"Iris, if you will," stated Percy motioning for Iris to do her thing. She developed the IM and went earlier to the next of the room.

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When the IM started the audience could see that Percy was about 5 now. He to be sitting on his bed drawing in a sketchbook. He was illustration a picture of Artemis and also her Hunters. Then a loud crash might be heard from elsewhere in the house. Percy conveniently stashed the book and also colored pencils under his bed. "Get out here Perseus!" Screamed a drunk Gabe.

"Coming Sir!" the yelled earlier making a face. Percy ran out of his room right into the kitchen to view a mad Gabe.

"You boy, are in huge trouble."


"Why? Well, you left a bit of blood ~ above the tile! Sally nearly noticed! we don't desire that perform we?"

"No sir..." Percy mumbled looking down

"Clean it up."

"Yes sir," Percy climate left and also went right into the bathroom and grabbed bleach and also a bucket that water, with a scrub brush that course. Once Percy got ago he obtained straight come cleaning. When he leaned over to scrub the floor a sickening crack was heard. Blood spattered the floor.

"That's what wake up to little boys who don't clean properly," sneered Gabe holding a whip in his hands. He climate laughed an evil laugh and also brought down the whip again.

After much more than 20 whips later on he left. Percy simply stayed there and also cleaned the floor. He began singing larger Than Life (Song Above). The IM ended there.

"We'll watch you every tomorrow. Have actually a pretty day!" stated Zeus in the most pleasant ton he can muster. The Demigods then acquired flashed out of Olympus into Percy's Cabin.

"You have the right to sing Percy?" request Will

"Yeah, it's no large deal though," replied Percy

"Why don't we understand this stuff about you Percy?" asked Annabeth

"Well, um, i have, um, poor social anxiety?"

"Really? Percy Jackson the hero that Olympus has actually social anxiety," laugh Leo

"Well yeah! You understand what my residence life was like. And also I never had any kind of friends in ~ school, anyone hated me."

"Reasonable answer," replied Annabeth

"Percy you were illustration Artemis' Hunt, why?" inquiry Thalia

"My mother told me Greek myths as soon as I to be little. Out of every the gods Artemis to be my favourite she saved girls native abusive homes and also bad people. Currently that i think about it, I might have attracted Zoë in the picture. Allow me go obtain it." Percy climate walked end to his bed and also pulled something the end from under the mattress. You could see the blood ~ above it.

"Here the is! Look ns did draw Zoë!" Percy handed Thalia the book. The Hunter saw an exact replica that Artemis, Zoë, and also Pheobe. Thalia started tearing up. She easily wiped her tears and also handed the publication to Annabeth. Annabeth just handed it earlier to Percy who was watching them favor they to be holding a baby.

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"Have you drawn anything else Perc?" request Piper

"Hm? five yeah, permit me see," he said standing up and also walking over to his bed. He got to under the mattress and pulled out two an ext sketchbooks. He looked at the first page in the books and put the very first one earlier under the mattress. "Here friend go, Pipes!" He said handing her the book.