Item size LxWxH10 x 6.9 x 2 inches
Item Weight0.45 Pounds

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About this itemStain ResistantFind item you need in a flashKeeps items neat and also secureMakes an altering handbags fast and easy- no messSet that 2
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ns have had actually a Kangaroo goalkeeper in my purses for about 6 year or so. They finally bit the dust a couple of months ago so ns bought a 2nd set. They are good to keep your purse organized and tidy add to it makes it so straightforward to relocate from purse to purse. This is the very first time that i have had a light in the so ns cannot review that component of it. There are two sizes and also if you need simply a small bit an ext space you deserve to turn the keeper inside out wherein the pockets are on the outside instead the the inside.
i am i m really sorry to say the these room NOT the initial Kangaroo Keeper"s that are shown on "as checked out on tv". Lock are really generic, have no pouches (like the initial ones, they room not made of nice cloth, instead of plastic, - and also the clean plastic pouch that holds the light is cracked and also dry rotted. I am returning immediately and also going to order the actual deals native as seen on Buyer beware. What you view is no what friend get.
my grandmother has been finding it s her shopping an ext on here because the pandemic. She will look and then ask me to location the order because that her. She wanted this to assist keep her an ext organized. She told me that the keeper is make well and also that she"s happy with this purchase.
on the large purse organizer the irradiate didnt work. That"s the only reason I obtained it because that my wifes she uses earlier packs for this reason its difficult for she to uncover stuff thought the light would certainly help. Various other than the light she organized it and she had alot that room in her small backpack.
Cheap, non-flexible, and also smells poor - choose something make from cheap plastic and stuck in a plastic bag for years. Rather small for my purse and made the stink. I don"t recommend this product. Look for something better.
Product is flimsy, does no stand up on the own. Many pockets space useless. Pic on box looked like it had actually a framework that preserved the product was standing on that own, yet it doesn"t. Stitching is messy. Only an excellent thing is that it arrived quickly. Wouldn"t purchase this again.
Product is flimsy, does not stand up on its own. Many pockets are useless. Pic on box looked choose it had a structure that retained the product standing on that own, but it doesn"t. Stitching is messy. Only an excellent thing is the it come quickly. Wouldn"t purchase this again.
This point is pathetic. It"s tiny, flimsy, has actually pockets for this reason small, they won"t organize anything larger than a pen, and also it smells AWFUL. Not worth the trouble of returning, therefore I"ll be dumping this at my next garage sale.
i actually thought this was something various other than what it was - so i ordered the Joey Jr. "Wrap Around" purse insert after ~ I got the Kangaroo Keeper. This doesn"t have deep enough pockets in it to really help to organize your purse. Over there IS a little light on it, but there is no way to securely anchor it!

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