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19 ascendancy classes

There space 19 dominion classes, each with its own added Ascendancy skill Tree to master. Upon perfect the Lord"s Labyrinth for the first time, you have the right to pick one Ascendancy course from among the three obtainable for your class. The very first time you complete the Labyrinth on each difficulty, you will get two ascendancy Points for its skill tree.

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class Ascendancy

1. PoE dominion Locations, point out & passive Tree

Ascendancy classes space subclasses that give an access to an ascendancy skill tree specific for the character class chosen.

Although any kind of class in course of Exile can ultimately reach any passive skill on the passive ability tree, each class has their own distinct collection of ascendancy classes. A Witch can, because that example, eventually become an Elementalist, however a Templar cannot. You can unlock your Ascendancy course by perfect the Labyrinth and also using the Altar of dominance in the last room. Higher-tier Labyrinths then provide two more Ascendancy points when you reach the Altar that Ascendancy, for a full of 8 points.

1.1 PoE dominion Locations & Points

The LabyrinthProvides access to the typical Labyrinth: The chamber of sins Level 2,Act 2, showcasingSawblades The Catacombs,Act 3, showcasingBlade sentries The royal Gardens,Act 3, showcasingDart trap 332 dominance skill points
The cruel LabyrinthProvides accessibility to the cruel Labyrinth: The chamber of sins Level 2 (Act 7), showcasingSawblades 552 dominion skill points
The Merciless LabyrinthProvides access to the Merciless Labyrinth: 682 preeminence skill points
The Eternal LabyrinthTrials for the Eternal Labyrinth room randomly discovered inmaps: psychological of Piercing Truth, showcasingSpike traps Trial of Swirling Fear, showcasingSpinning knives Trial the Crippling Grief, showcasingSawblades attempt of burning Rage, showcasingFurnace trap Trial that Lingering Pain, showcasingBlade sentries psychological of Stinging Doubt, showcasingDart catch 752 rule skill points


1.2 ascendancy Refunding ability points

Once you"ve liked your Ascendancy, friend can readjust it by return to the Labyrinth, refunding any kind of allocated dominance points (Refunding an Ascendancy point costs 5 refund clues each), and selecting a brand-new class at the Altar the Ascendancy.

Refunding one rule skill point requires five constant refund points. When all points space refunded, use the Altar of dominion in the Labyrinth endowment room in any challenge to pick a new Ascendancy class.

