General Information:Release Date: July 2018Price Point: $49.99Retailer: Amazon ExclusiveAccessories: Dark matrix of Leadership, Sword, Decepticon Giza, twin barreled blasters x 2 and also Rifle


Official photos over and text listed below in italics space from Note: there"s a the majority of it:EDITION TRANSFORMERS activity FIGURE - memory Amazon with this Amazon exclusive Transformers figure: Nemesis Prime, the evil clone that heroic Autobot leader Optimus Prime.4-IN-1 CONVERTING figure - Evolves from a 5.5-inch range Nemesis Pax number to a 9-inch range Nemesis prime figure. Both figures also convert come a automobile mode (a tractor-trailer for the Nemesis prime figure and also a semi-truck because that the Nemesis Pax figure). It"s like acquiring 4 playthings in 1. Have the right to you understand the advanced robot to vehicle conversion?INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE distinct EDITION equipment - Comes v a Decepticon Giza figure and also 2 accessories: one evil matrix of Leadership and also a Dark Saber sword accessory.PART the TRANSFORMERS strength OF THE PRIMES - This is the very first time Nemesis Prime, the evil variation of Optimus Prime, has actually been introduced to the Prime wars Trilogy story and also toy line; an excellent figure for Transformers fans, Transformers Generations power of the Primes fans, and activity figure fans. Include it to a Transformers arsenal as a dark silver paper to a Transformers Generations power of the Primes Optimus element figure.

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This Amazon exclusive number evolves right into a Nemesis prime figureComes with a distinct edition Decepticon Giza figure and also Dark Saber accessoryIncludes Dark matrix of leadership -- insert the accessory right into the chest the Nemesis Prime figure Works with Prime Master numbers (Not Included. Each marketed separately. Topic to availability.) understand the challenge with a Leader course figure that converts in 35 steps

This Amazon exclusive number evolves into a Nemesis prime figureComes through a distinct edition Decepticon Giza figure and Dark Saber accessory

Includes Dark procession of leadership -- insert the accessory right into the chest that Nemesis element figureWorks v Prime Master numbers (Not Included. Each marketed separately. Topic to availability.)Master the challenge with a Leader class figure that converts in 35 steps

Leader course Evolution Nemesis PrimeThis Amazon Exclusive power of the Primes Leader course Evolution Nemesis Prime number stands 9 inches tall in robot mode and comes v converting advancement Armor. Use the advancement Armor come evolve the number from Nemesis Pax come Nemesis Prime. The had Dark procession of management accessory fits inside the figure’s chest. It also holds element Master numbers (each sold separately). Swap out the Matrix’s core and also swap in a element Master number to imagine giving Nemesis prime the significant godlike strength of a Prime. The Nemesis Prime figure converts to tractor-trailer mode in 35 steps. The Nemesis Pax number converts from auto to robot mode in 17 steps. View if you deserve to master the thorough conversion the this to exclude, Leader class figure.

Works through Prime understand FiguresPower of the Primes Leader course figures work-related with element Master numbers (not included, each sold separately, topic to availability). Prime Master numbers can fit inside the included Matrix of management accessory, then be placed inside the figure"s chest. Collect much more Prime grasp characters and also imagine Nemesis element receiving not just the authority granted through the matrix of Leadership, but also the godlike abilities contained within the element Masters. Learn how Nemesis prime would usage these amazing powers with the had collectible character card. Prime Master numbers are each marketed separately, subject to availability.

Nemesis Pax Evolves come Nemesis PrimeThe angry clone the Optimus Prime, Nemesis Pax might possess the exact same strength and intelligence as the Autobot leader, however is vile and without remorse. Fueled by the terrible energy of the Dark Martrix of Leadership, Nemesis Pax i do not care Nemesis Prime, propelled to remove all in his path.

Nemesis Prime has been presented to countless Transformers continuities, native the Unicron Trilogy come Transformers element animation and the Transformers: The last Knight film. This is the character"s very first appearance as part of any kind of Prime work Deal, element Day Special, or prime Day toy offering.

