Last week Tim Gunn supplied his save on Cornelius. Dexter isn’t as well happy around it; Erin says she’s happy about it, but I’m dubious. Naturally we’re all ready for a controversial workroom, but Project Runway throws us a twist: They lug in everyone’s moms! No one deserve to be a bully approximately moms!

Tim and also a representative native AARP come right into the workroom to present this challenge. It’s all around women starting a chapter in their lives and to the end, the clients room “special” human being who are start challenges. In walks most people’s moms and also cue the tears! Dexter’s best friend come in, Laurence sees her daughter, and also Roberi’s best friend from Venezuela is there, too.

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After everyone has shared hugs, Tim has ntacoemojishirt.coms that is “titillated” about. The AARP lady claims the win designer will be vested $25,000. However there’s more! The client of the to win designer will obtain $25,000, too. This challenge just obtained much much more interesting. Together if that weren’t exciting enough, Tim speak the developers they’ll have $250 in ~ Mood and TWO DAYS. Cue the squeals now.

The developers have 45 minutes to capture up v their friends and also family while sketching. We automatically learn an ext about these ntacoemojishirt.comcomers: Mah-Jing’s mommy is into hip-hop and also is launching a document label. Laurence’s daughter desires to open French boutiques below to help culture America (good luck, girl!), Rik’s mom is going back to college after 40 years, and Erin’s mom is Mormon. The finest is probably Jenni’s mom, who has actually no clue what she wants. At very first she claims she wants something for a wedding, birthday, or “graduation thing,” but then she decides a cool practice outfit might be nice. Negative Jenni is struggling because that inspiration.

Once the designers wrap up designs, they head come Mood and then acquire to work-related for 6 uneventful hours; castle come earlier the next day because that a complete day the work. The “models” come in for fittings and Tim stop by to perform his critique with the client there.



The morning of the runway, everyone is in a scare per usual. Cornelius starts come say the doesn’t have enough time and also his mom shuts. It. Down. “I don’t want you complaining,” she tells him. “You pull this together.” If over there were always moms in the room, this present would walk so lot differently.

Nathalia is flying about the room trying come finish. She is still at the stacoemojishirt.coming machine when Tim is calling time. He nearly closes the door top top her and also her mother, yet they gain out just in time.

On the runway, Heidi tells Cornelius she’s glad he’s tho around and then introduces the guest judges: Olivia Culpo — a “fashion expert,” follow to the show; Nick Jonas’ ex-girlfriend, follow to Wikipedia — and Katia Beauchamp, the CEO the Birchbox and also one the the investors on Project Runway: Fashion Startup.

After the moms and also friends walk under the runway, Heidi states Laurence, Dexter, and also Cornelius room safe. The continuing to be six designers receive critiques…



Roberi’s friend Suky recently relocated to Panama, wherein she’s working as a graphic designer. Roberi want to create a look she could wear to a cocktail party, and also the judges love it. Olivia states it was among her favorites indigenous the episode due to the fact that it has such a great silhouette. Zac says the textile and dimension is spot-on, and also Katia claims it’s sophisticated, but not boring. Heidi sums it up together “perfection.”


Somtacoemojishirt.comhere along the way, our gold child Erin has fallen turn off the course toward greatness. The look she created for she mom, Whitney, was influenced by a cocoon. A cocoon. Nina says she go too theoretical and it didn’t pay off. Zac says it’s essentially a winter coat with a summer look underneath. Heidi wanted Whitney to it is in in a cool suit, and Olivia stated the proportions room all off.

Rik placed a the majority of love into his mother’s dress. Delia loves the — and the tiny stitched heart, i m sorry was motivated by mariachi embroidering — and also so carry out the judges. They literally “aww” when she opens up her jacket to disclose it. Nina loves the look and says the proportions fit come a T. Zac claims it’s authoritarian yet modern, together if it’s a global outfit. Heidi states it reminds she of a real designer dress — and it looks expensive.

Jenni’s mom, Amanda, offered her pretty blended messages on what to design — and also it reflects in the look. Heidi think it’s the worst one top top the runway and calls it sloppy and also juvenile. Zac appreciates that Amanda likes an patent look, but this outfit doesn’t provide her the sense of government she requirements in she career. Katie says the right is distracting, but if that had been fixed, she may have actually liked the watch better.

Bahamadia, Mah-Jing’s mom, is a badass. Nina claims so, and there’s not a person alive who can disagree. She’s launching a hip-hop label and also she’s a powerful woman, i m sorry Nina says is reflect in she clothing. Heidi says she can tell she’s confident in what she’s wearing, and also Katia states it’s “on point.” Mah-Jing cries together the judges praise him, and it’s simply adorable.

Since she to be wrapping up till the last minute, Nathalia didn’t acquire to complete the hem of her mom’s coat. She also has pins in it, which the judges can see. The doesn’t aid that the coat is oversized, but even the pieces underneath space wrong. Olivia claims the silhouette is hiding Sory’s figure. Heidi states she’s gift swallowed by the clothes. Nathalia start crying — and unlike Mah-Jing, it’s not a great cry.

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I’m sad to see Jenni go, however her look was confusing. I’m blaming she mom. What walk you every think that the episode? permit me know below (in ours ntacoemojishirt.comly revived Disqus comment section) or discover me top top Twitter
Karlie Kloss and also Christian Siriano overview undiscovered developers through the harrowing rites of fashion.

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