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Produce 48 (Korean: 프로듀스포티에잇; Japanese: フォーティーエイト; stylized as PRODUCE48) additionally known informally as create 101 Season 3 is a live fact television show. Likewise aired on Mnet in 2018. The regime is a massive project whereby the "National Producers" (audience) will certainly "produce" a short-lived girl team by voting. For their favorite contestants the end of the 96 contestants, and also choosing your style, debut song, and also group name. The present is a collaboration between the develop 101 series and the AKB48 system.

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Produce 48 is created by AKATV (also the producer of produce 101 Season 2) and airs every Friday night in ~ 23:00 (KST) starting from June 15, 2018.<2> The finale will certainly be broadcast live at 20:00 (KST) on august 31, 2018. The group that come out that the present is IZ*ONE (Hangul: 아이즈원).

Produce 48 gathers 98 contestants, 59 trainees from Korea and 39 members that AKB48 team from Japan, indigenous which the audience will certainly vote for their favorite contestants to kind a oriental group. National - Japan consists of 12 members operating within 2 years and 6 month (30 months). The team will research according to the AKB48 system: "idols you deserve to meet and greet" and perform in their very own theater. The group"s debut album will be produced by famous producer and creator of the AKB48 group Akimoto Yasushi and also Pledis to chat CEO Han Sung-soo. The win members can still job-related in tandem with their initial company.

During the press conference on June 11, 2018, develop 48 claimed that the present only allows and records oriental viewers to vote from the time of that broadcast, while every Japanese viewers poll for it. Space not counted come ensure publicity for the trainees in Korea ~ above the grounds the the popular of the Japanese contestants in your home country is so an excellent that the will reason injustice come the oriental trainees. Has a many reputation, and the winning group will it is in the height 12 in the end, nevertheless of whether it originates from Korea or Japan, but not equally separated into 6 Korea - 6 Japan as initially reported. In the end, the members that the win team consisted of 9 korean members and 3 Japanese members.


National Producer Representative (MC): Lee Seung-gi.

Vocal mentor: Lee Hong-gi (F.T. Island), Soyou (former member ofSistar).

Rap Mentor: Cheetah.

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Performance Advisor: Bae Yoon-jeong, Choi Young-joon, may J Lee(1MILLION dance Studio).