The notice of the 2017 Red Bull Air race season reveals a long-anticipated return to among the most memorable stop in the 10-year background of the world Championship, to add a debut at a brand-new venue in Russia.

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Matthias Dolderer the Germany performs during the finals of the first stage that the Red Bull air Race human being Championship in Abu Dhabi, joined Arab Emirates on march 12, 2016. Red Bull Photo

The 2017 season of the Red Bull Air gyeongju will begin with that diamond 75th race and conclude at the motorsport mecca; Indianapolis engine Speedway. Follow me the way, the official world Championship will celebrate its 10th season with a long-awaited return to San Diego, U.S., as well as a premier in Kazan, Russia.

The eight-race calendar takes turn off on Feb. 10 and also 11, 2017, with the solemn event of a dual anniversary: UAE will note the 75th Red Bull Air race of the human being Championship and the 10th continuous season opener in Abu Dhabi. Then on April 15 and 16, the raceplanes will go back to San Diego, which came to be a favourite over three consecutive periods from 2007 come 2009.

Next: A third stop in Chiba, Japan, top top June 3 and also 4. 90,000 fans cheered residence hero Yoshihide Muroya to his first race win last year, and his triumph only sustained their passion. The exhilaration will continue on July 1 and 2, together the raceplanes dart under the Chain leg in Budapest, Hungary, the spiritual home of the sport.

As the summer continues, the Red Bull waiting Race will certainly write a new chapter in that is history. A July debut in the Sports funding of Russia, Kazan, through its wealthy 1,000-year-old society and colourful skyline then the fight for the championship will relocate to two much more locations in Europe, which will be announced later.

The season finale will certainly rev up earlier in the U.S. On Oct. 14 and 15, with the 2nd consecutive race at the epos motorsport track of the Indianapolis motor Speedway, whereby the 2017 Red Bull waiting Race human being Champion will be crowned.

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“I can’t remember once I’ve been so excited around a season. The calendar go from stamin to strength, through every avoid holding special meaning as one of two people a landmark ar in the sport’s background or a premiere in a dramatic brand-new setting,” stated Erich Wolf, general manager the Red Bull wait Race. “We’re particularly thrilled to bring high-speed, low-altitude racing to a brand-new audience in Russia. Every pilot and also team is keen to clinch the honour of win the 75th Red Bull Air race at the opener in Abu Dhabi simply a few weeks from now, and also the pace and also intensity will only build throughout the season. What a year it’s going come be.”

Canadian Pete McLeod will be back on the Red Bull Air gyeongju circuit because that 2017.

“After a building year in 2016 I’ve do a many progress on consistency in mine flying, and the team will be working much more on the technical side the the aircraft performance to continue building in 2017,” claimed McLeod in a Red Bull push release. “The goal needs to it is in to acquire the aircraft faster this year and fly like last year.”

Red Bull Air race 2017 Calendar:

Feb. 10 and 11: Abu Dhabi, UAE;April 15 and 16: san Diego, U.S.;June 3 and 4: Chiba, Japan;July 1 and also 2: Budapest, Hungary;July 22 and also 23: Kazan, Russia;Aug. 12 and also 13: TBA, Europe;Sept. 2 and also 3: TBA, Europe; andOct. 14 and also 15: Indianapolis, U.S.