I began writing about "Red Dead Redemption 2" once I i found it how small info was obtainable online.

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Who was Responsible because that This?

Remember in Red Dead Redemption when it would rain? so you determined to uncover the nearest town and also wait it out by play a card game? No? simply me? #historicallyaccurateroleplay then . . . Fine anyway, this time there space a series of challenges you deserve to complete. Exactly how much money you make and/or lose is based upon luck. Or at the very least the computer system algorithm Rockstar put into place called "luck."

For the benefits of your sanity, I would recommend skipping these difficulties unless you're do the efforts to go for 100% completion. Speaking from experience, and along with the other obstacles available, these can feel prefer a real grind. I typical the finest strategy for any type of of Red Dead Redemption 2's challenges is to pace yourself, yet with the Gambler Challenges, you're going to feel like you're wasting your time.

Don't obtain me dorn the very first seven room fun, but Challenges eight-ten feel prefer the developer ran out of ideas and also never bothered to have actually an emergency think tank. Though it's feasible they're holy spirit brutal because they supposed completion seekers. Regardless I'll aid you the best I can because unlike other posts online, i won't bull s*** you about some non-existent strategy.

Pace Yourself

This is miscellaneous I point out a lot for all of the Challenges, but the thing about the Gambler difficulties is that you deserve to do these all from chapter 2. I really implore you not to grind these (or any of the challenges for the matter). Since you're going to rob you yourself of the enjoyment that exploration and story missions. You might even start to feeling a tiny contempt.

So if you're hell-bent ~ above wading with these obstacles do them favor this:

Challenge #1: Do this ~ the thing 2 Mission "Who Is without Sin".Challenge #2: After you begin Chapter 3 ride into Rhodes and also do this at the Saloon.Challenge #3: Do a pair missions, take it a train come Annesberg, climate ride southern to van Horn, from there Stagecoach whereby you must go.Challenge #4 and also #5: Do these at the beginning of chapter 4.Challenges #6 and also #7: Do in thing 4 yet sort that midway through, through a pair of missions in-between to rest the monotony.Challenges #8-#10: Don't even bother with these, but if you're going for a 100% playthrough conserve them for throughout or after ~ the Epilogue. Chapters 5 and 6 move along in ~ a kind of pace wherein you won't bother wanting come do obstacles in general. Let alone do ones created by an apparent mad man.

Gambler difficulty #1: win 5 hands of Poker

When You can Do It: This difficulty can be started during the chapter 2 mission "Who Is no Without Sin" if you expropriate to beat Poker, or you deserve to start the at any type of time in ~ the beginning of chapter 2

Ride come Flatneck station (South-West that Valentine) and also spend $2.50 to buy-in come the Poker video game there. You don’t have to win EVERY hand, just 5 of them. Her success is based on your beginning two cards. I’ll go much more into that with an obstacle #4 below, for now, reap the game and an excellent luck! (Also refer to the chart posted with an obstacle #4, it's a prevalent aid for all of the Poker related obstacles in this guide).


Gambler challenge #2: In Blackjack, double Down and Win the Hand 5 Times

When You can Do It: In chapter 2, yet I would say wait till Chapter 3 since that part of the game takes ar in that area

The earliest, and closest, Blackjack table video game I honestly know of is in ~ the Hotel in Rhodes. The story takes you over there in thing 3, however in thing 2 you deserve to take the train native Valentine over there to acquire at this challenge early, it’s approximately you.(Remember girlfriend don't desire to grind these for the benefits of your sanity).

The method Blackjack functions is you want to acquire a 21, or at the very least Bust (over 21) the Dealer to success the hand. It’s a game versus the house, not other players. Not every hand will constitute Doubling-Down, few of those you’ll lose, hopefully at least 5 you’ll win, yet bet tiny and that won’t hurt her wallet (or coin purse? everything they used back then . . .) If you have anything end 17, Stand. Noþeles 9-16 Double-Down. This an obstacle will take it a while, however it’s nice easy. Also, ns don’t recommend a casual “make it rain” perspective if you’re playing Blackjack in real-life. (In fact, i implore you no to use any strategy in real-life that requires gambling, it's no worth that or advised.)

Gambler an obstacle #3: win 3 games of 5 Finger Fillet

When You can Do It: thing 2, ~ the Mission “Blessed space The Meek?” or thing 3 if you take it my advice about an obstacle #2.

When they to speak “games” lock actually average “rounds," you simply need to win 3 “rounds” of Five-Finger Fillet come qualify for this Challenge. What you’re going to desire to carry out is “go ~ above tour” to make it easier for yourself, or you have the right to just beat all 3 rounds in one location. If you’re that experienced then ns say walk for it, however for the switch pushily disabled prefer myself perform the following.

