Track down every relic, mural, and paper in increase of the tomb Raider with our complete locations guide

This is discovered atop a collection of ledges south-east of camp. Mantle approximately grab it.

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Document #3 - In the Tomb

Exit the cave containing document #3 and climb to ledge instantly to the left. There"s a relic in a box up here.

Document #4 - military of the Unwilling

There"s a ledge on the northern edge that the map you have the right to reach by leaping throughout the tree branches. Head there to uncover this.

There"s a cavern south of camp you have the right to only get in by pulling away part planks with Rope Arrows. Once you have them, return here and also head inside. There"s a relic here.

Relic #3 - Mongolian Tug

Just roughly the bending from Relic #2 is an additional cave through its own barrier. As soon as the Trinity soldiers go into the area, you have the right to grab a gas can from one of their posts and use it to blast into the cave. There"s a relic wait for you inside.

Document #5 - Gearing Up

This won"t be accessible until Trinity soldiers raid the area. When they do, it"ll it is in atop a crate near the course to the bear"s den.

Found ~ above the soil by the breakable wall surface in the bear"s den.

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