PC&A has actually a committed, committed staff ready to be flexible and adapt conveniently to adjust to fulfill the demands of our clients. Our staff offers both professional and technical assistance, and also support both on and off site. In addition, PC&A manages an independent Network that Psychologists because that both the I/DD Waiver and also PASRR programs.

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Rick is among the establishing partners of psychological Consultation and Assessment. He derived his master of Arts level in Clinical Psychology native Marshall college in 1976 and opened his small private practice in 1979. review More…


Linda thrived up in the Huntington, WV area wherein she to visit Marshall University, earning both a Bachelor that Arts degree in psychology and a Master’s level in psychology. check out More…


Kerri Linton i graduated in 1995 from WVU with a Bachelor’s of art in Psychology. She then acquired a skilled Master’s level in Psychology with an emphasis in boy Clinical in 1997 indigenous the exact same institution. check out More…

Kristen Blanks was raised in Keyser, WV. She i graduated from Marshall University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social work-related in 1995 and also a Master’s level in Clinical Psychology in 2001. review More…

Sarah Clendenin is the Office Manager and also Program Coordinator because that the CDCSP program. She has actually been through PC&A since 2004. She background is in marketing and also program development. read More…
Jill Oliver is the routine Coordinator because that the ICF/IID and the I/DD Waiver program. She started her career as a LPN and also then operated as a beautician, an activity that she continues presently. read More…
Leigh Ann rock is a Registered Nurse that contracts through PC&A to execute eligibility determinations for the children with Disabilities ar Services Program. check out More…
Charley Bowen, MA holds a Masters’ degree in boy Psychology native Marshall University. In enhancement to gift a licensed psychologist, that is certified together an Emotionally focused Couples/Family Therapist and also is a Certified Emotionally focused Couples/Family Supervisor. That is also certified in accelerated Resolution Therapy. He has served on the WV board of inspectors of Psychologists due to the fact that 2019.
Jordan Mitchell earned his grasp of Arts level in Clinical Psychology native Marshall university in 2018. He is presently a looked after psychologist through a focus on children, adolescents, and also families. He makes use of Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques along with Emotionally concentrated Therapy models.

PC&A Inc. Was developed in 1979 together a little outpatient practice. Focus was inserted on mental testing, school consultation, and psychotherapy. Over the years, psychological testing has ongoing to be a part of the practice, yet the government consulting and psychotherapy have come to be the center of PC&A. Simplifying facility government issues and also formatting info so the it have the right to be easily connected are component of ours strength.

An early stage meeting with individuals and also organizations seeking aid is a must. Helping individuals and organizations to assess their requirements and clearly communicate the outcome preferred from the start is taken into consideration imperative. Native the onset and throughout the relationship, PC&A staff will help our client to stay focused on the target outcomes and hopefully accomplish the preferred outcome.

During and also following the early meeting, a plan will be occurred related come an individual’s particular needs and/or the organization’s needs. The plan will be outlined succinctly and also discussed and changed as needed. A format will be developed for institutions so that all associated will know the steps and also the result desired.

PCA will construct training modules, high quality assurance plans, data retention plans, and also ongoing monitoring to assure that the plan and also established goals are met.

Regular and routine testimonial of progression is necessary to enable for adjustments in the plan, cultivate opportunities, reestablishing goals, and also remaining concentrated on the target outcomes.

For organizations, outcomes space evaluated with performance procedures for each certain area identified with quality assurance criteria that have to be met and also quantified. When established thresholds are not met a corrective action plan will be developed and adjustments will be made.

PC&A will determine whether the state’s standards space in accordance through the code of federal Regulations and accurately target the severely disabled people with one Intellectual special needs or associated Condition and assure one objective and also justifiable evaluate is in place.

Following the demands Assessment, PC&A will aid with writing eligibility standards. Breakthrough of psychometrically based standards will create an equitable possibility for every applicants. Just need another sentence here to balance. Just need one more sentence below to balance.

Additionally, PC&A will assist to build a battery of emotional tests and assist with training that an elevation cadre the evaluators. This will result in one objective, Independent psychological Evaluation (IPE). Just need one more sentence here to balance. Simply need one more sentence right here to balance.

PC&A will certainly oversee the program and assure the the system features as intended, is person-centered, and also is consistent throughout evaluators. Essential oversight will certainly be detailed to for sure that just eligible applicants obtain benefits.

PC&A will certainly develop and also implement a device of Quality management to assure that the top quality of services is constantly improving and also specified standards space met. Simply need one more sentence here to balance.

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