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1.3 PoE dominance Trees

Name noteworthy Passive Tree
Unstoppable Action rate cannot be modified to listed below base value activity Speed cannot be modified to below base value 10% increased Movement speed Cannot be Stunned
Unbreakable Armour got from human body Armour is doubled 5% reduced damages taken Regenerate 2% that Life per second 1.5% of total Physical damages prevented from hits in the past 10 seconds is Regenerated as Life every second
Unyielding 8% increased damage per Endurance fee 25% possibility to get an Endurance Charge when you stun an enemy 10% raised Stun term on enemies per Endurance fee 6% increased Area of effect per Endurance Charge
Undeniable +500 to Accuracy Rating 1% increased attack Speed per 150 Accuracy Rating gain Accuracy Rating equal to double your Strength
Unflinching 30% opportunity to acquire an Endurance Charge as soon as you are Hit +1 to maximum Endurance fees 25% possibility that if friend would get Endurance Charges, friend instead get up to maximum Endurance charges Gain 1 Endurance fee every second if you"ve to be Hit Recently
Unrelenting 8% diminished Elemental damage taken while at Maximum Endurance dues 1% additional Physical damage Reduction every Endurance fee +4% to Chaos Resistance every Endurance Charge
War Bringer Warcries grant 10 Rage per 5 strength if you have less 보다 25 fury Warcries Sacrifice 10 rage if you have at least 25 fury Exerted attacks deal 50% much more Damage if a Warcry Sacrificed rage Recently
Rite of Ruin Inherent impacts from having Rage space Tripled cannot be Stunned if you have actually at the very least 25 fury Lose 0.1% that Life per 2nd per fury while you room not losing Rage
Defy Pain Gain Defiance because that 10 seconds on shedding Life to an foe Hit, no more than when every 0.3 seconds 25% raised Armour per Defiance 50% increased Maximum complete Life recovery per second from Leech while you have Defiance At 10 Defiance, take Reflected Physical damage equal come maximum Life, then lose all Defiance
Flawless Savagery 50% increased crucial Strike chance +25% to vital Strike Multiplier Adds 20 to 30 Physical damages if you"ve dealt a crucial Strike Recently
Crave the Slaughter Gain 1 rage on Hit v Attacks, no much more than as soon as every 0.3 seconds +10 to maximum Rage
Aspect that Carnage 10% increased damages taken 40% much more Damage
Blitz Gain a Blitz fee on critical Strike 2% more Attack speed per Blitz charge 8% reduced an essential Strike opportunity per Blitz charge +20 to best Blitz Charges
Arohongui, Moon"s Presence Enemies near your Totems deal 8% less damage Enemies near your Totems take 16% enhanced Physical and also Fire damage Totems space Immune to Fire damages 25% boosted Area of result while you have a Totem
Ngamahu, Flame"s Advance 50% of Physical damages Converted to Fire damages Every 10 seconds, gain 100% that Physical damages as Extra Fire damages for 4 seconds
Hinekora, Death"s Fury 1% the Fire damages Leeched as Life 10% enhanced Strength Cover rare or distinct Enemies in Ash because that 10 secs on Hit
Tasalio, Cleansing Water 15% of Physical damage from hits taken together Fire damages Unaffected by Ignite +100% come Fire Resistance 50% enhanced Life Recovery rate if you"ve take away Fire damages from an foe Hit Recently
Tukohama, War"s Herald 2% of damage dealt by your Totems is Leeched to you as Life Ancestor Totems have 100% increased Activation selection 100% increased effect of Buffs her Ancestor Totems approve while Active
Tawhoa, Forest"s Strength Trigger Level 20 Tawhoa"s Chosen once you attack with a Non-Vaal Slam Skill close to an Enemy
Ramako, Sun"s Light Damage Penetrates 15% Fire Resistance 25% opportunity to Ignite +25% to Fire damages over Time Multiplier
Valako, Storm"s Embrace +1 to maximum Endurance fees Regenerate 0.5% that Life per 2nd per Endurance fee 15% much more Damage if you"ve lost an Endurance fee in the previous 8 secs Gain 1 Endurance fee every 2nd if you"ve used a Warcry Recently
Way of the Poacher 20% opportunity to acquire a Frenzy fee on kill 20% possibility to acquire a Frenzy Charge when you fight a rarely or distinctive Enemy +1 to preferably Frenzy Charges
Avatar of the Slaughter 10% increased assault Damage per Frenzy charge 4% increased Movement speed per Frenzy charge 4% increased strike Speed per Frenzy charge 10% increased Evasion Rating every Frenzy Charge
Rapid Assault Onslaught
Avatar the the Chase 35% much more chance come Evade Melee assaults during Onslaught 35% much more chance to Evade Projectile attacks during Onslaught 100% boosted Onslaught Effect
Quartz Infusion 15% opportunity to Dodge attack Hits 15% possibility to evade Spell hits Phasing
Avatar of the Veil Nearby opponents have Fire, Cold and Lightning Exposure while you have Phasing, applying -20% come those Resistances nearby Enemies have 20% much less Accuracy Rating while you have Phasing 50% opportunity to avoid Elemental Ailments when Phasing
Focal Point 75% increased impact of your Marks 25% less damage taken indigenous other adversaries near your significant Enemy Marks friend inflict are not eliminated from dying Enemies
Ricochet Skills Chain +1 times Projectiles have 30% possibility to be able to Chain when colliding v terrain
Endless Munitions Skills fire 2 additional Projectiles
Far Shot Far shot Projectile Barrages have actually no spread
Rupturing Critical Strikes i beg your pardon inflict Bleeding additionally inflict Rupture
Gathering Winds Gain 1 Gale force when you use a ability 15% increased effect of Tailwind ~ above you every Gale Force activity speed -% <-8>
Occupying Force Mirage Archers are not attached to you +2 to maximum variety of Summoned Mirage Archers can not Summon Mirage Archers while close to your Mirage Archers
Wind Ward 3% less damage taken every Gale force Lose every Gale pressure when Hit
Nature"s Adrenaline 20% increased assault Speed during any type of Flask effect 15% increased Movement rate during any Flask Effect
Master Surgeon Gain a Flask Charge once you deal a crucial Strike gets rid of Bleeding once you usage a Flask gets rid of Corrupted Blood when you use a Flask Recover 6% that Life as soon as you use a Flask
Nature"s Boon 6% diminished Elemental damage taken Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 secs 20% chance for Flasks you use to not consume Charges
Master Alchemist 20% opportunity to Freeze, Shock and also Ignite during any type of Flask Effect clears Elemental Ailments when you use a Flask
Veteran Bowyer Damage Penetrates 10% elemental Resistances Gain 15% that Physical damage as Extra damage of a random element Enemies you kill that are influenced by elemental Ailments grant 100% boosted Flask Charges
Nature"s Reprisal 15% much more Chaos damages with Attack an abilities Chaos skills have 30% increased Area of impact 40% that Physical damage Converted come Chaos Damage
Master Toxicist Poisons girlfriend inflict during any Flask impact have 20% possibility to deal 100% an ext Damage as soon as you death a Poisoned opponent during any type of Flask Effect, adjacent Enemies room Poisoned
Profane Bloom Cursed opponents you or her Minions Kill have a 40% chance to Explode, handle a 4 minutes 1 of their maximum Life together Chaos damage Your Hexes can influence Hexproof Enemies
Malediction You have the right to apply second Curse 15% increased result of her Curses opponents you Curse have actually Malediction
Vile Bastion Regenerate 2% of power Shield per second for each adversary you or her Minions have Killed Recently, up to 10% per 2nd Cannot it is in Stunned while girlfriend have energy Shield Regenerate 40 Energy Shield every second
Void Beacon Nearby adversaries have -20% to Chaos Resistance adjacent Enemies have 100% diminished Life rejuvenation rate surrounding Enemies have -20% come Cold Resistance
Forbidden Power +1 to Maximum strength Charges 6% raised Area of impact per strength Charge 6% increased damage per power Charge obtain a power Charge after Spending a complete of 200 Mana
Withering Presence 15% an ext Chaos damages +60% come Chaos Resistance Every second, inflict Withered on surrounding Enemies for 15 seconds adjacent Hindered adversaries deal 15% reduced damages over Time
