i am having difficulties with this Python regime I am developing to carry out maths, working out and also so solutions however I"m obtaining the syntaxerror: "unexpected character after line extension character in python"

this is mine code

print("Length between sides: "+str((length*length)*2.6)+" 1.5 = "+str(((length*length)*2.6)1.5)+" Units")My difficulty is through 1.5 I have actually tried 1.5 yet it doesn"t work

Using python 2.7.2



The backslash is the line extension character the error article is talking about, and also after it, only newline characters/whitespace are allowed (before the next non-whitespace proceeds the "interrupted" line.

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print "This is a an extremely long string that doesn"t fit" + "on a solitary line"Outside the a string, a backslash deserve to only show up in this way. Because that division, you desire a slash: /.

If you desire to write a verbatim backslash in a string, escape that by doubling it: "\"

In her code, you"re utilizing it twice:

print("Length between sides: " + str((length*length)*2.6) + " 1.5 = " + # within a string; treated together literal str(((length*length)*2.6)1.5)+ # outside a string, treated together line cont # character, yet no newline follows -> failure " Units")


You need to press enter after continuation character

Note: room after continuation character leader to error

cost = "apples": <3.5, 2.4, 2.3>, "bananas": <1.2, 1.8>0.9 * average(cost<"apples">) + """enter here"""0.1 * average(cost<"bananas">)


The department operator is / fairly than .

Also, the backslash has actually a special meaning inside a Python string. Either escape that with one more backslash:

"\ 1.5 = "`or usage a raw string

r" 1.5 = "


Well, what do you try to do? If you desire to usage division, usage "/" no "".If that is something else, define it in a bit much more detail, please.

As the others already mentioned: the department operator is / rather than **.If you wanna publish the ** character in ~ a string you need to escape it:

print("foo \")# will print: foo I think to publish the string you want I think girlfriend gonna need this code:

print("Length in between sides: " + str((length*length)*2.6) + " \ 1.5 = " + str(((length*length)*2.6)/1.5) + " Units")And this one is a more readable variation of the over (using the format method):

message = "Length in between sides: 0 \ 1.5 = 1 Units"val1 = (length * length) * 2.6val2 = ((length * length) * 2.6) / 1.5print(message.format(val1, val2))
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