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How brand advertisers have the right to produce much more strategic client/agency power evaluations by make them truly actionable.

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"They"ve excellent studies, girlfriend know. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time."

This is the well known line through Brian Fantana, the anchorman with a dark mustache and coworker of Ron Burgundy. In the 2004 movie "Anchorman: The Legend the Ron Burgundy," Brian Fantana (played by actor Paul Rudd), a ladies" man (or at least trying come be), shares v Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) a fact regarding why his cologne is so effective.

Sadly, “Sixty percent that the time, it works every time" is a good way of summarizing the outcome of many client/agency power evaluations.

Typically performed annually or semi-annually, these efforts allow client teams and also all their company partners to uncover an useful insights about what’s functioning or not functioning in the relationship. They execute this by questioning the assorted stakeholders to administer feedback across a number of carefully selected inspection attributes. Yet, once these teams fail come take action based ~ above the survey findings, that critically undermines the worth of this vital process.

Here room six efficient ways to ensure resulting activity plans productivity the most value in the relationship:

To get the complete version the this post which contains a detailed summary of each recommendation:

Don’t obtain lost in a sea that operational obstacles that take it you away from what really matters: taking concrete steps to up-level the value of these strategic relationships. Follow these guidelines to revolve your existing performance evaluation procedure into a much more robust and an important exercise in which you have the right to see your partnerships flourish.

Here is another oxymoron that would make Brian Fantana proud: unless you focus on the outcome rather of the process, 60 percent the the time, it fails every time. However, for most of us (sorry Brian), it is not great enough if we room to build strategically driven client/agency relationship that thrive and produce astonishing work.

If friend would choose to learn just how to drive higher value from your client/agency relationships, take into consideration reading agency Mania ( or signing up because that our complimentary Monthly sector Update (

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Bruno Gralpois is the co-founder of company Mania Solutions, a premier company and technology firm specialized in helping companies realize the transformational worth of controlled partnerships. Bruno is the writer of best-seller "Agency Mania," the previous chair of the combination of nationwide Advertisers (ANA) Client/Agency Committee and a faculty member the the ANA school of Marketing. Bruno is an energetic member the associations and also industry forums, wherein he contributes to boosting the impact of effective client/agency relationships and brand structure efforts ~ above a company"s bottom line.

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Jeff Devon
Bruno, i love the 6 reliable ways to acquire value from the action plans! These use to many disciplines, not just agency management, for this reason those exterior the marketing limit should additionally incorporate this thinking.