This Transformers power of the Primes Leader course Evolution Nemesis Prime number is a 9-inch-scale number that comes through converting evolution Armor. Use the advancement Armor come evolve this figure from Nemesis Pax to Nemesis Prime. Nemesis Pax is a newly created character make his debut in this prime Day distinct edition.

The figure"s design is influenced by his figure in the Unicron Trilogy. It functions 2 distinct head designs, freshly tooled arm-mounted weapons and comes with a Dark Saber (also well-known as the Vorpal Saber) accessory. Celebrate prime Day v this Amazon exclusive Transformers action figure from Hasbro.

Transformers and all related characters are trademarks the Hasbro.

The ide of one "evil" Optimus element goes ago all the means to Generation One. In both the animated series and Marvel comic publications there were story that encountered an Optimus element doppelganger scary havoc. Years later this concept would take on a life that its own with the development of Scourge in "Robots in Disguise", a Decepticon protoform the scanned Optimus Prime and partly provided his schematics to take it shape. From there on, there would be a pile of figures all based v a black/silver/teal/red deco pattern all intended to be an "evil" Optimus Prime. Some instances include:

Among various other versions the the Scourge/Nemesis element character that have actually come out room a Bot Shots figure, a "Universe" version based on large Convoy, a Spychanger and an e-Hobby exclusive grand Scourge figure. Suffice it to say the idea of an "evil Optimus Prime" (with a penchant because that black and teal colors) is an enduring one in the Transformers mythos. This figure is a redeco and also retool of the "Power the the Primes" Optimus Prime number so friend will desire to inspect out the review. This evaluation will emphasis on the changes made come the number for this release.

This number was exit in restricted quantities in early on to mid July 2018. However, this to be mostly due to early (perhaps accidental) pre-orders take away by Amazon. This was originally intended for a "Prime Day" relax (which was reserved for July 16, 2018). If I have the right to confirm this is an Amazon exclusive in the joined States, i am unclear at the time I am composing this just how easy it will certainly be because that non-Amazon element members come order. The is worth noting the sponsor BigBadToyStore has a Takara Tomy version of Nemesis Prime noted which will likely simply be the united state version with Japanese stickers slapped onto the box. If girlfriend cannot acquire the Amazon version, this might be a good alternative (albeit at a greater price).


Packaging:Nemesis prime is a Leader class figure, so his crate is based on the exact same box architecture as various other "Power the the Primes" Leader class figures yet it is much bigger because of the extra accessories had with the figure. The box has the typical "Generations" design (black background, vertical Transformers logo etc.) and features beautiful artwork the Nemesis on the front. Unlike many packaging, you gain to see many of his body and also not simply his chest, head and also shoulders. Within sits Nemesis in robot mode inside a plastic tray. All about him space his accessories including his "Dark matrix of Leadership", Decepticon Giza, the Vorpal Saber, his rifle and two double barreled blasters. It really renders for an superior looking package from the front.

On the ago is Nemesis Prime"s bio (indicating the he usually is opposing of Optimus Prime and also wants to ruin everything in his way). The figure is presented in every mode with a contact out for the gimmick of combining Nemesis Pax with the trailer to form Nemesis Prime. It additionally calls out the capacity for the Dark matrix to keep inside the chest. In its entirety this is a an extremely striking package, worthy of an exclude, figure.

Accessories:Since Nemesis element is one exclusive number Hasbro determined to offer him a few extra equipment to yes, really sweeten the deal. This is especially cool if you think about the figure is the exact same MSRP together mass retail Leader class figures ($49.99 USD). Nemesis the course consists of the very same rifle that Optimus Prime came with. Cast in black and also able to break-up into 2 weapons, this doubles as accessories for Nemesis Pax.

Nemesis additionally includes a redeco the the procession accessory the came v both Optimus Prime and also Rodimus Prime. This time the end the handles space black (despite being silver- on the packaging) and also the decision in the center is translucent purple. The "casing" because that the crystal is painted a beautiful metallic purple color. Just just like the other versions the this accessory you can pop out the casing/crystal and also insert a element or Titan Master number into it.

