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Sure, collecting pendant for her garrison is pretty funny -- after ~ all, castle head the end on missions and can potentially lug you back all kinds of valuable rewards. Yet what around your garrison while anyone is away? weird enough, there are a couple of different potential garrison denizens the aren"t followers. You"ll never send them on a solitary mission. However they"ll come hang the end at your garrison anyway, if you go out of your means and rescue castle from every little thing unfortunate instance they"ve by chance stumbled into.That"s where Peckers the Majestic come in. This fearsome feather raptor will certainly gladly monitor you back to her garrison if friend take the time to assist him out. Don"t suppose him come be too terribly friendly, though. When you can pet the raptor, he"ll respond by promptly offering you a swift kick and running away. Apparently, he"s been acquisition lessons from Ruthers the bad yak. Yet despite his temperamental disposition, he"s a pretty cool enhancement to any garrison -- so exactly how do you acquire this ornery raptor? You"ll want to head to Gorgrond.

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Peckers is locked away in a cage in Stonemaul Arena. Head to the earlier of the arena into the large building dubbed Kor"gall"s Hovel, and also veer left to uncover a variety of unexplained creatures in various cages. If you"ve unlocked the Gladiator"s Sanctum in Gorgrond, you have to be familiar with the area -- if friend haven"t, this area does include a bonus target you deserve to easily complete while you"re in search of your newfound friend. Peckers is situated in a cage in the earlier left that the area, roughly 37,70 for those the you using coordinates. Simply click his cage to collection him free, and also he"ll present up after that at her garrison -- apparently he"s smart enough to recognize where you live.So why the name Peckers, exactly? good question. Oddly enough, the original iteration that Peckers the you released in Kor"gall"s Hovel was once a brilliantly colored purple and green tallstrider. It wasn"t till he acquired to her garrison that he morphed right into his raptor appearance. He"s because been fixed, and also now appears as a raptor at both locations, however his name seems method more suitable to a creature with a beak than a raptor. Probably he was intended to be a tallstrider all along? who knows. Regardless of his unusual origins and also ornery attitude, Peckers makes a quite cool addition to her garrison, and he"s completely complimentary to obtain for both Alliance and also Horde players. He could not it is in the most helpful or trusted of companions, but he"s absolutely worth hunting down if you"d like to provide your garrison some additional flavor.
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