There room three locations that I understand of off-hand (ha!); Strawberry, Valentine, and also Van Horn trade Post. Begin at the one in Valentine, right outside the smaller Saloon. The first round is constantly a two-button sequence, easy to win. The objective is to get as many (preferably MORE) laps in 20 secs than her opponent. You can end your rotate early, as soon as you have much more laps, through pulling Left Trigger/L2. Each round has actually three turns, however whoever scores greater twice wins the round. Prior to round 2 starts, exit the table. You just "won" one video game of Five-Finger Fillet.

Next take it the Stagecoach come Strawberry (once again you need to have uncovered the town by heading to Micha's mission marker for "Blessed space The Meek?") and also play a round v THAT guy.

If girlfriend haven't found Van Horn Trading post yet just go perform a few missions to pass the days, then repeat the process with the man in Valentine or Strawberry to victory your third "game."

Gambler an obstacle #4: Bust One Poker adversary Out in every Location

When You have the right to Do It: After difficulty #3

No this one isn't around a jailbreak; what they average is you should make a player, in Poker, lose every one of their money in one hand. The best way to perform this is with going All-In top top a hand, however you got to make sure it's a very an excellent hand. Her hand is mainly based upon your start two cards, utilizing the Texas host 'Em chart listed below do the adhering to strategy come ensure to win is much more likely.

Any two cards that room red Fold, and also then push Right Bumper/R1 to relocate things along. Any two cards that room yellow play until among the other players raise (this doesn't happen all of the time but it's many likely). Eco-friendly cards space playable yet don't Raise uneven you feel confident about your hand. Blue cards space the most likely to bust another player out however don't walk All-In till the other 5 cards are revealed. If the opponent thinks they have actually a far better hand they will additionally go All-In as well, and then if you win you'll bust lock out. That moment doesn't come roughly often therefore you'll need to play a couple of hands (in each location) until you finish this Challenge.

Don't permit the suits in Saint Denis silly you; the players space the exact same in every location, it's simply the buy-in quantities that change. Use the graph below and you'll have a much better chance of winning. If you want to let off some steam (at the danger of gaining a want level the is) you have the right to conduct Sharpshooter challenge #9 quickly on the poker football player in Saint Denis.


Even despite it's a video game, and is based on code, this chart still works with it because that the many part.

Poker Listings

Gambler difficulty #5: win 3 rounds of Dominoes there is no Drawing any Tiles versus 2 or fewer Opponents

When You deserve to Do It: After difficulty #4

Go to the Dominoes video game in Emerald Ranch, it's the most basic version that the game that doesn't involve enhance fives, and also threes, or whatever. I never ever liked those specific versions the the game since even as soon as YOU DO get a number the is a multiple friend don't score any type of points!

Anyway, there's plenty much more to rant about later, because that now, press and also hold Y/Triangle to spend $1 to start playing. Just make certain it's just two adversaries or this won't work. If it's one man sitting there you're an ext likely to draw a tile throughout this Challenge. "But wait Eric, what the hell does the mean?" you're thinking. Every player it s okay a collection of Dominoes, the rest go into a place called the "boneyard", and also THOSE space the Dominoes you desire to avoid. However, Arthur and other football player will only draw indigenous the boneyard if they have actually no various other pieces to play.

Thank God this difficulty doesn't have to be excellent consecutively (that genital pains is conserved for a later Challenge) you basically just need to keep playing games of Dominoes, without DRAWING, until you win 3 rounds not games. Points are rewarded depending upon how numerous pips (the small dots top top the domino tiles) your adversaries have. That contains you! So be petty and also play any type of dominoes that have actually a many pips to save the other man from earning too countless points in ~ the end of the round.

If you start to feeling mentally fatigued (or you're among those people that likes to break something) please go perform some story goals or various other Challenges. It deserve to be difficult trying to grind three wins in a row. Your progression won't be reset if you decision to take a breather, and also I extremely recommend acquisition a break. That is if you didn't take my previously advice and just skipped the Gambler challenges altogether . . .


This would certainly be the right setup for no drawing any kind of tiles, yet unfortunately Rockstar plan ahead. For this reason come back when there's one or two players here.

Gambler challenge #6: to win the Blackjack Dealer in Every Location

When You can Do It: After difficulty #5

The two places are Rhodes and also Van Horn trade Post. What this challenge indicates is that you have to play Blackjack at every of these places until you win against the Dealer. It only takes one to win hand. As soon as you win the dealer in one place, take it a Stagecoach come the other and also play till you get a win hand there too.

In my ethical opinion, this is among the easiest Gambler Challenges, and also can be excellent if you just like playing Blackjack. Remember was standing on 17 or higher and Aces are either worth one or 11 points.


