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...and understand just how pharmacology relates to patient care

When medicines are learned in isolation native the impacted body systems and also associated diseases, college student have challenge connecting pharmacotherapy, pathophysiology, and nursing care. Pharmacology because that Nurses helps students master pharmacology by strict linking it to therapeutic goals and also patient wellness. Arranged by body systems and also diseases, it locations drugs in context with just how they are used therapeutically. Students can then quickly locate appropriate anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology in the same chapter.

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Nursing procedure Application features plainly relate pharmacology to vital nursing processes. Attributes highlighting safety therapies, community-oriented and evidence-based practices, and lifespan considerations assist students make connections to parenting practice. To carry out an updated photo of the holistic nature the pharmacology, the Fifth Edition reflects present pharmacotherapeutics and advances in expertise disease.

MyLab™ Nursing because that the Pharmacology food is one an virtual homework, tutorial, and assessment routine designed to connect students and also improve results. That is guided discovering path is proven to aid students think like registered nurses as castle move beyond memorization come true expertise through application.

Patient-Focused case Study

NEW | This edition consists of a Patient-Focused Case Study with an important thinking questions and secondary set of Clinical thinking questions. All of the answers room provided, allowing students to examine their retention of thing material.



Pharmacotherapy Illustrated

To assist students visualize the connection in between pharmacology and also the patient, Pharmacotherapy depicted diagrams break down complex topics right into easily construed formats.

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Treating diverse Patients and Lifespan Considerations

Treating the diverse Patient and Lifespan Considerations features plainly place drugs in context v their clinical applications.