When looking in ~ a church from the outside, many world see the “who” and also the “what,” yet they don’t always know the “why.” civilization can view the building and also the Pastor, however it’s more difficult to check out the vision of the church - the distinct mission the drives it.

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For Park cities Baptist Church, your “why” is their mission come rescue one another from mere cultural Christianity. In ~ the structure of all they do, this 77 year-old church focuses on Jesus’ words, “Follow me.” They want to be a church that rejects sideline Christianity and also encourages their congregation to go after a day-to-day relationship through Christ.

This mission particularly resonates in the children Ministry in ~ PCBC. Due to the fact that of their location in Dallas, Texas, PCBC knows that its fastest cultivation demographic is young families. Rodney Schell, the executive Pastor, stated he knew that due to the fact that “this demography is cultivation the most, we essential to invest in that the most.”

They knew your investment into their children Ministry necessary to begin with your church staffing - placing high-capacity, committed leader in place to champion their mission to each child and also family, main in and also week out.

Rodney is no stranger come making an important church employee hires favor the one at hand, your Children’s Minister. Yet he knew going into this find that it would be much more difficult. Your previous two Children’s Minister searches both took 18 months to rental someone. One more 18-month find was no an option for Rodney and also the remainder of the PCBC leadership.

Sitting down through a find Consultant from tacoemojishirt.com find Group, Rodney described the demands for the kind of human they essential to to fill this role on your church staff. This person could not be just anyone through Children’s pastor experience, this human being needed to it is in a society fit - someone that understood and also fit in with the community of and also around PCBC. They weren’t just looking for a teacher or a manager, lock were trying to find a leader of leader who had a enthusiasm to lead and also train the following generation.

From the start of the find to once tacoemojishirt.com gift PCBC through a list of highly-qualified, vetted, interviewed candidates, the find took 4 months. And also from that curated list of candidates, PCBC found the Children’s minister they to be looking for, Jay Miller.

Jay has nearly 10 year of ministry endure with students and also children, and also to peak it all off, he is a indigenous Texan who deeply understands the society of Park urban Baptist.

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Children’s Ministers are regularly undervalued, and also there is a scarcity the qualified candidates, make this one of the most an overwhelming church employee positions to fill. However PCBC take it a various approach; they invested in the ministry and also the search. The outcome of those investments is a thriving, healthy Children’s to adjust led through a passionate and highly-qualified leader.