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Egg whites, vermont white cheddar, avocado, spinach, vine-ripened tomato, salt and also pepper on a Sprouted serial Bagel Flat.

Bacon, scrambled egg, grape tomatoes, emerald greens, vermont white cheddar, mustard horseradish sauce, salt, and also pepper in a totality Grain Wrap.

Smoked traction chicken breast, scrambled egg, smoked Gouda cheese, fresh avocado, chipotle aioli, peppadew peppers, cilantro, salt and pepper in a whole Grain Wrap.

Scrambled egg, a thick part of vermont white cheddar and also sausage with salt and also pepper top top Artisan Ciabatta.

Steel cut oats, cooked come perfection and topped with strawberries, pecans and cinnamon crunch topping.

Freshly small soufflé made through our savory egg mixture, cheddar, romano, parmesan and Neufchåtel cheeses.

Freshly baked soufflé made v our savory egg mixture, spinach, romano cheese, red peppers and also artichoke hearts, and also lightly flavored with a hints of garlic.

Freshly baked soufflé made with our savory egg mixture, spinach, cheddar cheese and bacon, and a hints of garlic.

Freshly small bagel made v cinnamon and also vanilla chips flavor the dough, topped through a sweet, crunchy shell of cinnamon & sugar.

Freshly baked sprouted entirety grain bagel topped through oats, pinched and slightly flattened to the perfect size. 2 servings of whole grain/bagel flat. (56% whole grain)

A traditional favorite, fresh baked and made through semi-sweet cacao chunks & milk coco flakes.

A freshly baked, perfectly flaky butter croissant stuffed with coco flavored cream cheese and also topped through a cacao flavored drizzle and also powdered sugar.

An old-fashioned butter coffee cake, swirled through cinnamon and also finished with a butter crumb topping. Serves 10.

Sweet vanilla crème icing, sandwiched in between two fresh baked, perfectly crispy cacao cookies.

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A coconut, chocolatey craving satisfied in two bites. A traditional small coconut macaroon through the bottom dipped in chocolate.

A salty, chocolaty, caramel confection huge enough to share. A huge cookie v semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel pieces, pretzels and then topped with flake salt.