Frigid Wake 15% an ext Cold damages Cannot it is in Chilled can not be Frozen Every 4 seconds, Freeze adjacent Chilled Non-Unique opponents for 0.6 seconds Every 4 seconds, 33% chance to Freeze nearby Chilled distinctive Enemies for 0.6 seconds surrounding Chilled adversaries deal 10% reduced damages with Hits
Liege of the Primordial Summoned Golems space Resummoned 4 seconds after ~ being killed +1 to maximum variety of Summoned Golems 100% increased impact of Buffs granted by her Golems
Mastermind that Discord Exposure friend inflict uses an extra -25% come the impacted Resistance Regenerate 1% of Mana per second if you"ve inflicted Exposure Recently
Heart the Destruction Gain Convergence as soon as you hit a distinctive Enemy, no an ext than once every 8 seconds 60% boosted Area of impact while friend don"t have actually Convergence
Bastion that Elements Triggers Level 20 Primal Aegis when Allocated Primal Aegis deserve to take 75 Elemental damage per Allocated significant Passive Skill various other Aegis an abilities are Disabled Cannot take it Reflected elemental Damage
Elemancer +1 to maximum variety of Summoned Golems Summoned Golems room Immune come Elemental damages 25% increased result of Buffs granted by your Golems every Summoned Golem
Shaper of Flames All damage with Hits can Ignite your Hits constantly Ignite 25% more Damage with Ignites friend inflict through Hits for which the highest possible Damage kind is Fire
Shaper the Storms Your Hits always Shock All damage with Hits deserve to Shock 25% more Effect the Lightning Ailments friend inflict through Hits if the greatest Damage kind is Lightning Shocks from your Hits always increase damages taken by in ~ least 15%
Shaper of Winter All damage with Hits have the right to Chill 50% more Effect of Cold Ailments girlfriend inflict with Hits because that which the highest possible Damage type is Cold chills from your Hits always reduce activity Speed by in ~ least 15% your Chills can reduce action Speed by as much as a preferably of 40%
Mindless Aggression Minions deal 30% increased damage Minions have 10% increased strike Speed Minions have 10% increased cast Speed Minions have 10% raised Movement Speed
Unnatural Strength +2 to Level of every Minion ability Gems
Bone Barrier Grants Level 20 Bone Armour skill 1% extr Physical damages Reduction per Minion, up to 10% 2% increased Recovery price of Life and Energy Shield every Minion, as much as 20% Minions have 20% more Maximum Life
Mistress of Sacrifice 40% boosted Skill impact Duration your Offering an abilities also impact you your Offerings have 50% reduced Effect top top you
Essence Glutton Regenerate 4% of Mana end 2 seconds as soon as you Consume a corpse Regenerate 8% of power Shield end 2 seconds as soon as you Consume a corpse for each surrounding corpse, friend and nearby Allies Regenerate 5 Mana every second, as much as 50 per 2nd For each nearby corpse, girlfriend and surrounding Allies Regenerate 0.2% of power Shield every second, up to 2.0% every second
Commander that Darkness Auras from your skills grant 3% boosted Attack and Cast rate to you and Allies girlfriend and adjacent Allies have +30% to elemental Resistances girlfriend and nearby Allies deal 30% increased Damage
Plaguebringer With at the very least one nearby corpse, adjacent Enemies deal 10% reduced damages With at least one nearby corpse, friend and adjacent Allies deal 10% much more Damage If you"ve consumed a corpse Recently, you and your Minions have 30% raised Area that Effect
Corpse Pact Corpses you generate have 50% boosted Maximum Life enemies near corpses girlfriend Spawned recently are Chilled and also Shocked 2% enhanced Attack and also Cast speed for every corpse spend Recently, up to a preferably of 200%
Headsman Gain 10% boosted Movement speed for 20 seconds once you death an foe Gain 10% increased attack Speed because that 20 seconds once you death a rarely or distinct Enemy Kill adversaries that have actually 20% or reduced Life once Hit by your Skills
Overwhelm Base crucial Strike chance for attacks with tools is 8% +10% to critical Strike Multiplier per surrounding Enemy, up to +100% adjacent Enemies have -30% to an essential Strike Multiplier
Bane the Legends 20% more Damage v Hits and Ailments versus Unique opponents 10% an ext Damage if you"ve eliminated Recently Cannot take Reflected physics Damage
Endless Hunger 20% of Overkill damages is Leeched together Life You room Unaffected through Bleeding when Leeching can not be Stunned if Leeching 20% increased assault Speed while Leeching
Brutal Fervour Life Leech impacts are not removed as soon as Unreserved Life is filled 10% reduced damage taken if Leeching 100% enhanced Maximum Recovery per Life Leech
Impact 5% enhanced Area of result per foe killed recently, as much as 50% +4 to Melee Strike range 50% increased worldwide Accuracy Rating transaction up to 15% an ext Melee damage to Enemies, based upon proximity
Masterful Form Your maximum Endurance charges is same to your Maximum Frenzy dues +1 to best Frenzy Charges
Gratuitous Violence Bleeding adversaries you kill Explode, dealing 10% of their Maximum Life together Physical damages 20% more Physical damage over Time
Blood in the Eyes 25% chance to Blind through Hits against Bleeding Enemies attacks Maim ~ above Hit against Bleeding opponents Enemies Maimed by girlfriend take 10% boosted Physical Damage attacks have 50% possibility to reason Bleeding
Outmatch and also Outlast 25% opportunity to obtain a Frenzy fee on death with key Hand 25% possibility to gain an Endurance charge on Kill v Off Hand 10% more Physical damage while at maximum Frenzy charges 10% diminished Physical damage taken while in ~ maximum Endurance Charges
Painforged +8% opportunity to Block attack Damage if you were Damaged by a Hit newly Your Counterattacks deal double Damage can not be Stunned by hits you Block
Violent Retaliation 8% increased Physical damage for every time you"ve blocked in the past 10 seconds +1% chance to Block attack Damage because that each time you"ve blocked in the past 10 seconds 80% increased Physical damages if you"ve Blocked damage from a distinctive Enemy in the past 10 secs +4% to maximum chance to Block attack Damage
Versatile Combatant Chance to Block Spell damage is equal to opportunity to Block strike Damage Maximum opportunity to Block Spell damages is same to Maximum chance to Block strike Damage
Arena Challenger +10 to maximum Challenger dues 25% chance to obtain a Challenger Charge when you struggle a rare or distinctive Enemy when in Blood Stance acquire a Challenger Charge as soon as you death an adversary while in Sand view 2% an ext Attack and also Movement rate per Challenger Charge
Fortitude Fortify
Unstoppable Hero 20% increased strike Speed while you have Fortify cannot be Stunned when you have Fortify +500 to Armour and Evasion Rating if you have actually Fortify
Conqueror 100% opportunity on Hit come Taunt an foe 10% reduced damage taken if you"ve Taunted an foe Recently enemies Taunted by friend deal 20% less damages with Hits and also Ailments against other targets
Worthy Foe Enemies Taunted by friend take 20% increased damage Enemies Taunted through you can not Evade Attacks
Inspirational Banner skills have no reservation 30% increased impact of Non-Curse Auras native your skills When you create a Banner, that gains 40% the the step of your placed Banner You and also Allies impacted by your inserted Banners Regenerate 0.1% that Life per second for every Stage
First to Strike, critical to Fall Your access time permanently Intimidate enemies that are on full Life gain Adrenaline for 20 seconds as soon as you reach low Life if you do not have Adrenaline eliminate all Ailments and also Burning when you get Adrenaline Recover 25% of Life when you obtain Adrenaline
Master the Metal Impales friend inflict last 1 additional Hit If you"ve Impaled an foe Recently, you and surrounding Allies have +1000 to armor You and nearby Allies deal 6 to 12 added Physical damages for each Impale ~ above Enemy
Righteous Providence +50 to Strength and also Intelligence 1% increased an important Strike opportunity per suggest of strength or Intelligence, whichever is lower
Inevitable Judgement Critical Strikes ignore opponent Monster element Resistances Non-Critical Strikes Penetrate 10% of adversary Elemental Resistances
Augury that Penitence Nearby enemies take 16% raised Elemental Damage surrounding Enemies deal 8% much less Elemental Damage
Sanctuary You have actually Consecrated Ground approximately you while stationary Consecrated floor you create applies 15% increased damages taken come Enemies
