below are every five difficulties in the Geothermal Valley existing in climb of the dig Raider, together with steps on how to complete them.

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Rise of the tomb Raider is a great return to the classic Tomb Raider formula that discovering interesting secrets fill with places to explore and also enemies come fight.

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if exploring old tombs is one of the game"s appealing aspects, the quantity of side content packed within Rise of the tomb Raider is to be commended and also worth experiencing. Evey open up area in the game has a collection of optional obstacles players can partake in, providing a pretty respite indigenous the main narrative or tomb-delving. Below are all five obstacles in the Geothermal Valley current in Rise of the dig Raider, together with steps on exactly how to finish them. Thanks to and also IGN for lot of the information present in this guide.

among the first challenges you will certainly come across in the Geothermal valley is the Bull"s Eye challenge. Because that this challenge, you will have to hit 8 targets scattered across the area.

when 8 sounds prefer a lot to uncover in the area, they are clustered with each other in groups. Teams of 2 or 3 the the targets space close to each other in location. Whatever you do, carry out not usage grenade arrows! ~ you finish the Acropolis, you will gain accessibility to explosive arrows. The explosion can take out the targets, however the main arrowhead won"t and, therefore, the target won"t complete, breaking the challenge.

The first four are an extremely close to every other. Indigenous the Farmstead Camp, head west and look for a bull"s-eye hanging native a tree close to a rock archway.

because that the following three, head to the northeast component of the Camp. The second is handing native a birch tree, the third is ~ above the tower close to the tree, and the fourth one is hanging top top the adjacent guard tower. The Afflicted challenge Tomb homes the following two, the very first of i beg your pardon is hanging from a wooden walkway. As for the sixth one, crawl right into the area and look because that a bull"s eye hanging from a tree. Bull"s-eye 7 is hanging from a tree near a clearing come the Architect"s Crypt, and the final target is at the entrance of the Baths of Kitezh challenge Tomb come the ideal of the cavern entrance.

out of all of Tomb Raider"s challenges, bird Play might be the most basic one in the game. Lara Croft will need to be great at dealing with chickens to finish this task.

every you should do is choose up a chicken in the Farmstead to display screen the challenge. 5 chickens should be went back to their pens for this an obstacle to complete. Choose up a chicken at the Farm, lug them come a significant location, then litter them in to acquire progress. Carry out this 5 times and the challenge is finished.

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prior to the fowl Play challenge appears, you will should pick up at least one chicken in the Farmstead. If the chicken is too much away from their pen, autumn them and also grab another one.

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there are an ext than 5 chickens that generate in the area, so girlfriend shouldn"t have to scavenge the area because that them. However, if you want to make this walk faster, you can talk to the edge of the Farmstead and a huge number the them will certainly spawn. If friend don"t see any, simply walk back to the facility of the camp and also return come the corner and also grab as plenty of as you need.

If you complete the Bull"s-Eye challenge, you could have noticed a couple of hanging rabbit on your travels. These room tied come the next difficulty titled Hung out To Dry.

To complete this challenge, you need to discover 6 snarred rabbit in the an ar and cut them down. Favor the Bull"s-Eyes, many of the rabbit in the an ar are on the western part of the map previous the zone"s river. You can do this alongside the Bull"s-Eye an obstacle if you wish to be even more efficient.

speaking of Bull"s-Eye targets, the first rabbit deserve to be discovered at the same ar as the fifth target from the challenge. The hare is hanging just to the ideal of the target.

because that the second rabbit, head down the valley and also slide down the zipline indigenous the Afflicted challenge Tomb. The hare is dead ahead. Together for the 3rd one, head southwest the the Afflicted Tomb until you discover a wood guard tower. That is hanging top top the edge of the roof. The fourth is top top a wooden hut to the southwest of the valley, and also the fifth can be uncovered next to a ladder in the northwest that the village. The last rabbit is top top the west side of the ruins Encampment. Head come an old rock bridge and also the rabbit will be hanging right above the east side the the bridge.


4 High Dive

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It"s time to exercise your diving an abilities for this next challenge. Before you can end up the High Dive challenge, you need to finish the defensive Strategy mission or among the areas will it is in inaccessible.

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an additional location is additionally locked till you finish the flooded Archives level together well. When those two room finished, you should swan dive turn off of four various platforms. To swan dive, run and jump in ~ the very same time, then push your aim vital to dive down. You can additionally aim her camera downward and press the dodge key to perform the same.

Fortunately, there are only four locations you should dive turn off from to complete this challenge. The very first board is at the beacon girlfriend lit for Jacob"s people. You need to dive native halfway increase the beacon.

If you have not completed the protective Strategy mission, friend can"t do the next platform. For those who have, head come the security tower southern of the Remnant cabin. Climb up to the board and take a swim! on your way to the Pit of Judgement Tomb, you will discover a tower that will certainly contain the 3rd board you must dive from. The final board is over The Architect"s Crypt alongside Ridgeline Camp"s waterfall.

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If friend thought handling chickens was tough, wait until you check out the next challenge. Similar to fowl Play, the Tossing Gourds challenge asks friend to litter pumpkins into 5 various barrels.

unequal the chickens from bird Play, you deserve to throw this pumpkins a same distance. Friend will need to very closely aim the pumpkins come land in the barrel chin of friend won"t get progress. The an excellent news is the barrels space all near to every other, so you don"t need to travel much to complete this challenge.

prior to you deserve to attempt this challenge, friend must very first complete the submarine Archives mission to accessibility the Cathedral Courtyard pumpkin patch.

once you do it to the upper part of the ruins Encampment, seize a pumpkin indigenous the nearby patch. The an initial barrel is over a pile of lumber to the left the the pumpkin patch. A boulder and also birch trees surround the 2nd barrel, sitting northeast the the patch. The 3rd one is past a fence the spiked logs to the right of the second barrel. This next barrel is tricky, relaxing on a ledge top top the stronghold. You have the right to throw the pumpkin increase the platform, climb up, and also then throw it right into the barrel if that"s easier. As for the last one, bring it come the very first cabin of the upper village and throw it end the spiked log fences.