A leaked video shows off the new Rainbow 6 Siege season 4 DLC map i beg your pardon is likely dubbed Skyscraper, and also gives a quick glimpse of one of the brand-new operators.

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Rainbow six Siege Japan Operator

A leaked video shows off the new Rainbow 6 Siege season 4 DLC map i m sorry is likely referred to as Skyscraper, and gives a quick glimpse of one of the new operators.

it was practically a year back that Ubisoft Japan jumped the gun and also posted an image of one of the Rainbow six Siege Japanese operators, but fans have actually been retained in the dark ever since about the mysterious season four content. Regardless of the studio"s best efforts, a brand-new video clip detailing the new season four map and one the the Japanese operators has now concerned light, allowing Rainbow six Siege football player to gain their first real look in ~ the upcoming content.

The leaked footage reflects off many of the new map, which we believe is called Skyscraper. In the video, the player is explaining whereby the ideal spots whereby to make holes in the wall for ambushes, and players can obtain multiple views of the skyscraper-topping restaurant which appears to it is in the focus of the map.

Eagle-eyed gamers will also be maybe to catch a few glimpses the the new Japanese defender (pictured here), whose icon seems come resemble a drone. There have been numerous longstanding rumors around an operator utilizing a flyable drone together his distinct ability, so the stands to factor that this may be case here.

Unfortunately, no news has actually come forth around the Japanese attacker yet, which will certainly be a female operator if the sample of a male and female operator duo continues. A cryptic short article from a week back on the Rainbow six Siege subreddit predicted what to be revealed today, but likewise indicated that the Japanese female attacker would have actually imploding grenades which could blow holes v reinforced walls, providing the attacking squad a nice alternate to Thermite.

In any type of event, it"s interesting to gain a look at the new content to join the existing DLC operators. Ubisoft will certainly be doing all that it can to maintain the influx of players who have come in because Operation Skull Rain, together the eSports pushing title now has more active players 보다 it had throughout launch.

In the meantime, today"s console patch introduces plenty of brand-new updates and pest fixes come the battlefield. Among the most notable fixes indicate the Brazilian operator Caveira and her unique interrogation ability. Before the patch, players might disconnect together Caveira started the interrogation procedure to protect against the relocate from revealing their squad"s location, yet the patch currently ensures that also if dishonest players disconnect, their squad will certainly still it is in revealed.

Ubisoft is additionally including a network upgrade in an initiative to do its servers much more reliable.

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Plus, the agency has likewise included a brand-new anti-bullying update to lug further penalty to repeat teamkillers.