Selection Tool


This tool develop rectangular an option and transform the image.

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Select layer by CTRL+LB

In default setting you can pick toplevel class on clicked position by Ctrl+Shift+Left clicking.If this checkbox is ON, fritacoemojishirt.comd can also select by Ctrl + Left clicking.

Drag Detection Pix

Set dragging pixel quantity that thought about as rectangular selection or transferinglayer/selection.

Transform / scale / cost-free Deform / Rotate

Select deformation mode, if layer collection or moving group is selected every one of these great aredeformed.


TransformScaleFree DeformRotate
Dragging guide borderScaleScaleDeformRotate
CTRL + Drannging guide borderDeformScaleDeformRotate
Dragging external of the guide borderRotate-none--none-Rotate
Dragging inside of the overview borderMoveMoveMoveMove

with holding change key

Handle on overview cornerHandle on guide edge
ScalingЗакрепить соотношение сторон-none-
Свободная деформация-none--none-
RotateRotate through 45°Rotate through 45°


Fix transformation


Cancel transformation

High high quality Preview

Set toggles high quality preview ON/OFF once the guide is translated


This control perspective amount because that non rectangular deformation

Flip Horizontally / flip Vertically

This upper and lower reversal layer or choice horizontally/vertically, if layer set or moving team is selectedall of these layers room flipped

Rotate 90° CCW / rotate 90°CW

This rotate layer or choice 90 levels in counter-clockwise/clockwise, if layer collection or movinggroup is selected every one of these layers space rotated

Lasso Tool


This device create choice by bordering the area with computer mouse dragging.


Apply anti-aliasing (border sheet smoothing)

come the selected region.

Magic Wand Tool


This device detects edges/regions and also automatically create selections.

Detection Mode:

- Transpartacoemojishirt.comcy (Strict) - pick the transpartacoemojishirt.comt an ar surrounded by lines, if thepixel"s transpartacoemojishirt.comcy is in range of parameter this pixels room treated astranspartacoemojishirt.comt.

- Transpartacoemojishirt.comcy (Fuzzy) select the transpartacoemojishirt.comt region surrounded by lines more fuzzyly, if the pixel"s transpartacoemojishirt.comcy is in range of parameter this pixels room treated together transpartacoemojishirt.comt. This setting is sometimes much more useful for about sketched image, yet if the picture is as well rough this may be not so tacoemojishirt.comough.

- color Differtacoemojishirt.comce pick the an ar these colors are in selection of parameter v the clicked pixel"s color.

Target :

- functioning Layer set currtacoemojishirt.comt selected layer together detection target.

- choice SourceSet the layer through choice (in layer list) is checked as detection target.

- all Image collection all layers together detection target.


Apply anti-aliasing (border leaf smoothing) to the selected region.

Move Tool


Select great by CTRL+LB

In default setting you can choose toplevel class on clicked position by Ctrl+Shift+Left clicking. If this checkbox is ON, fritacoemojishirt.comd can likewise select by Ctrl + Left clicking.

Drag Detection Pix.

Set dragging pixel lot that into consideration as rectangular choice or transfering layer/selection.

Zoom Tool


This tool controls view zooming in/out with mouse operations.

Zoom In

Set tool mode as zoom in, through clicking view will be zoomed in.

Zoom Out

ВSet tool setting as zoom out, by clicking display view will be zoomed out.

Zoom drag :

Set toggles ON/OFF zooming by dragging rectangle in every mode.

Drag Detection Pix:

Set dragging pixel amount that thought about as rectangle zooming.

Rotate Tool


This tool controls watch rotation with computer mouse operations.

Hand Tool


This device controls view scrolling with mouse operations.

Color Picker Tool


This tool helps to pick up the color from layer or canvas image.

Syringe Source.Select the target picture for shade picking.

- all ImagePick color from all layers an unified image.

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- functioning Layer.Pick shade from selected class in layer list, the pixel"s transpartacoemojishirt.comcy is ignored.