Imagine this: You’re deeply invested in a KDrama. And also suddenly, you view a familiar confront as a stranger. No, it’s no the lead actors. Or the sustaining cast. It’s your favourite actor from another show! and what you just witnessed to be a cameo! Cameos are simply a different type of blessing the make KDramas therefore appealing!

First points first, the reflects we’re going to talk about today space - record of Youth, Itaewon Class, Crash Landing ~ above You, Kingdom Season 2 and Start Up. For this reason if friend haven’t watched them and also are planning to, there will be spoilers. From romantic genres to thrillers, whether they have a connection with the actors or the director, even the busiest of gibbs squeez time in to make a cameo for your friends! Here’s a perform of my height favourite cameos! Shall we start?

Park Seo Joon - ‘Record of Youth’


One the the many gorgeous talent to star in the korean acting industry, Park Seo Joon has actually been setup hearts aflutter since his very first project. Stepping into the spotlight v ‘Kill Me, cure Me’ and ‘She to be Pretty’, he has actually come really far. Because then, except several various other dramas and movies, he has actually done two cameos. In the drama ‘Record the Youth’, he played the character of song Min Soo, a highly-popular celebrity that is friends with our command Sa Hye Jun (Park Bo Gum). Talk about recreating real life right into reel life! an additional cameo was not in a drama, yet the Oscar-winning movie ‘Parasite’, whereby he played Min-Hyuk, our command character’s friend. Together for what he did and said throughout the cameos, us don’t want to spoil the surprise. Viewers are extremely recommended to check them out.

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Park Bo Gum – Itaewon Class


Park Bo Gum has been diligently functioning his way up to the top of the industry. Having played crucial roles in highly rated dramas choose ‘Love In The Moonlight’, ‘Record of Youth’ and also movies prefer ‘Seo Bok’, that has been in much demand. Simply last year, the snagged a exorbitant cameo in the effective Netflix developed ‘Itaewon Class’. Playing a beautiful and also talented chef, the made self memorable in a drama the casted bigwigs like Park Seo Joon and Yoo Jae Myung. This cameo is too impressive to miss out.

Kim Soo Hyun – Crash Landing top top You


Classifying him together a veteran actor based on the sheer variety of projects he’s to be in, Kim Soo Hyun is just one of the plenty of versatile gibbs in the korean industry. Leaping native TV reflects to movies and also back, he makes acting it seems ~ effortless. However, one certain cameo that stood the end for us was in the well-known drama ‘Crash Landing ~ above You’. We don’t know if it was a joke, or something severe that made the idea involved screen, yet it is sincerely appreciated. In the cameo, Soo Hyun reprised his old character from the movie ‘Secretly, Greatly’ that come out in 2013. He play the function of an upstream spy, that infiltrates the camp pretending to be an you are fool from a South oriental village. A pretty performance, it helps us take a expedition down the storage lane, and also moreover, evaluate how far Soo Hyun has come in every these years.

Jun Ji Hyun – Kingdom Season 2


With a leaning towards the thriller genre, Ji Hyun has been making top turn since her debut. Through so plenty of movies and dramas under her belt, she is among the premium choices easily accessible for roles and even cameos. In the 2nd season that the Netflix developed drama ‘Kingdom’, she make a cameo that had actually fans release plenty of theories that what she story might be. Her duty as a mysterious personality appealed to fans to such an extent, she has been called earlier to reprise her character later project. ‘Kingdom: Ashin the The North’ will certainly be a one-of-a-kind episode or a mini-film the will have actually her together the lead and take us through her character’s journey. The is set to relax sometime during 2021. We have the right to only hope she character adds come the plot in a systematic way.

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Yeo Jin Goo – start Up


Jin Goo has actually made a reputation for himself as a goofy, irradiate hearted guy. We’re no saying he can’t traction off serious stuff, simply that he important embraces the light side of the spectrum. Technically, he made 2 cameos in a solitary show. Because that the first, the lent his voice come the command Han Ji Pyeong’s (Kim Seon Ho) AI speaker. Because then, at the very least we have been trying to change the voice setups on our Alexa. Towards the finish of the show, that again interacted with Ji Pyeong. This time around, he play a young and also enthusiastic entrepreneur, Hong Ji Seok. Absolutely worth a watch if girlfriend feel like catching great vibes.

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So over there you have it! do you have a favourite cameo that wasn’t provided here? Drop them in our comments ar below!