Pious Path Effects that Consecrated ground you create Linger for 4 seconds Consecrated Ground friend create reasons Life rejuvenation to likewise Recover power Shield for you and Allies
Instruments of Zeal +4 to maximum Fanatic fees Gain 1 Fanatic fee every second if you"ve attacked in the past second Gain Fanaticism for 4 seconds on getting to Maximum Fanatic Charges lose all Fanatic dues on reaching Maximum Fanatic Charges
Instruments of Virtue 10% much more Attack damages for every Non-Instant assignment you"ve cast in the previous 8 seconds, as much as a maximum of 30% Battlemage
Divine Guidance 30% raised maximum Mana 10% of damages is taken native Mana prior to Life Transfiguration of Mind
Sanctuary of Thought Gain 20% of preferably Mana together Extra Maximum power Shield 10% much less Mana preventive of an abilities 50% less Mana expense of an abilities 1% raised Area of effect per 50 Unreserved maximum Mana, as much as 100%
Pursuit of Faith +1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems 100% boosted Totem duration 100% increased Totem placement speed
Ritual that Awakening You and your Totems Regenerate 1% of Life per 2nd for each Summoned Totem Regenerate 0.5% of Mana per second for each Summoned Totem 5% more Damage per Summoned Totem
Conviction the Power +1 to Maximum strength Charges and also Maximum Endurance charges +4 to Minimum Endurance charges +4 to Minimum power Charges
Illuminated Devotion 30% boosted Area of effect while you have actually Arcane rise 0.5% the Spell damages Leeched together Life when you have Arcane rise Non-Damaging Ailments have 50% lessened Effect on friend while you have Arcane Surge
Arcane Blessing Gain Arcane Surge once you or her Totems struggle an opponent with a assignment 50% increased effect of Arcane surging on you
Sign the Purpose Brand recall has 100% enhanced Cooldown Recovery rate Brands have 100% much more Activation Frequency if 75% of fastened Duration expired
Time the Need 80% reduced Effect that Curses on girlfriend Every 4 seconds, Regenerate 30% the Life over one second
Radiant Faith Grants maximum power Shield same to 10% that your booked Mana come you and surrounding Allies grants Armour same to 160% that your scheduled Life come you and nearby Allies
Bastion of Hope If you"ve clogged in the past 10 seconds, girlfriend and nearby Allies can not be Stunned +50% opportunity to Block assault Damage because that 2 secs every 5 secs If you"ve assaulted Recently, friend and nearby Allies have +10% possibility to Block attack Damage If you"ve actors a spell Recently, you and surrounding Allies have +10% opportunity to Block order Damage
Harmony the Purpose Nearby enemies cannot get Power, Frenzy or Endurance Charges you and adjacent Party Members share Power, Frenzy and also Endurance Charges v each various other 20% opportunity to obtain a Power, Frenzy or Endurance charge on Hit
Unwavering Faith Auras from your skills grant +1% Physical damages Reduction come you and also Allies Auras from your an abilities grant 0.2% that Life Regenerated per second to you and also Allies
Radiant Crusade While there is at the very least one nearby Ally, girlfriend and adjacent Allies deal 10% more Damage when there room at least five adjacent Allies, girlfriend and adjacent Allies have actually Onslaught +20% to every Elemental Resistances
Unwavering Crusade Nearby Allies have 20% boosted Attack, Cast and Movement Speed adjacent Allies have 30% increased Area that Effect adjacent Allies Intimidate adversaries for 4 secs on Hit nearby Allies Unnerve adversaries for 4 seconds on Hit
Unstable Infusion 20% chance to gain a strength Charge ~ above Non-Critical strike 10% possibility to get a power Charge on an essential Strike +1 to Maximum strength Charges
Deadly Infusion +5% to critical Strike Multiplier per strength Charge +1.5% vital Strike possibility while in ~ maximum power Charges
Ambush and also Assassinate +40% to vital Strike Multiplier versus Enemies that room on full Life 100% more an essential Strike Chance against Enemies that space on full Life an important Strikes have actually Culling win 15% an ext Damage with Hits and also Ailments against Enemies that are on short Life 100% more an essential Strike Chance versus Enemies that space on low Life
Opportunistic Damage indigenous your vital Strikes can not be reflect 20% reduced damages taken while there room at least two rarely or distinct Enemies adjacent 25% much more Damage while over there is at many one rare or distinctive Enemy nearby
Toxic Delivery Poison you inflict with crucial Strikes deals 25% more Damage +0.5% to an essential Strike chance per poison affecting Enemy, up to +2.0%
Noxious Strike 5% boosted Poison Duration because that each toxicity you have actually inflicted Recently, up to a maximum of 100% Recover 0.5% the Life every Poison affecting enemies you kill 40% chance to toxicity on Hit
Mistwalker 50% increased Elusive impact You take it no Extra damages from critical Strikes while Elusive gain Elusive on an essential Strike
Swift Killer +1 to maximum Frenzy Charges and also Maximum strength Charges 15% possibility to obtain a Frenzy Charge and a strength Charge on kill 5% increased damage per Frenzy fee 5% increased damages per power Charge gain a power or Frenzy fee each 2nd while Channelling
Patient Reaper 70% enhanced Recovery price of Life, Mana and also Energy Shield if you"ve killed an Enemy affected by your damage Over Time recently Recover 3% the Life on kill Recover 3% that Mana on kill Recover 3% of energy Shield on Kill
Ghost Dance When Hit, lose a Ghost Shroud and Recover energy Shield equal to 5% of your Evasion Rating 3% reduced damage taken every Ghost Shroud Every 2 seconds, obtain a Ghost Shroud, approximately a maximum of 3
Escape Artist Cannot it is in Stunned while you have actually Ghost Shrouds 5% boosted Attack and Cast rate per Ghost Shroud +5 to Evasion Rating every 1 Maximum energy Shield on Helmet +1 to maximum power Shield per 6 Evasion Rating on body Armour
Prolonged Pain 10% reduced damage taken from damages Over Time 20% an ext Damage with time 20% enhanced Skill effect Duration
Weave the Arcane 30% enhanced maximum Mana 30% possibility to recoup 10% of Mana as soon as you use a skill Movement skills Cost no Mana 20% raised Attack and also Cast rate if you"ve offered a movement Skill Recently
Harness the Void 27% opportunity to gain 25% that Non-Chaos damage with Hits as Extra Chaos damages 13% possibility to get 50% of Non-Chaos damage with Hits as Extra Chaos damages 7% chance to gain 100% of Non-Chaos damages with Hits together Extra Chaos Damage
Pyromaniac Regenerate 2% the Life per second for each Trap motivated Recently, as much as 10% per 2nd Regenerate 2% the Life per second for each Mine Detonated Recently, approximately 10% per second Immune to Ignite and Shock
Born in the Shadows Cannot be Blinded Blind opponents on hit 10% reduced damage taken indigenous Blinded Enemies nearby Enemies are Blinded
Explosives Expert Damage Penetrates 10% element Resistances versus Chilled enemies +40% to an important Strike Multiplier against Burning adversaries 80% increased critical Strike Chance versus Shocked Enemies
Bomb Specialist 25% increased Mine Throwing speed if girlfriend Detonated Mines newly You gain 5% raised Area of effect for each Mine Mines have 25% increased Detonation Speed
Perfect Crime You gain 10% increased damages for each trap 25% possibility for Traps to Trigger an additional time 25% reduced price of skills that throw Traps
Demolitions Specialist 150% increased impact of Auras indigenous Mines Mines Hinder opponents near them for 2 seconds when they Land, reducing motion Speed through 40%
Chain Reaction 50% increased Cooldown Recovery rate for cram Traps as soon as your trap Trigger, your nearby Traps likewise Trigger skills used by catch have 50% boosted Area that Effect
Path the the Ranger Can Allocate passive from the Ranger"s beginning point
Path the the Witch Can Allocate passive from the Witch"s starting point
Path of the Marauder Can Allocate passives from the Marauder"s beginning point
Path that the Duelist Can Allocate passive from the Duelist"s beginning point
Path of the Shadow Can Allocate passive from the Shadow"s starting point
Path the the Templar Can Allocate passives from the Templar"s starting point