The next accessory is the "Vorpal Saber", likewise known in Japan as the "Dark Saber". Originally this sword was component of the "Armada" collection where it represented three Mini-Cons who could incorporate into a an effective sword to respond to the Star Saber developed by the Mini-Con wait Defense Team. The course, this sword is a heavily stylized version and it is one solid piece of plastic, not 3 Mini-Cons. The sword has actually a distinctive "X" at the hilt, which calls back to several of the style elements native the initial Dark Saber indigenous "Armada". Over there are additionally some really nice indentations and designs running along the handle and also blade. This piece is actors in silver v the blade painted red. The manage is a 5mm peg and also there is secondary 5mm peg ~ above the side for storage in car mode. In a completely unexpected twist, this side peg is actually designed to be a Mini-Con peg the you can use to connect Mini-Cons indigenous the Unicron Trilogy! sure it does not make a totality lot that sense yet it is neat that the designers even believed of it.

Additional accessories include two dual barreled blasters. These are intended to connect to Nemesis Prime"s forearms, however they execute have little 5mm pegs allowing them come be organized by Nemesis Pax. These weapons are also a callback come the Unicron Trilogy. Specifically they recommendation weapons that were attached to the sides of "Armada" Nemesis Prime"s forearms! but these room considerably more bulky and an effective looking than the people on that figure. I love every the small details on them choose the circles on top and the fins running along the barrel.

The last accessory (yep, it"s a lot!) is a transformable mini-figure i m sorry I go into below.


Decepticon Giza

Giza is fun callback come "Arms Micron" Nemesis Prime that came with a Mini-Con partner also named Giza. However, according to The TFWiki Giza"s name originates from the words "nokogirizame" definition "saw shark" (Giza transformed into a experienced shark). This time out yet Giza is a bird! He has actually a sleek design with a distinctive mine in front, a stakes of feathers on optimal of the head, a fin top top the ago and tail feathers. His wingspan is vast since the wings form the knife blade. The means the number is sculpted, he appears to only have one foot ~ above the bottom so that is kind of comical imagining the hopping around everywhere ~ above one foot!

To transform Giza, waver the tail feather piece over the back, turn the wings and also then swing castle together. This creates a substantial looking sword. The bulkiness of the base does give it some resemblance come "Arms Micron" Giza, however the bird head sticks out so you deserve to still check out the avian design influences.

Giza is cast in silver- plastic and also his eyes room painted red.

Nemesis Prime 

Robot Mode:Nemesis Prime could have easily been a directly up redeco of Optimus Prime and it would have actually worked. After all, many versions (see perform above) are simply that, a redeco of some Optimus Prime number in the very same line. But for this variation of Nemesis the designers chose to go an extra step: giving him a brand-new head. This may seem redundant since for the most component Nemesis Prime"s head design is the same as Optimus Prime"s. Traditionally both function a central crest, mouthplate, "antennae" ~ above the sides and also circles ~ above the sides. However, because that this relax the designers went with the idea of what Optimus Prime"s head would certainly look favor if you reworked it with architecture elements indigenous the Decepticon symbol. The result is this head sculpt. Yes over there is a central crest, but it has two distinctive points on top, as with the Decepticon symbol. The head has actually thinner eyes 보다 Optimus and also they look narrowed choose he is angry. The mouthplate is much more narrow 보다 Optimus" and also the means the helmet ar comes over the mouthplate evokes the appearance of the political parties of the Decepticon symbol. As whole this head sculpt is beautiful and also distinctive. This is definitely not a confront that looks prefer the character is in a great mood!

The remainder of the figure uses the very same body together Optimus Prime. This way it services from having countless of the Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime style elements top top it consisting of the overall proportions and the details ~ above the torso, arms and legs. The said, the "final transform" that the robot mode has actually one included element: the double barreled blasters ~ above the forearms. Technically girlfriend could connect these come Optimus Prime too since both numbers have the tiny peg ~ above the political parties of the forearms. It is registered these tools to the sides of the eight helps complete the visual callback come "Armada" Optimus Prime, that in component helped inspire this number (see the official summary above).

