"When the civilization is cold, mental this: “Ladies and also gentlemen, take it my advice. Pull under your pants and slide ~ above the ice.” Quote Sidney Freedman on MASH.

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The above quote is a memorable one because that me the I often recite is time of stress and anxiety or trouble. It means that periodically in life you can be surrounding by problem or discomfort however you have to retain a feeling of humor and also make the finest of a bad time. Girlfriend can"t it is in serious every one of the time and also sometimes you need to let loosened and have some fun.

I predict the a sled will be invest in at some point in the near future to use on ours long, lengthy driveway down the mountain.


An necessary Lesson to Remember

Whenever it snows here in east Tennessee all i hear are people complaining around how the disrupts everyday life. "I can"t obtain to work." "I can"t go shopping." "All my everyday plans space messed up." human being love come complain when weather throws a wrench in the daily routine of life.

What couple of seem to do is take on the disruption to routine. Once it snows, society stops. Businesses, workplaces, schools, and more close therefore that civilization are totally free to perform what lock want through their time. People are stuck at home with their families and also separated from the rest of society. That is a rarely thing....having time to do what you want while being separated through the social people outside. For one day prior to they plow the roadways you are permitted to not worry about daily responsibilities. Usually once snow close the door businesses there room plans put right into place to provide people much more time to obtain things done like pay bills, accomplish deadlines, etc. When you need to work to salary bills and survive every day, having actually a day as soon as the world just stops and none of the matters isn"t a time to waste.


Take Time To enjoy The Moment

The rare moments when the people stops because that the snow room ones I never ever waste. I invest it v my family and also we take on the snow. We enjoy being trapped in our house with no press to go almost everywhere or reach objectives that concern us ~ above every normal day the life. Snow might be one inconvenience but it is additionally a blessing if you permit yourself to gain the benefits of it.

It"s essential To Teach youngsters To "Slide ~ above The Ice."

I think it"s crucial lesson for civilization to learn. Life is hard. Life is complete of stress, pain, hardships, etc. Every once in a while that is okay to take it a moment and also have fun. Ns really don"t recognize many kids who don"t currently know just how to gain a minute of relief. When school is closed for eye most youngsters celebrate the disruption to life. They walk outside and play in the snow and find happiness in weather taken into consideration to be an inconvenience to the civilization of adults.

Hear this quote ~ above the last episode of MASH.


It is necessary to teach children responsibility but it is likewise important come teach them the services of taking time to gain life. I feel like many adults forget this and also don"t take advantage of opportunities to be complimentary of society restraints for short quantities of time. Whenever the snows I understand I will certainly hear complaint after complain from adult in my society world around how eye sucks and also messes increase life but I neglect them. If they make themselves miserable wishing castle could continue the same program they live work after day, mine family and also I will be taking time to do the best of poor weather to have actually time because that happy memories.

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There will certainly be plenty of time because that you to focus on being responsible and far too countless moments when you feeling stress and also unhappiness. Once you have actually the possibility to take it time for yourself, you need to take it and also create moments of happiness.