2. Course of Exile dominion Classes

Choosing an Ascendancy course after perfect the Labyrinth because that the very first time permits the player come gain accessibility to a new Ascendancy ability tree specific for the course chosen. Each character course comes with three connected Ascendancy classes (except for Scion, that only has actually one) because that a complete of 19 dominance classes.

ClassAscendancy classes

2.1 Duelist

2.1.1 Slayer

The Slayer is an Ascendancy class for Duelists.

The Slayer is a offense oriented course based approximately attacks. That is a efficient boss killer v Headsman and

Bane of Legends and also gains accessibility to protective bonuses including life leech, consisting of the capability to leech beyond his maximum health and wellness pool with Brutal Fervour. He also possesses bonuses in the direction of area of impact and crucial strike strike builds, and also Masterful kind for maximizing frenzy and endurance charges.


2.1.2 Gladiator

The Gladiator is one Ascendancy class for Duelists.

The Gladiator is one Ascendancy course with a mixture of speed, power, and also protection, revolving around certain stats. The Gladiator works well with dual wielding or using one-handed weapon (including wands<1>) and shield combinations. The covers two primary niches, one i beg your pardon is focused about maximizing block effectiveness, and another which improves bleed with auxillary effects. The class also covers Endurance and

Frenzy fee generation and bonuses entailing Blood Stance and Sand Stance.


