Have a craving for burnt ends however don’t have actually time for a brisket? These poor Man’s burned Ends room perfect to fulfill that barbecue craving in fifty percent of the chef time! Made through chuck roast, these delicious scorched Ends are juicy, tender and also smoky and something the entirety family will certainly love!



1/2 cup

BBQ Sauce

1/4 cup

Brown Sugar

3 pound

Chuck Roast

one-of-a-kind TOOLS

Aluminum Foil

Disposable Aluminum Pan



Dry brine a chuck roast v kosher salt the night before for more tender, flavorful meat. Sprinkle salt to taste over the roast, cover and also refrigerate for 12 come 24 hours. Rinse and pat dry before applying rub the next day.

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Wood Pellet recommendation how TO exhilaration A chuck ROAST

Your grill need to be set within 200°F come 275°F. Smoke the roast till the internal temperature get 165°F. Pave the lining roast in aluminum foil and return to the smoker until the meat is probe tender, this need to be in ~ an interior temperature that 195°F to 203°F.

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Fire up her Pit boss Smoker and set the temperature to 275°F.

Season her chuck roast liberally on every sides through Sweet Rib Rub. Insert a temperature probe into the thickest part of the lining roast and place the roast top top the smoker.

Smoke the roast until the inner temperature will 165°F. Plunder the lining roast in aluminum foil and return to the smoker till the interior temperature is 195°F, around 1 hour.

Remove the wrapped roast from the smoker and allow to remainder for 15-20 minutes. Cut into 3/4 customs cubes and transfer come a disposable aluminum pan. Sprinkle v 1/4 cup brown sugar and also drizzle with many of the BBQ sauce, reserving a couple of tablespoons because that later. Toss to coat every the scorched ends with the sauce.

Place the pan ~ above the grill, near the lid and cook for an additional 1 1/2 to 2 hours, or until the sauce is thickened and also the burnt ends space tender. Remove from the smoker and also serve.

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