Path of Exile is a free-to-play dungeon crawler the isn’t fear of cluttering your display screen with loot. This is supposed from the genre, of course. But as friend gain sufficient levels and also get closer come the endgame, stumbling ~ above the very same low level axe continuously becomes tiring. Utilizing a loot filter solves this problem and also optimizes your in its entirety experience, and also in this explainer we’ll guide you with the installation process in a few simple steps.

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What room Loot filters in PoE?

Developer Grinding equipment Games applied item filter in Path that Exile years ago, which opened the opportunity for football player to customize their UI experience. In other words, folks that are currently past the first couple of acts that the game’s story and are getting tired of detect unnecessary crap deserve to hide it at will. Together this, filter can also highlight crucial items instead, and carry out a much better organization overall.

Take the Chaos Orb as an example. This item is a long-established money by the neighborhood used come “purchase” equipment by commerce with various other players. Yet by default the game does not differentiate it together is. Instead it look at like any other continual drop. In the fray of fight it’s an extremely easy to shed track of essential objects, and also nobody wants to it is in making full stops to re-organize your inventory and also comb through a heap of autumn every couple of minutes either. Select the best filters, however, and also you’ll never miss out on a Chaos Orb again.

Manually filtering the big list of items in PoE requires a little bit of programming experience… but we’re going to skip all that (happy because that you though, or sorry that happened).


How to best Use a PoE loot Filter

Simple and also straightforward are not words you’ll be hearing frequently when people talk around Path the Exile, however luckily FilterBlade is the exception to the rule. This ar project has totally streamlined the process, come the point where you will only need to follow a few simple measures to have actually your filter ready. Save in mind the it’s encourage to update your filter through each brand-new league.

When you an initial enter the site you’ll watch seven different tabs. Uneven you desire to truly obtain into the nitty gritty, nothing worry, since you won’t should tweak every solitary field. Even if it is you’re just beginning out or need a refresher on exactly how this all works, here’s how to tailor her filter to ideal suit her needs.

Let’s start with the Overview tab. This will collection the general behavior of your filter based on a particular criteria. Knowledgeable players can not it is in interested in seeing every single item the drops top top the floor, because that which picking Strict or an extremely Strict might be enough. Others can be pursuing progressed builds and also need to change their concerns accordingly. But because that the most well balanced experience we recommend Semi-Strict.

Onto Customize. In this tab you’re going to focus on three categories:

Currency: Click general Currency and choose Auto-Sort from the very first rowUnique Items: pick Auto-Sort native the first rowDivination Cards: pick Auto-Sort indigenous the an initial row


As we stated before, each organization can adjust the relevancy of details loot, so it’s crucial to sort these categories with each brand-new filter you create. Auto-Sort does the task for you, and will immediately show friend the outcomes if friend scroll down the page, therefore you deserve to see what has actually been of attention for the community. Of course, if you want anything much more specific, over there are plenty of other tabs to connect with – however these space the ones you do not do it miss.

Simulate is rather straightforward, and will showcase you how the filtered items will certainly look in the game. If girlfriend went because that Semi-Strict you’ll notice how the more relevant items are presented in a bigger font, each category/rarity has actually its own color, and also useless items i will not ~ be presented at first glance (unless you press the left alt button). Friend can adjust the color of everything, too, but we’re going because that the default version to make it much more simple.

And it is it, her filter is all set! We room skipping the progressed tab, but Save & pack is optional — you can choose to conserve your filter locally on her browser’s storage so it’s basic to pick points up the next time you want to update your filter. But all in all, if you only concentrating on the options we mentioned and using Auto-Sort, it’s not really necessary.


You will an alert there is an alternative to sync the filter v your PoE account, however we’re no going to execute that. Head to the Download tab, name and also download your filter, and also copy paste it come %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Path that Exile. For the final step, as soon as inside the game open up the options menu, go to the UI tab, choose your filter in perform of article Filters, and save changes.

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Congrats, PoE will now be means less cluttered because that you! keep in mind that unless you’re only interested in particular items, we recommend pressing the left alt switch periodically so you don’t miss anything important. However again, it’s all a issue of preference, and you have the right to tweak the filter to Soft or consistent if you want something comparable to the initial experience yet with a far much better visualization overall.