2.1.3 Champion

The Champion is an Ascendancy class for Duelists.

The Champion is a mixture the defensive/offensive and support class who can act together a tank for his party through debuffing enemies through taunts and impale, buffing his allies with magnified Banners, or Intimidate opponents to reduce their defenses. The bolsters his own defenses with Fortify, consisting of the capacity to permanently Fortify himself, or benefit a to explode of Adrenaline at low life for raised damage and also defenses. The boy nodes give increased armour and also evasion rating across the plank to further bolster his survivability.


2.2 Shadow

2.2.1 Assassin

The Assassin is one Ascendancy course for Shadows.

The Assassin is a offense-oriented class centered around crucial strikes. The class offers skills that boost their strength charges and also bonus to an essential strike effectiveness and utility under certain conditions. He has access to toxicity themed an abilities like Noxious Strike, also as permitting poisons come synergize off of an important strikes to greater levels via toxic Delivery. Furthermore with Mistwalker the Assassin has the capability to acquire the Elusive buff on an essential strikes and extr benefits when being affected by it.


2.2.2 Saboteur

The Saboteur is one Ascendancy course for Shadows.

The Saboteur specialization in traps and also mines. Through Bomb Specialist and Demolitions professional he gains large bonuses in the direction of mines, conversely, Perfect Crime and also Chain Reaction further enhances traps. The class has accessibility to a blinding aura and also further benefits against blinded enemies via Born in the Shadows, as well as life regeneration and reduced mana expense for traps and also mines with Pyromaniac. Last but not the very least Explosives Expert allows for large damage bonuses versus adversaries which are affected by multiple elemental ailments.


2.2.3 Trickster

The cheater is one Ascendancy class for Shadows.

The sharper is a versatile hybrid course that mixes high speed, maneuverability, and also slippery defenses. He is well-suited for damages over time builds through his strong recovery from patient Reaper and further damages over time specialization favor poison via an extensive Pain. The Trickster likewise gains added layers the defense to his evasion and also energy shield indigenous Ghost Dance and also Escape Artist, financially rewarding playstyles that emphasis on taking hits periodically. Additionally he is able come generate and enhance power and also frenzy charges either from killing enemies or channelling an ability with Swift Killer. The can also choose to specialization in strong mana-based bonuses native Weave the Arcane or a chance to gain large amounts that extra chaos damages via exploit the Void.


2.3 Marauder

2.3.1 Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is an Ascendancy class for Marauders.

The Juggernaut is the premier tank class, possessing endurance charge generation and bonuses, healthy boosts come armour and also damage mitigation, and also protection versus slows and stuns. The tree also offers part offensive bonuses favor accuracy and stun bonuses.


2.3.2 Berserker

The Berserker is one Ascendancy class for Marauders.

The Berserker is an violation oriented class that gears in the direction of being in the warmth of combat, with skills that sell unparalleled power at a downside. Berserkers have the right to be built approximately Rage and make it even more powerful in ~ the price of life degen v Rite the Ruin, profession consistent vital strike chance for faster assaults with Blitz, or gain straight-up more damage because that vulnerability with aspect of Carnage. The class also offers bonuses come leech and also warcries.


2.3.3 Chieftain

The Chieftain is one Ascendancy course for Marauders.

The Chieftain is focused roughly fire damage and totems. The class offers a wide variety of results revolving about fire damage, with damages bonuses via damage conversion, penetration, and also covering adversaries with Ash. They have the right to enhance your totems to weaken adjacent enemies or leech life because that them. The class also boasts a range of sources of life regeneration and also life leech, and endurance fee generation, make the Chieftain surprisingly tough to kill in the warmth of combat.


2.4 Witch

2.4.1 Necromancer

The Necromancer is one Ascendancy course for the Witch.

The Necromancer is an Ascendancy course themed around the dead and the undead. Lock are fantastic choice for minion-based builds, having access to minion-enhancing skills, as well as bonuses pertained to auras and Offering skills. They additionally have an abilities based roughly corpses, gaining an effective bonuses indigenous spawning and also consuming corpses, which renders them pair well through corpse-based an abilities like

Unearth and also
Detonate Dead.


2.4.2 Elementalist

The Elementalist is one Ascendancy course for Witches.

Elementalists deal in all things elemental. A powerful caster-summoner hybrid, castle have accessibility to conditional but an effective element damages bonuses, some granted regularly or with a ability requirement. Lock can likewise specialize in element ailments, elemental Herald skills, and also golems. Some passive an abilities can be mixed and also matched to accommodate multiple damage types, also physical and also chaos. The Elementalist is the strongest of the class at improving direct-damage spells to their maximum, and also rapidly applying elemental damages to a target the really instant they view it. They also get VERY an effective Golems and also very powerful buffs from them; if the buff native multiple Golems the the same form does no stack the Elementalist has two very an effective passives that greatly enhance the effect of the buff because that every Golem out, and increasing the preferably number allowed.


2.4.3 Occultist

The Occultist is an Ascendancy course for Witches.

The Occultist is a Witch class that specializes in cold and chaos damages over time (DoT) effects and curses, through a minor affinity because that both energy shield and also power charges. The class is qualified of reliably generating said Power Charges without needing to cause on-kill effects, making use of Forbidden Power. Malediction and also Profane Bloom space a great boon to builds that utilize curses in any type of form, despite to bring out their full potential you would certainly ideally incorporate them with other sources the non-chaos damage. Withering Presence and also Frigid Wake, the two dedicated damage with time nodes behind Void Beacon, amplify the strength of chaos and cold damage over time respectively. Historically the Occultist has been one of the most resilient Ascendants, utilizing plenty of forms of damage mitigation and energy shield generation. Through the remove of its notable Wicked Ward and also the power down of Vile Bastion, that still maintain its an effective defensive class in either Frigid wake or Malediction but is no longer the be-all and also end-all for energy shield durability.