Gambler difficulty #7: to win the five Finger Fillet Player in Every Location

When You deserve to Do It: After difficulty #6

Ok in ~ this allude I deserve to smell the Rockstar started running the end of concepts for these Challenges. In fact, these were more than likely one the the last things they worked on before the finish of production. This an obstacle is an exact repeat of the one in difficulty #3. All you need to do is beat the an initial opponent making use of the two-button sequence and also you're good! take it a Stagecoach to the various other two locations (depending on i beg your pardon you made decision first) and also beat them too.

The three locations are van Horn trade Post, Valentine, and also Strawberry. If the player isn't there, sleep at the surrounding Hotel (each among these locations has actually one) till the following day. Play Solo Filet doesn't count towards this Challenge. It must though! Jerks . . .

If you have actually made the this far . . .

Just save in mind that the complying with three challenges are doable, they're no impossible. Yet they will take a many time. This are more like endurance challenges than games of skill. There's no lucky hat or trinket prefer "Fallout: brand-new Vegas" that can help make these go smoother. I'm sure you to be hoping there was (I know I was), for this reason it's involved the allude where I'm really just writing this guide so the the series isn't incomplete.

TL;DR: Endurance, there is no luck, simply patience.

Gambler an obstacle #8: victory 3 hands of Blackjack through 3 access time or More

When You deserve to Do It: When you uncover the will certainly to want to.

I seem to remember some write-up I came across, around three days after Red Dead Redemption 2 come out, whereby some male ranted around how for this reason painfully difficult Gambler challenge #2 was. Boy, ns bet he love this one! He had actually no idea what he was complaining about. THIS an obstacle is the epitome of wasted time.

You deserve to play Blackjack for hours prior to you get even one hand wherein you hit 3 times without Busting (going over 21 points). The finest thing to carry out is sit in ~ the far right next of the table (if you can) that means you're the an initial to bet and also play. Also, bet small.

A lot of of world say it's based on luck, yeah sort of, since "luck" kind of comes in a wave of computer system coding. It's more about patience. You must be a stubborn s.o.b. Yet you also need to overlook what the game tells friend sometimes. For example, a Nine and also an Ace equals 20, but once you Hit that Ace will certainly go from being an 11 come one point. As such you want to expect you gain Aces so friend only gain ONE point per Hit. Or other low cards that add up come 21 as you Hit. It's not impossible but it is a rare occurrence.

So if you're REALLY devoted to act this difficulty you should have actually your phone comfortable to happen the time, OR it is in a struggling writer keying up an virtually useless article. Come each your own, however, you desire to pass the time.

Gambler difficulty #9: win 3 gamings of Dominoes in a Row

When You have the right to Do It: No execute you really want to?

It doesn't issue how countless players are at the table, or if you draw tiles indigenous the boneyard or not. This is yet just one more trial of sufferance (emphasis top top the "suffer"). General consensus seems to be that play All Fives is helpful for this Challenge, but because I still can't seem to personally wrap mine mind about how that variation works simply do whatever game the Dominoes works finest for you.

I managed to to win this challenge, after a lengthy time, play the standard game at Emerald Ranch. Ns don't desire to sound favor that man in many YouTube videos who says "it's simply luck lol" however it pretty much is. If you feel like you're about to lose, after winning one game, you have the right to quit climate rejoin without resetting your progress.

After one excruciating undetermined size of time, you WILL get three wins in a row. After you're done consider if you're a masochist for putting yourself with that nonsense.

Because that story spoiler I didn't record a video, however as you can see you WILL ultimately beat challenge #9. And then probably need a drink . . .

Gambler challenge #10: victory 3 hand of Poker in a Row

When You deserve to Do It: Once you've rediscovered the will certainly to live after an obstacle #9

Compared to the last two challenges this one isn't therefore bad. You deserve to thankfully press Right Bumper/R1 to skip ahead with hands if points aren't walk well. Neglect the chart ns posted with an obstacle #4, friend can't afford come muck cards if you're trying come win three hands in a row. Folding will reset your streak. Usage the chart till you acquire a winning hand, climate hope the following two are winners together well. Bluffing is actually a great tactic with this difficulty though intend opposing players to contact your bluff. In ~ which suggest I expect you have actually a good hand or you'll reset the challenge for losing.

Once you success the an initial hand (using an obstacle #4's chart), just push on till you gain three in a row.

Because that story spoilers I couldn't document a video, as you deserve to see it have the right to be done, though ns don't know if girlfriend would also want to acquire this far.

Remember perseverance is the just trick to this Challenges, unfortunately. Arbitrarily "luck" and being stubborn. I hope you make a conserve so in situation you go for 100% you deserve to do it later.

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A great place for challenge 9 is Emerald terminal with one other player. I won 5 games in a row while doing challenge 5.