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----------------------------------------Heh, this illustration was kinda funny.We acquired Subaru coping v the consequences of the loop. Rather a little of lewd moment lol like him and Roswaal hanging out and also Ram giving him a bath towel while that is nude. I likewise find it amusing at just how he works through the twins around the house, funny fun. Subaru likewise getting along rather well with the locals though. Obviously not everything is normal through the stuff going on through the darker developments.Lewd. Additionally glad to watch the ED credits with an ext visuals.

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Losing all those moments with all those people must suck. Bad Subaru! Luckily it didn't take too lengthy for him to snap the end of it and act optimistic. Lol, we gained some Roswaal manservice. It's funny due to the fact that he has the exact same seiyuu as this guy...
And it's quite to see Ram to teach Subaru how to read and also write. This illustration felt just as relaxing together the last episode due to its more SoL feel. And least Subaru gained to invest time with Rem and also Ram. I passed away at Subaru slipping xD. And there's another nice moment between Subaru and also Emilia. And also finally... ED visuals!!! Make certain to watch after the ED.

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that f*cking after ~ credits scene though!!!! the coldness must've been extreme, and also man, Subaru just acquired slaughtered again! One cliffhanger finishing after another!!! Time tor restart :D
GoldenDevilGamer walk you see the after credits scene? If no you have too! It's the vital scene this episode and I'm mind-blown they lugged it in
The ED visuals are finally out! It clues a the majority of things too...and the last scene...was therefore brutal .. T.TBut ns really prefer the pacing, I deserve to see this episode(combined through the ED) foreshadowed rather a number of things..
Mezter said:The ED visuals are lastly out! It clues a many things too...and the last scene...was so brutal .. T.T
I'm surprised they brought it in however I'm therefore happy they did...and props come White Fox. They way they did it was just WOW. The confront expressions of dying Subaru sent out shivers under your spine and also the lifeless arm hanging from the cup, the wall surfaces painted in red. And also then the sound of the skull crushing. I supposed this to happen in episode 6 and that episode coming to be the transforming point however they already did the this episode. Ns love them. White Fox