At Ascension living Resurrection Place, our goal is to help you or her loved one feel comfortable and reach your goals. You will benefit from experienced rehabilitation services, restorative care and also skilled education support, in a calm, reassuring setting.

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Working v you and also your health care team, our team of specialists will specify a personalized care plan, emphasizing your top quality of life, dignity and comfort, which will aid you reach her goals. You and your loved ones will also enjoy a comfortable, inviting setting, v ample common spaces come safely visit v family and also catch up through friends.We space committed come helping save you for sure while giving you accessibility to services and amenities that allow you to focus on healing. Remainder assured that us have enforced safeguards to aid minimize the exposure threats related come COVID-19 for our residents, visitors and also staff.Being component of the AMITA Health and Ascension network of hospitals way your love one’s care is coordinated, if there is a have to leave our community for added medical care. The also way that your loved one will certainly have accessibility to a more comprehensive range of doctors, specialists, and also clinics.Our Catholic roots and also Ascension life Mission accumulate our devoted, compassionate caregivers to serve the mind, body and also spiritual demands of you and also your family. Whatever your faith, us welcome you.
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Though pictures start to tell ours story, a exclusive virtual tour, carefully managed visit, or connection to an Ascension Team Member can broaden your views and also impression.

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Comfortable, welcoming environment

We’ve produced a comfortable setting that feeling as lot like home as possible. Private and semiprivate rooms, contemporary and inviting typical rooms and also dining choices that market a variety of appetizing meals served restaurant-style. Family and friends are motivated to visit, remain for a meal and also be a part of your loved one’s life. Us don’t have set visiting hours, therefore you can visit your family member whenever friend wish.

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Opportunities for individual and group tasks fill the calendar, including whatever from arts and also crafts to gardening and book clubs to singalongs and also ice cream socials. Our residents’ spiritual wellness is also component of ours holistic approach.