Read this chapter 6-3 walkthrough guide of Resident evil 5 (RE5), including 6-3 Wesker ceo fight tips, emblem locations, treasures, and also more.

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Exit with the red door then open up the orange door
Use the elevator to head down
Turn left then proceed to the sheet of the platform. Jump down
Jump under to the water. Climb up the ladder in ~ the side of the pool
Climb increase the stair then use the lever at the end of it
Defend against secondary bulkhead till it opens
Go within the second bulkhead area
Use the levers found under the stairway to open up the primary bulkhead
Defend while main bulkhead opens
Defeat the Gattling gun Majinis. Prey the Keycard native them
Open the door using the keycards that you got
Open the door in ~ the end of the hallway
Defeat Wesker
Complete the cutscene fast time events
Move forward across the volcano area
Drive away Wesker
Continue down the path
Push / beat the boulder
Lure Wesker come the final area
Defeat Wesker

Chapter 6-3 Mission Tips

6. Defend versus Enemies at an additional Bulkhead

Swarm of enemies will overwhelming the Area




There"s a Maching total stationed within the area the you have the right to use to deal substantial damage versus the Gattling total Majinis. Her partner can man it while girlfriend distact the Majinis or vice versa.

Do not Forget to Loot Keycards

The 2 Keycards necessary to unlock the door is on the Gattling gun Majinis. After beating one, make certain to loot it or remember wherein it is prior to dealing v the other.


The Rocket Launcher is important for this fight. Make sure to loot it close to one the the irradiate fixes as shortly as the battle starts. Ammo deserve to be found on the soil or in ~ the top area.

Turn off the lamp to Disorient Wesker

Turning turn off the lights have the right to distract Wesker sufficient for you to land her shots. Simply make sure not come shoot him to his front since he will still evade that.

Shoot the Warhead when He"s hold It

When Wesker take away the fire Warhead and holds it in his hands, easily shoot it to deal damage! At some point, this will certainly even end the battle.

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Part 2 - volcanic Area

Do no Come Close once He swings His Arm

Stay far from Wesker together he spins his eight around. If friend get captured by it, chris will automatically be thrown off the cliff and also die. This will fail the mission.

Do Prompts to Dodge arm Strike

When Wesker has actually his arm up in the air, shot to circle around him. If you"re in ~ range, you"ll acquire a prompt come dodge. Make certain to execute so or you"ll receive tons of damage!

Hit Exposed Orange Chest & earlier Area


Wesker"s chest and earlier area will alternating between being covered and also uncovered, offering you avenues to deal damage to his weak spot. Prioritize the orange glow spot at all times!