Oxygen’s 1.0, we keep in mind that through Hydrogen in the lefthand room we provide cooling indistinguishable to 14 C because that 1 kg Oxygen. 14 * 4 = 56… and 70 C – 56 C = 14 C because that the final output temperature. The SPOM go further since it in reality generates much less than (though close to) 1 kg Oxygen every sec – the much less Oxygen it outputs, the cooler its output have the right to become.

The Slime Containment and Algae Distillation device (SCAD)

GoalTo offer as a late-game systems for infected Slime containment and neutralization.

Approximate TimingOnce large amounts of Refined steel is accessible and either of the following:

The original Chlorine room has actually lost its effectiveness.Significant effort is essential to keep your remaining, restricted Chlorine resources.


Design BasicsThe SCAD mechanism is designed come facilitate quick automated sanitization and also refinement of algae from infected Slime while reducing Slimelung spread as lot as possible, offering your Dupes a location to near-instantly contain any kind of Slime emitting the foul disease. That also intends to maximize the usefulness of any type of Chlorine resources you might find and also minimize the require for any kind of ongoing maintenance – once the room is properly built, the only reason to open up it temporarily is to optimal off her Hand Sanitizers.

The SCAD system has three key modules:

The accessibility hall (top room) This is her Dupes’ main return from the wild Swamps, and so on of the asteroid beyond your base, offer a function similar to that of a Sink in a lavatory. The warehouse Compactors in ~ the height accept, through high priority, mined Slime and Bleach rock for containment. The Chlorine chamber (middle room)Much prefer the old Chlorine room, this room passively disinfects every Slime it contains.Unlike the old room, that can instantly manage its inner Slime without Dupe interaction.The conveyors in the room act together a pre-distillation timer on incoming Slime come prevent any type of lasting infection of Slimelung to distillation products. The Puft ranch (bottom room, optional)This room allows domestication of a Puft or two.Any Pufts in the room will transform Polluted Oxygen earlier into Slime and send it back to the Chlorine Chamber. 

If not utilizing the Puft ranch, one of two people overpressurize the Chlorine room or forward calculation Polluted Oxygen onto Deodorizers.

Researches Required

Solid transfer (Tier 5) – unlocks ConveyorsLow-Resistance Conductors (Tier 4) – unlocks Conductive Wire, as consistent Wire is poor for peak-use strength demands.Distillation (Tier 3) – unlocks birds DistillersImproved Ventillation (Tier 3) – unlocks the High-Pressure Gas VentFiltration (Tier 2) – unlocks the Gas Filter

Additional Recommendations

Valve Miniaturization (Tier 5) – unlocks the Mini Gas PumpAdvanced Automation (Tier 4) – unlocks logic GatesRanching (Tier 3) – unlocks Ranching structures

Other RequirementsAs the High-Pressure Gas Vent is required to guarantee Chlorine chamber circulation, some access to Plastic is required.

This concludes the build’s overview. I only advise proceeding in this ar whenever friend have chose to actually develop this building pattern in-game.

Design DetailsAccess Hall:The access hall is designed come support around 4 Dupes – two explorers and also two suppliers. Try not to overwhelm the hall’s sanitization structures; be sure to set permissions ~ above the entry/exit door appropriately. It also contains a Signal move to allow direct deactivation of the birds Distillers. Through this and also careful manipulation of framework priorities, it’s possible to temporarily deactivate SCAD’s refinement component and retrieve Slime and/or Bleach rock if necessary.

Speaking of priorities: for typical use, ns advise setting the input warehouse Compactor’s Sub-Priority come 8 and the bordering Loader’s priority to 9 come ensure quick Slime containment.

For general use, be certain to collection the horizontal mechanical based Airlock come block top-to-bottom accessibility for every Dupe; when idle, Dupes will otherwise occasionally take work from your Auto-Sweepers. Chlorine Chamber:This chamber is lined through a long, snaking Conveyor crossing practically every tile in the room, i beg your pardon puts last Slime distribution on a time hold-up to ensure that receives a thorough sheep of Chlorine before any kind of attempts in ~ refinement. This usually brings the germ counting low enough to fully counter any transfer of germs throughout distillation afterward. Speaking of “distillation afterward”, by placing birds Distillers within the Chlorine Chamber, Slimelung is actively killed throughout the refinement process, leading to disinfected algae that is automatically forwarded out of the Chlorine chamber via Conveyors.

In this implementation, the Gas Pump and also Mini Gas Pump maintain continuous circulation in ~ the room to ensure that only Chlorine remains in the room at any type of given time, because Slime likes to constantly emit Polluted Oxygen if the chamber is not overpressurized. Any Polluted Oxygen is dumped come the room below…

Puft Ranch:Admittedly, this room is partially me exploring with Puft ranching – if nothing else, this permits viable diverted domestication the Pufts and accessibility to your eggs via reproduction. Either way, by forwarding Polluted Oxygen indigenous the Chlorine Chambers to this room, us revert any kind of emitted Polluted Oxygen earlier into Slime and also can send it back to the Chlorine Chamber. Any discovered Morbs can likewise be placed here to contain your Polluted Oxygen and transform it slowly into Algae, enabling a (small) net hopeful from implementing the ranch.

In instance your Pufts are near starvation, the bottom-left Conveyor Loader that the Chlorine room can be priority-tweaked to forward cleansed Slime to her ranch and also maintain Calorie levels between rounds the Slime gathering.

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Other BenefitsSCAD’s Automation systems temporarily deactivate birds distillation (with potential because that other components as well) once low in its entirety power levels in your base space detected because of severe autumn in its interior Smart Battery’s Power. This have the right to be supplied to prioritize more critical areas of her base to maintain role during power shortages if and when they arise, restoring functionality instantly when full power is safely restored. An initial priority = containment, 2nd priority = refinement.

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The Chlorine Chamber’s Conveyor Bridges and access Hall’s Conveyor Receptacle permit for remote, outside sources that Slime to be imported come the SCAD system. This device is design to it is in a one-off module to offer as the central Slime handling unit for her colony.

With the SCAD system, you’ll be safe to perform scads of mining within the Swamp biome and also handle all the Slime the comes v it!