The disorder usually begins in the legs but can start in the upper body or bulbar (speech and also swallowing) muscles. The age of onset is generally in between 35 and 66 year of age.

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General Information

This material has actually been reviewed by Dr man Fink, M.D., SPF medical Advisor. Please view the Glossary to assist with clinical terms.


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In general, our organization practices limit employee accessibility to confidential information, and also limit the use and also disclosure that such information to authorized persons, processes and transactions.How can You accessibility and Correct her Information?You might request accessibility to all your personally identifiable info that we collect online and maintain in ours database through emailing us using the contact type provided to you within the website structure of our website.Do we Disclose details to exterior Parties?We may carry out aggregate information around our customers, sales, website website traffic patterns and related website info to ours affiliates or reputable 3rd parties, yet this details will not incorporate personally identify data, other than as otherwise detailed in this privacy policy.

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