CG Hill

This 185-acre park is a appropriate for tiny group gatherings. At the center of the park is a 2 1/2 acre fishing lake through a gazebo and courtyard ~ above one end and also a 500+ year old yellow poplar tree at the other. Led walking trails additionally extend throughout the park.

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Horizons Park

492 acres renders this park the second largest in County. Horizons is proud to sell the Happy Hounds Dog Park, a complimentary 18-hole bowl golf course, picnic shelter, softball field, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pit and also playground.


Joanie Moser Memorial Park

Joanie Moser supplies many opportunities for individual and also group athletics. This park has actually two tennis courts, 2 playgrounds, a sand volleyball court, soft ball field, horseshoe pit, half basketball court and picnic shelter.


Kernersville Lake Park

This park is a full of 160 acre - 60 acres of which space taken up by the lake itself. Groups and also individuals can enjoy lakeside picnicking and also fishing from either a boat or the bank.


Old U.S. 421 flow Park

Old U.S. 421 river Park is just one of several access points follow me the Yadkin river Trail. The primary purpose the the website is for public access to the Yadkin river for canoeing, fishing, and family picnicking.


Tanglewood Park

Tanglewood is well-off in history, beauty and southern charm. Through a little over 1,100 acres, this park supplies an aquatic center, horse stables, many rental facilities, the Manor home Bed & Breakfast, Tanglewoof Dog Park, BMX track, 2 golf courses, 2 lakes, tennis courts and also an RV Campground.

Triad Park

Triad Park is a joint undertaking of and Guilford Counties. In ~ a complete of 430 acres, amenities at Triad encompass an amphitheater, the Carolina field of Honor, the Patriot key Golf Course, an indoor rental facility, picnic shelters, horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, a soft ball field, soccer field and much more!

Union cross Park

Union cross Park was County"s very first developed park. This 15-acre park"s key strength is its excellent softball facilities. This park also has a picnic shelter, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, basketball court, playgroup and also horseshoe pits.

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Walkertown neighborhood Park

This 28-acre park is an energetic site for youth baseball, soccer, and tennis. In the wooded area, the picnic shelter, with an adjacent playground, offers an excellent location for team picnics.

Parks and Recreation

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