Nemesis prime is mostly actors in black plastic (no shock there). Several of the smaller sized sections such together the thighs and also smokestacks space silver plastic. The windows on his chest are translucent dark red. Teal blue paint applications deserve to be found on the forearms and waist area. At the same time silver is used to paint the face, mouthplate, grille and the vents ~ above his legs. The chest panels have actually black repaint on them due to the fact that they are comprised of clear plastic. The black color blends well v the plastic, but it does have actually a an ext shiny illustration under certain lighting. Finally, the eyes are painted red. This number does still exploit stickers for part details. Every shoulder has a Decepticon price sticker ~ above it and also each forearm has actually designs that look like pistons close to the elbows.

All twenty one clues of articulation on my copy that this number are just as tight as those on my copy that Optimus Prime. Friend do must make sure the ankle joints are locked in place or he"ll walk flopping approximately pretty easily. That is likewise important to store the panels top top the sides of the forearms clipped in due to the fact that the added weight of the dual barreled cannons will certainly pull them outside otherwise. Like Optimus Prime, you deserve to open increase the chest panels to expose the Matrix and also remove it. Technically speaking if you keep the rifle top top the earlier (by attaching it to one of Nemesis Pax"s fists) the number can have actually all its equipment attached to it in ~ one time.

Overall this robot mode looks great. The colors are "classic" Nemesis element colors and also the teal and silver really pop against the black. The red windows and also eyes include a bit of extra depth to the as whole color scheme. I also love the method the brand-new accessories serve as homage and additional play value.

Transformation to vehicle Mode:

Detach the weapon(s) and set them aside for now.On the ago there is a black color tab. Press it down and also pull the end the "back pack" to eliminate the Nemesis Pax section of the figure.Swing the legs on Nemsis Pax down, then turn them exterior so the wheels room on the left and also right sides. On slide the tab ~ above the ideal side into the corresponding slot on the left side at the finish of the legs to store them together.Swing the clean red panel on the ago down. Climate swing the robot head down.Swing Nemesis Prime"s head down.Swing each of Pax"s arms back, extending Nemesis Prime"s head.Swing under each that the window panels in the front, revealing the front wheels and also side windows.Swing the panels through the front wheels ago to kind the political parties of the cab.Starting v the trailer, swing the end the silver panels on each of the reduced legs and unfold them every so the dashboard is flat.Push every foot up.Push the optimal of every smokestack down.Fold the end the panels ~ above the forearms, swinging each small panel out.Swing each arm up, revolve it around, then swing the arms forward ~ above the shoulder hinge.Swing the silver panels top top the reduced legs up and also fold the optimal halves together.Swing the small panels ~ above the arms earlier to complete the trailer. The panels on the eight clip to the persons on the legs.On the prior of the trailer, swing the end the small peg. This permits you to attach the trailer come the cab.The rifle have the right to be attached come the optimal of the trailer.Connect the 2 swords together, then connect the Vorpal/Dark Saber come the top of the truck.If girlfriend swing out the forearm panels front on the trailer ar you can connect the dual barreled blasters.


Vehicle Mode:If you leave off every the accessories, this truck mode is basically just a largely black variation of Optimus Prime"s truck mode. Even if you connect the rifle (the just weapon the two figures share) he is still largely black. The former windows are translucent red and also the side windows space painted red. There is part silver repaint on the cab ~ above the side see mirrors, a stripe on the sides, the grille and the windshield wipers. The headlights are painted the very same metallic teal color used in robot mode. The trailer greatly uses sticker labels along the side because that detailing. These sticker labels follow a comparable pattern to Optimus Prime"s, yet they room teal top top silver v Decepticon signs on the sides.

The heavy use of black color colors might sound favor it would look dull, however in fact the black shade does other interesting. I detailed in mine Optimus Prime evaluation that the trailer winds up through a many of tiny gaps that sort of mess v the in its entirety aesthetic. However, ~ above this number the uniformity of all the black plastic helps "hide" those gaps a little bit (unless you"re shining a supervisor bright, blazing irradiate on the figure). This helps the appearance of the figure quite a bit.

