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By Yarr0110
Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door (GCN)

Shadow Queen Boss Battle guide by Yarr0110This is how I beat the Shadow Queen, and hopefully I can help people out whoneeded help beating her.First of all, right before the battle, you should probably go back to Rougeportand blow all the cash you have on some Life Shrooms and maybe even a few badgesat the Rougeport badge store, which you can get to by going up to the inn andout the door on the second floor. Now, go back to the pipe that leads backUnderground. Now, instead of heading straight to the Thousand Year Door again,go left through the door. Then talk to the guy standing next to the Fourtuneteller's house. Hopefully on your quest you'll at LEAST have had gathered a fewStar Pieces. Buy the badge Quick Change, which is a badge that allows you toswitch partners and still attack! Pretty useful, and I'll tell you why lateron. Oh yeah, also, you should go back to Fahr Outpost and buy a few ShootingStars as well. They are pretty useful in defeating both of the Shadow Queen's

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hands. Now that you have all that, head back to the Thousand Year Door..My inventory:Ultra ShroomJammin JellyLife Shroom x4Shooting Star x2Once you re-enter the Thousand Year Door, all the enimies will reappear, whichsort of sucks.. but most are pretty easy to avoid if you ride on your Yoshipartner. I'm pretty sure you will have to go against 6 Bombshell Blasters ( Ithink that's the name, but if not, it's the golden cannon that fires BombshellBills ) two being in one round. I suggest to equip or buy the Piercing Blowbadge from the Rougeport badge store, as it pierces defense, and only needs 2FP to use. Now, once you get to the room before the Shadow Queen, jump underthe block that refills your HP and FP. Now unequip all unnecessary badges, suchas Spike Shield or even Multibounce, because you have Shooting Stars to helpout anyways. Now, EQUIP some Pretty Lucky badges, I equipped two, and I havealso seen people saying to equip badges called Feeling Fine..although I didn'teven have ONE of those on me to even equip. Now if you have any extra BP, equipanything you think will help you, like Attack Plus (P) or Defense Plus (P).Now, continue on to your battle with the Shadow Queen....Phase One:First thing's first, use Goombella to Tattle. The Shadow Queen ispretty easy at first, in her form while she's possessing Princess Peach. Onceher HP gets down to at about 75-90 HP, she turns into her true form. She isimpossible to hurt in this form. Just hit her with Mario and your partner for 3turns, hopefully you wont die in that time, and then... she uses the audienceto refill her health?! This doesn't look good.. but after a long cutscene , andPeach giving you the last of her strength, you can't give up!Phase Two:The Shadow Queen will continue to stay in her true form the entirebattle. Now, this is the time to use either Power Lift or Supernova. You willautomatically get three shine sprites on the wheel, so your Star Power willrefill anyways. Now, you can use Mario to Hammer her with Power Strike ( Ithink thats what it's called ) or jump with Power Bounce if you have goodtiming. When she ups her defense, use you Piercing Blow attack to hit theShadow Queen. You can use your Shooting Stars to take out her hands as needed,and hopefully those Pretty Lucky badges will come through for you, as they didfor me. When the Shadow Queen ups her ATTACK, NOW is when Quick Change comes inhandy. You can attack with Mario to get in a quick attack, switch you partnerto Vivian, AND use Vivian's power Veil. See, I told you it's useful. You dontwant to get hit with this at ANY cost! It will most likely give you tons ofdamage, at least 10 HP will probably be lost. When you run out of ShootingStars, you can use Vivian's power Shadow Fist( I think ) Now this goes withVeil and Shadow Fist, but go SLOWLY when pushing the buttons in order. I wenttoo fast a few times, and messed up. NOT GOOD. Anyways, you will die a fewtimes, which is when you can thank those Life Shrooms. With your Star Powerstill full, you can use Sweet Feast to refill FP or HP when needed. HOPEFULLYstill with the Jammin Jelly and Ultra Shroom in your inventory. It is very goodto save those, until your in a pickle. Hopefully with a little luck and skill,the battle will be over in NO TIME! Once you beat her, you get to watch a longcutscene, relieved you finished. Congrats! I hope I helped you, and GOOD LUCK!NOTE: I did all this on my first play through, without a Strange Sack. Withonly 60 HP, ( it would actually be LESS without my HP Plus badges ) 45 FP, andI think about 24 BP.