That was the large question top top The actual Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 illustration 8 when the women were required to be in the presence of every other. 

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When the episode kicked off, Kenya Moore was tough at occupational shooting a PSA about domestic violence. That"s as soon as she to reduce the bomb the she was stabbed in her younger year by a violent boyfriend. 

It sounded like a harrowing event, and also Moore was open about the reality that she can have died after all of it. Sheree Whitfield was drafted in to help out. 

However, Sheree wanted to make sure that Kenya was not making the PSA all around herself, however things acquired awkward once Kenya dubbed Sheree and also intern. 


Elsewhere, Nene Leakes want to shot and placed her beef v Porsha Williams aside, therefore Marlo Hampton appeared on the step to try and orchestrate a sit down in between the warring friends. 

When the conference occurred, Porsha began things turn off by saying she had no idea why every the conversations turned right into something awful. 

Porsha to be adamant that she had been a great friend to her by showing her support once she appeared in company ventures exterior of the show. 

“You could give two craps about this. Ns can totally see it her eyes. I can see that in your gestures, and also I have the right to see the in your jokes,” Porsha said to Nene. “There’s just nothing there. There’s just nothing there like that.”


That seemed like enough for Nene to dominion that the friendship to be over, and there to be absolutely no method of fixing it. Marlo was upset since she thought she had actually actually gained through come the women. 

Maybe she forgot the memo that she was showing up on The real Housewives the Atlanta or something. The 2 women are never ever going to it is in friends, for this reason it"s finest for them just to be amicable to reduced all the crap. 

Meanwhile, Kandi and Todd to be vocal around their organization being a success, but not everyone felt the same about it.

The family members were picking the end slight niggles around the establishment, however why would Kandi and Todd adjust anything if castle are turning in a huge profit?

It make very tiny sense and also seemed prefer the form of scene that was thrown in since Porsha and also Nene"s meet-up had fewer fireworks 보다 the producers had hoped. 


After that, Kandi checked in through Sheree to view if she had opened up to the kids about the violence in her previous relationship. 

When that was the end of the way, Kandi wasted no time in telling Sheree all around Nene claiming Sheree"s new man to be a con artist. 

“Really, Nene? You and Gregg both have actually mug shots,” Sheree stated to the camera v a look of disgust. 

In the end, the women put all of the drama aside because that the PSA. Cynthia put her mother up to speak about the ramifications of domestic violence. 

“I know it’s going to be tough for she to do this, however I’m really proud of her,” Cynthia stated to the camera. 


Nene had actually some indigenous of her own around her an initial relationship and also how the male went on to hit her. 

“I continued to be in that relationship for a an extremely long time, and also I ended up having actually a kid in that relationship and also then eventually I to be able to gain out,” Nene said.

Things take it an explosive turn as soon as Sheree claimed “I’ve been in an accident” once Kenya checked up top top her.

Somehow, she made it to the stage at the last 2nd and aced her part of the show. 

It"s rare the an illustration of this show is informative, but the fact the ladies all came with each other for a good cause confirmed there might be light at the end of the tunnel for them. 

What did you think the the episode?

Sound turn off below!

RHOA proceeds Sunday nights top top Bravo. 

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