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I really thought that Alfred and also Margarette to be going to be in trouble after thefts Victoria's pudding.

Damn, that Carbonara and also the Children's Lunch certain looked good.

I love the truth that as she came now with her niece and nephew Victoria notified something else before getting she desserts.

The Cream Croquette that Pikke and also Pakke was alos good. So ns guess this episode was a sibling's theme one.

If the master had actually not stated I would not have thought they were halflings.

Oh shit, over there is a Lamia next week!

I gotta go to Japanese household restaurant and order a youngsters lunch set, the shit looks so good.

Btw execute you have actually a stitch that the tower, town and also door? Thanks

Also room you the town hall Komi-san this season?

If the master had actually not mentioned I would certainly not have thought they to be halflings.

It's easy to miss, but they have actually furry feet favor the hobbits in lord of the Rings.

Never walk in the tower.

Kids automatically go in the tower, find a magic box, and also start eating what's inside it. These kids are definitely going to finish up dead if castle don't acquire some far better supervision.

I wonder if this people has an identical for Mr. Yuk stickers.

See more: One Of The Boys Loud House, One Of The Boys (The Loud House)

I understand right, stealing pudding is a funding crime in plenty of anime, those children are lucky to acquire off as lightly together they did.

Well the an initial half to be adorable! We have Victora aka Pudding ala setting taking her niece and also nephew to Nekoya after ~ the 2 snuck right into her tower and also discovered her magic cooler box whereby she keeps she pudding stash. Ns love exactly how she tries come be proper adult in former of she niece and also nephew by not starting with desert and also ordering a savory enjoy the meal for once. It was simply basically Victoria gift the cool aunt and bonding with her family. Couple of businessman halflings that are making a life by stable stew with the so called "knight's sauce". I'm forgot what the knight sauce is (I think it's bechamel) yet I psychic it mentioned at some allude in Season 1 and also it's something that was duplicated from Nekoya. This halflings certainly live approximately the halfling surname though and also absolutely stuffed themselves! and also knowing halflings, this is simply dinner for them and there's still supper after! xD