2.5 Ranger

2.5.1 Deadeye

The Deadeye is one Ascendancy class for Rangers.

The Deadeye is a offense-oriented class that focuses on projectile damage, accuracy rating and also utility, gaining access to passive projectile modifiers prefer extra projectiles, pierce, chain, and area that effect. She master the art of high selection with much Shot and good speed through Gathering Winds. This course is clearly suited because that bows assaults but many of that is modifiers use to any type of sort that projectile, definition most projectile strikes (such as those fired indigenous wands) and some order projectiles also benefit native them.


2.5.2 Raider

The Raider is one Ascendancy class for Rangers.

The Raider is an attack, speed and also avoidance oriented course centered roughly frenzy charges, Onslaught, or Phasing with kills and combat. She have the right to generate frenzy charges with means of the Poacher and also gain extr benefits because that each charge v Avatar the the Slaughter. Rapid Assault permits for easy accessibility to the Onslaught buff and also Avatar that the Chase further increases the Onslaught impact with added bonuses towards evasion. With Quartz Infusion she is able to gain the Phasing buff and also increased element damage. Avatar the the Veil enables for additional benefits if phasing, prefer elemental ailment immunity and exposure against nearby enemies. Evasion and also dodge-based builds utilizing assaults greatly benefit from this rule class.


2.5.3 Pathfinder

Pathfinder is an Ascendancy class for Rangers.

The Pathfinder’s focal point is she flasks, i beg your pardon she provides with raised effectiveness. She possesses the capacity to no consume flask charges on use and flask fee recovery there is no needing to kill enemies through Nature’s Boon. With Nature’s Reprisal and Master Toxicist she gains enhancements to chaos damage, particularly towards poison. Veteran Bowyer permits for enhanced flask fees gained and also elemental damages bonuses. She remaining skills enhance her offensive and also defensive capability in various ways while under the effect of flasks, such together elemental ailment immune with master Alchemist, attack and movement speed through Nature’s Adrenaline and flask generation on an essential strikes via understand Surgeon. The Pathfinder is a flexible class that benefits both spell and attack build effectively.


2.6 Templar

2.6.1 Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is an Ascendancy class for Templars.

The Inquisitor focuses mostly on element damage. He can, among other things, specialization in critical strikes and also elemental penetration with inevitable Judgement, or buff himself through consecrated ground because that high amounts of recovery, elemental ailment immunity and also offensive ability via Pious Path. Every one of his skills are compatible with assaults or spells, or even a combination of both with tools of Virtue.


2.6.2 Hierophant

The Hierophant is one Ascendancy course for Templars.

The Hierophant provides a mixture the non-conventional resources of damage, defenses, and also overall utility aimed in the direction of spell users, specifically spell spreading totems and brands. They deserve to utilize a big mana pool effectively by converting it come offensive and defensive bonuses while likewise conserving and also regenerating it. Castle can additionally utilize Arcane surging with large bonuses to spellcasters attached come it, and also endurance and also power fee generation.


2.6.3 Guardian

The Guardian is one Ascendancy class for Templars.

The Guardians is a powerful option for a tank/support or minion based Templar, possessing passive with focus on enhancing and protecting his allies. Guardians have the right to specialize in Auras, giving up to 4 extr unique and an effective defensive auras to their party or allies, and also charge generation and also sharing and periodical, an effective defensive skills. In addition he can speed increase his allies with Onslaught and give his allies the capacity to intimidate and unnerve adversaries on struggle to minimize their defenses.


2.7 Scion

2.7.1 Ascendant

The Ascendant is the Ascendancy class for Scions.

The Ascendant offers an ext flexibility than any kind of other course by enabling the player to take it passives based on other dominance classes. These passives offer comparable benefits representing the class’s all at once tree, however with mitigated effects. Just one Ascendancy class passive have the right to be bring away from every base class.

The Ascendant can allocate up to two Ascendancy course passives and also can more invest ~ above one class’s route to obtain the capability to usage that class’s starting point top top the passive skill tree together a second starting point.


3. PoE rule Changes

Ascendancy alters 3.16

Grant brand-new Ascendancy notables to the Gladiator and Trickster, and some currently notables have actually been reworked. Rebalance and rework affected Notables ~ above the Chieftain, Inquisitor, Saboteur, and Raider. Adjust the Ascendant to have the Notables of the over classes enhance the effects found on their equivalent Ascendancies.