One heads up: on mine copy of this figure the sticker labels on the sides of the trailer were applied nicely (see my photos above). However, a girlfriend of mine obtained a copy that this number where the sticker labels were very roughly applied and also did not look good. If you plan to take the number out, I would recommend doing it as quickly as possible to check out if you need to arrange because that an exchange.

While this mode does not have any kind of retooling, the vehicle form has to accommodate every the accessories had with the figure and that provides it a really different look. The dual barreled blasters wind increase on the sides as soon as you swing out the forearm panels. The swords and rifle wind up on the top. The in its entirety effect is a typical looking, heavily equipped truck in heavy comparison to Optimus Prime that only had his rifle. I absolutely love the look of this vehicle with every the extra components attached. It has actually a distinct and "evil" look to it!

For those curious, there are still 4 pegs on top of the trailer to attach "Master figures. The only concern you may have actually is with having actually all the accessories attached and also trying to attach four "Master figures. The weapons simply gain in the means of the ones in the direction of the middle, for this reason you require to move the weapons to accommodate them.

Transformation come Nemesis Pax:

Separate the cab from the trailer.Swing the panels with the front wheel wells up.Swing the next panels out, then forward.Swing the sections with the two rear wheels down, then different them native one an additional to begin forming the legs.Swivel each reduced leg for this reason the wheels confront the back.Swing each foot out.Swing the robot arms back, climate rotat ethe lower part of the arms around.Swing the fists out of the forearms.Swing the torso panel up and also swing the head down.Nemesis Pax 

Nemesis Pax is a whole brand-new character, and it is exciting to think the a theoretical universe where Orion Pax to be corrupted, then upgraded into Nemesis Prime! most of the time, Nemesis element is just presented together a corrupted Optimus Prime, through the Orion Pax identification never really coming right into play.

The Orion Pax head was a quite "friendly" looking, therefore the developers gave Nemesis Pax a whole new head. This head architecture really mirrors the designers made decision to have actually some fun. The basic shape the the head looks choose Optimus Prime"s head unable to do punk. The middle has actually a series of spikes running from the earlier to the front where the stakes is located. This provides the illustration of a robotic mohawk! climate the confront has a really jagged look come it that looks aggressive. Climate on the sides, the circles and also "antennae" have raised, pointy spring sections. The end an outcome is a confront that looks more like a warrior 보다 a peace loving robot and it looks fantastic!

The remainder of the number reuses Orion Pax"s body. Most of the number is black, v silver plastic supplied on smaller bits like the elbow joints and also the thighs. The chest panel is translucent red plastic with parts on the perimeter painted black. The section in the middle is painted metallic teal. Under that (and on the face) room silver repaint details. Combined with the red eyes, this bring the number in line through the bigger Nemesis Prime figure in regards to deco.

The finishing touch on the deco space three stickers. The left shoulder has actually a little Decepticon prize on it. The legs every have tiny teal and also silver sticker labels that echo the foot vents on the larger Nemesis element figure. In its entirety the number looks great as an "evil" Orion Pax!

All the joints on my copy that Nemesis Pax are just as solid together those on my Orion Pax. He can hold all the weapons in this set in his hands, yet for the dual barreled blasters you"ll have actually to change them a bit because their pegs space not an extremely long.

Final Thoughts:Nemesis element is a great example of how to execute an exclusive. Ns think i would have been happy with simply a Nemesis element deco and one brand-new head. But two new heads and a few new accessories to boot? A recommendation to his "Arms Micron" version? one "Armada" recommendation too?! There"s a the majority of love in this exclusive and I very recommend it!


Two brand-new heads rather of just one!New accessories add play value and also serve together nice homages come previous figures.Deco continues the Nemesis prime "lineage" with acquainted colors.Original sculpt had actually fun play value, and this number is no different.

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Stickers might not be used well appropriate out that the box.Being an Amazon exclusive may make this challenging for fans to order.