Day 2 that Hoxton’s Housewarming Party is here and also with it come the new Safe House! The party walk on and also between the 7th and the 16th we release new free content everyday.

In celebration, PAYDAY 2 and also PAYDAY: The Heist add to DLCs room on a 75% sale appropriate now and also both games are free to play for the term of the event!


The new Safe House has been released! If you’re above level 25 you have the right to now examine out your brand-new safe house due to the fact that Hoxton damaged your old one. No problems though, moving into a brand-new safe house has actually presented an ext opportunities because that you as well.

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As a welcoming gift we’ve provided you sufficient resources so you have the right to upgrade one area to tier 2!

Check out the website here!

You have the right to now update the safe house as you progression in the video game which unlocks special features like a shooting range with a damages calculator or the ability to change the shade of her escape valve or bet some offshore money come earn some spending cash! That’s simply some examples, inspect it out in the game!

The new safe house additionally offers details daily missions with rewards and challenges that will unlock trophies in her safe house. You have the right to invite her friends to her safe home to display them your personal progress as well!


Featuring john Cleese!

Last however not least; the legendary writer, actor and tall human John Cleese has joined the actors of PAYDAY 2 as Aldstone, the corridor British butler. That roams the safe house making sure the money is safely tucked away and also clears out the chaos after her session in ~ the shooting range, as with a servant should.

Check out man Cleese’s twitter here and his website here if you can’t get enough of the or simply wanna see a stunner walk.

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Developer Stream

OVERKILL_Tobias provided us a personal tour of the new Safe home on our Twitch present tonight!

Check it out here!

Stay Tuned!

Tomorrow we’ll relax the contents for day 3! watch you then!

Best,OVERKILL_Joakim the Beardless & OVERKILL_Hampe



Update 110 changelog

Update size: 2.5 Gb

Fixed an worry where the green FBI Swats didn’t have actually the plan healthIncreased the Cloaker headshot multiplier native 2 to 6Cops and security guards will certainly now have the same complete health throughout all levelsFixed an problem where 2 Bulldozers were lacking from the One down difficulty.Fixed an issue that could cause a crash v the grenade instance asset during a level restart
Body expertise need to now provide the intended 33% and 100% that the headshot multiplier to body shotsPumping stole Aced and simple effect is enhanced from 50% come 100%
Murky Station
Fixed an problem that led to the lasers not to generate on One Down

Via: heavy steam Community

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