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By Brandon Mesher
Brandon (brandonmesher hotmail com) respectable 2, 2006

Paper mario the thousands year doorGameCubeBoss names and hints to loss themChapter 1:Hooktail:equip attack FX R which is a badge and you will watch that she will certainly get tired in battle.Hooktails HP 20 or 10Chapter 2:Magnus(Lord Crump):use goombella come tattle and also then usage flurry to assault but watch out for the bosses rocket hand attack.Magnus,s HP 20Chapter 3:Macho Grubba:you may think he's the annoncer for fights but he own the genuine crystal star not Rawk Hawk and jolean is the under cover agent codename X. To loss Grubba buy numerous mushrooms and then usage the yoshi friend get.Grubbas HP 30 or 40Chapter 4:Doopliss:you must find the letter p to complete the chapter but that is after friend fight him the first time and also he will certainly steal your identity and when you try to get back to twilight town you will certainly be interupted be you yourself A.K.A Doopliss yet don't fight him due to the fact that you can't do any type of damage come him that is

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invincable in mario,s form so as soon as you get ago to twilight city go to wherein you see the shadow sirens and also you will find vivian the not so evil siren and she will end up being your companion if you uncover the bomb in the grass and when girlfriend go earlier to the creepy steeple try to uncover the room through the Bird in it and also hide far in the shadows through vivian ~ a if the bird will talk then open the endowment chests and also then friend will an alert that Doopliss will ask girlfriend if friend know exactly how to spell his name remember use the lower instance p and also capital D after that go to the area where you experienced him the first time to fight him one last time to obtain the crystal star but your partners will certainly not hear to you until you to win the boss however vivian trust you.Doopliss HP 40Chapter 5:Cortez and also x nuat army:Cortez has 3 forms first form is the easy type just assault him 2nd form assault the the body and head third form attack Weapons then assault cortez,s head after ~ the fight he will provide you the decision star yet after you acquire out the the cavern the X nuats will strike the island ask cortez for his assist and then strike the x nuats and if you notification one that the world that which the delivery is crump under cover.Cortez kind 1 HP 40 or 50.form 2 HP 20 or 30.form 3 HP 30 or 40.X nauts HP ???Chapter 6:Smorg:Smorg is a confusing boss you have actually to assault him in different locations all the moment or end up one part then the next.Smorgs HP 60Chapter 7:Magnus 2.0 (version 2):it's as with the first magnus just watch out for the rocket hands however now there is an ext attacks choose missles use different partners to defeat him and also attacks.Magnus's HP 70Chapter 8 last chapter:Grodus and also the zero queen:grodus is hard but always destroy his force field very first then assault but watch the end for his powers use vivian most regularly then the shadow queen has taken end peach,s body and also then in the battle after a when she will be invincable climate the battle will more than but climate the princess shows up in a form of a spirit and also gives mario enough power to damages the shadow queen and also remember to usage your items wisely.Grodus HP 50 shadow Queen HP 150.