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Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences ninth EditionAuthor: Visit ‘s Jay L. Devore web page ID: 1305251806


“This text has a great number the examples and exercises that room of high quality. Students enjoy doing the real world problems. I think this is the text’s best strength.”

“The strengths space the material coverage (i.e. Object covered) and also the engineering focus. I would explain this message as a trusted classic.”

About the Author

Jay Devore is Professor Emeritus the Statistics at California Polytechnic State University. That earned his undergraduate degree in engineering Science indigenous the university of California at Berkeley, invested a year in ~ the university of Sheffield in England, and finished his Ph.D. In statistics in ~ Stanford University. Jay previously taught at the university of Florida and at Oberlin College and has had visiting appointments at Stanford, Harvard, the university of Washington, brand-new York University, and also Columbia University. From 1998 come 2006, he served as Chair of the Statistics Department. In addition to this book, Jay has actually written several widely used engineering statistics texts and a publication in applied mathematical statistics. He newly coauthored a text in probability and stochastic processes. That is the receiver of a identified teaching compensation from Cal Poly, is a other of the American statistical Association , and also has offered several terms together an associate Editor that the “Journal of the American statistical Association.” In his preventive time, that enjoys reading, cooking and eating great food, tennis, and travel come faraway places. He is particularly proud of his wife, Carol, a retired elementary school teacher, his daughter Allison, who has actually held number of high-level location in nonprofit organizations in Boston and brand-new York City, and also his daughter Teresa, an ESL teacher in brand-new York City.

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Hardcover: 792 pagesPublisher: Brooks Cole; 9 version (January 1, 2015)Language: EnglishISBN-10: 1305251806ISBN-13: 978-1305251809 Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 8.5 x 10.5 customs Shipping Weight: 3.3 pounds (View shipping rates and policies) finest Sellers Rank: #40,176 in publications (See optimal 100 in Books) #23 inBooks > science & mathematics > math > Pure mathematics > Algebra > elementary school #39 inBooks > business & Money > education and learning & reference > Statistics #54 inBooks > Textbooks > science & math > mathematics > Algebra & Trigonometry

I am certain this book was not intended for engineering students. Every little thing in this publication is created as if the reader currently has master statistics and probability. Over there is tiny to no explanation on any type of of the topics, and also I’ve encountered a variety of end-of-unit questions that have no equivalent lesson or example. I have never felt this puzzled in mine life!

If you’re stuck to a course that needs this book:1) her instructor has probably to be paid kickbacks by the publisher.2) her instructor likely doesn’t treatment if you understand the material, or if you also pass the class.3) your instructor probably doesn’t do really favorably ~ above ratemyprofessor.com

If you’re in an online course that requires this book:1) Consider changing your major

Khan Academy will conserve you hrs of frustration once you’re do the efforts to complete homework and study for exams. This has actually been the only thing that has also remotely aided me v the an initial 3 chapters.

By much the worst textbook I have actually had. I somehow control to be an ext confused after analysis it. If you have a class that provides this textbook, you’d far better hope the you have a an excellent professor.

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The irradiate blue message in the electronic version is really hard come read. Various other than the the contents seems good.Download Probability and Statistics because that Engineering and also the Sciences 9th Edition PDF cost-free Download