rule Passives alters
Chieftain Tasalio, Cleansing Water Now sponsor "20% of Physical damage from access time taken together Fire Damage" (previously 15%), and also "20% boosted Life Recovery price if you"ve take away Fire damages from an foe Hit Recently" (previously 50%).
Gladiator Painforged Now has +10% opportunity to Block attack Damage, cannot be Stunned by access time you Block, and Counterattacks deal dual Damage
Gladiator Added a brand-new notable, i m sorry replaces versatile Combatant, that has +10% to maximum Block Chance, +10 come Armour and also Evasion Rating per 1% Block Chance.
Gladiator Violent Retaliation Now has actually Ignore adversary Monster Physical damages Reduction if you"ve clogged in the previous 20 seconds, and also Attack damage is happy if you"ve blocked in the past 20 seconds.
Inquisitor Pious Path Now grants "50% increased impact of Consecrated Ground friend create".
Raider Quartz Infusion No much longer grants 15% chance to Dodge strike Hits, or 15% opportunity to dodge Spell Hits. Instead, it currently grants +40% opportunity to Suppress order Damage.
Raider Avatar the the Veil No much longer grants "Nearby opponents have 20% much less Accuracy Rating when you have Phasing".
Raider Avatar the the Chase No longer grants 35% an ext chance come Evade Melee assaults during Onslaught or 35% an ext chance come Evade Projectile assaults during Onslaught. Instead, it currently grants 10% an ext chance to Evade strikes during Onslaught.
Trickster Patient Reaper Now grants 50% boosted Recovery rate of Life, Mana and Energy Shield if you"ve killed an Enemy affected by your damages Over Time newly (previously 70%).
Trickster Escape Artist No much longer requires Ghost run (which has been replaced with a new Notable). No longer grants "5% raised Attack and also Cast speed per Ghost Shroud" or "Cannot it is in Stunned while you have Ghost Shrouds".
Trickster Added a new notable, i beg your pardon replaces Ghost Dance, that gives "Every 10 seconds, take it no damages over Time for 5 seconds."
Saboteur Born in the Shadows Now grants 15% reduced damages taken native Blinded enemies (previously 10%).
Ascendant Trickster Passive Point Now has actually 50% enhanced Recovery rate of Life, Mana and Energy Shield if you"ve killed an Enemy affected by your damage Over Time recently (previously 70%). No longer has "Cannot be Stunned if you haven"t to be Hit Recently", it now has 10% reduced damages taken from damages over Time.
Ascendant Raider Passive Point  No longer has 10% possibility to Dodge attack Hits, that now has 20% chance to Suppress spell Damage.
Ascendant Gladiator Passive Point Now has actually +5% come maximum Block (previously 3%), 10% chance to Block assaults (previously 15%), and now has 20% an ext Physical damage over Time (previously 25%). It no longer has "15% possibility to Block Spells". The now has Ignore adversary Monster Physical damage Reduction if you"ve blocked in the previous 20 seconds

Ascendancy alters 3.15

dominance Passives alters
Hierophant Illuminated Devotion No longer has Immunity to element Ailments when you have Arcane Surge. Now has actually 50% diminished Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on friend while you have actually Arcane Surge.
Inquisitor Pious Path No longer reasons Consecrated floor you create to approve Immunity to element Ailments to you and allies.
Slayer Headsman Now referred to as Bane the Legends.
Slayer Bane the Legends Now referred to as Headsman.
Champion The small passives prior to and also after Unstoppable Hero no longer have 5% increased result on Fortify on you. Castle now have 10% increased strike Damage while you have actually Fortify.
Pathfinder Master Alchemist No much longer grants immune to elemental Ailments throughout Flask Effect. No longer has actually 40% raised Elemental damages during Flask Effect. Currently grants “Removes element Ailments as soon as you use a Flask”.
Pathfinder Master Toxicist Now has “Poisons you inflict during any Flask effect have 20% opportunity to transaction 100% more Damage” (previously 30%).
Raider Avatar of the Veil No longer grants immune to element Ailments while Phasing. Now grants a 50% opportunity to protect against Elemental Ailments if Phasing.
Raider Rapid Assault No much longer grants 50% enhanced Onslaught Effect.
Raider The small passives former to and after Quartz Infusion no longer provide 4% enhanced Movement Speed, now provide 10% raised Elemental Damage.
Assassin Noxious Strike No longer has +30% to damages over Time Multiplier for Poison. Raised Poison Duration for each poison you have inflicted recently is currently capped, up to a best of 100% (previously uncapped).
Assassin Toxic Delivery Now has actually Poison you inflict with an important Strikes transaction 25% an ext Damage” (previously 50%).
Elementalist Liege the the Primordial No longer has 25% increased impact of Buffs granted by Golems, or 25% increased effect of Buffs granted by her Golems per Summoned Golem. It now has 100% increased effect of Buffs granted by her Golems.
Elementalist Elemancer No longer has 35% chance to protect against Elemental Ailments per Summoned Golem.

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Ascendant Inquisitor No longer has Immunity to elemental Ailments while on Consecrated Ground. Now has “Effects that Consecrated floor you develop Linger for 4 seconds”.

Ascendancy alters 3.14

dominion Passives alters
Ascendant Gladiator No longer grants 25% much more Damage with Bleeding. Currently grants 25% an ext Physical damages over Time.
Berserker boy nodes now approve 10% enhanced Physical damage (previously 12% increased strike Physical Damage). Ache Reaver has been changed with Defy Pain.
Berserker Defy Pain gain Defiance because that 10 seconds on shedding Life to an enemy Hit, no more than when every 0.3 seconds. 25% boosted Armour every Defiance. 50% boosted Maximum total Life restore per 2nd from Leech while you have actually Defiance. At 10 Defiance, take Reflected Physical damages equal to maximum Life, then lose all Defiance.
Berserker Flawless Savagery The increased an essential Strike opportunity modifier now applies to both Attacks and also Spells. The included Physical damage modifier now applies to both Attacks and also Spells.
Assassin Ambush and Assassinate now grants 15% much more Damage through Hits and also Ailments against Enemies that are on short Life (previously 25%).
Gladiator Gratuitous Violence No longer grants 20% an ext Damage with Bleeding. Now grants 20% an ext Physical damages over Time.
Elementalist Bastion the Elements Primal Aegis currently takes 75 damage per Allocated significant Passive skill (previously 100).
Elementalist Liege that the Primordial the is no longer feasible to temporarily bypass her Golem border (for instance if your Golems died very quickly with the Fleshcrafter distinct Body Armour).
Necromancer Essence Glutton Now causes you to Regenerate 4% of Mana over 2 seconds when you Consume a corpse (previously 8%).
Pathfinder Master Surgeon Now clears Corrupted Blood as soon as you use a Flask.