Become Overpowered, Hurl Fire Tornadoes and also Ice Blasts

Finding The exit Aqueduct

To find the abandoned aqueduct, you need to visit the desert location on Petrichor V and also reach its stage 2 environment. Therefore, rather of walking haywire looking for the exit aqueduct in the game, we indicate you to gain to this point very first to proceed further with the fatality do us part challenge.

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Two bosses and also two booty items tied come this challenge lies within a covert chamber who entry is shut turn off by a gateway. Right here is picture for your reference. If you view this place, know that you space in the best spot. After discovering this place, every that continues to be is detect a way to open the gateway and also get inside the secret area.

Abandoned Aqueduct – Obstruction Removed

Kjaro and Runald, upstream Lemurians Encounter

Now the you reached the battle arena, you room minutes far from completing hazard of Rain 2 death do us component challenge. Here, you’ll discover two high elites breathing fire and also ice strikes at you. As discussed earlier, this fight will certainly be winner over within minutes if you have actually other football player by her side. Both elite Lemurians have actually ranged, and close combat attacks; the latter are the many lethal 보다 the former. The easiest method to loss them is to distract their attention. Whenever one of the bosses locks his strikes on a player, the various other teammate must take this home window of opportunity and open fire. When one survivor unleashes everything in his arsenal ~ above a Lemurian, the various other one should simply run roughly and try the best to evade attacks. Rinse and repeat his process, and also both, Kjaro and also Runald, will fall without lot trouble.

Loot Items and also Their Stats

After triumphing in the battle, both elites will certainly drop loot items titled with their names. Kjaro, the fire elite, will drop Kjaro’s Band. Runald, the Elder lemurian breathing ice attacks, will yield over Runald’s Band. Here are the stats both ring items sell to the player.

S.noLoot ItemItem StatsStatus impact DamageCooldownStatus effect Activation ConditionPro-Tip
01Kjaro’s BandYour survivor it s okay a chance on strike come land a runic flame tornado ~ above monstersDeals 300% added damage come the basic damage10 secondsActivates after handle 400%+ damages to one enemyEquip both bands come launch status results simultaneously

02Runald’s BandYour survivor gets a chance on strike come land a runic ice blast on monstersDeals 250% damage and also slows enemy moment by 80% for 3 seconds

Workaround because that Solo players Doing The Challenge

We have actually two workarounds for you to finish solo every the measures in our hazard of Rain 2 fatality do us component guide as pointed out above. Engineer course makes this difficulty easy and also quick. He can place 2 turrets on push plates, therefore opening the gateway to enter and proceed ahead. Once again, the turrets will be your offense and also distraction once it pertains to taking the hit head-on as a solitary survivor v two elite lemurian. Whichever boss focuses his attacks on the turret, you together an engineer must emphasis fire on the first. The battle becomes a tad little bit easy as soon as one the the 2 elites is defeated. Strategize your encounter, and also you will emerge victoriously!

The 2nd workaround is using the pots scattered around the pressure plates. It can be accomplished by using any type of playable course in the game. All you should do is clear the area an initial infested with monsters, then displace a pot on one of two buttons. Next, run approximately to one more button, push it, and activate the mechanism.

There are likewise a couple of glitches associated with the dash capability of the Mercenary and Huntress course to bypass the obstruction. However, we execute not recommend making use of any an approach to glitch yourself inside the gateway together it might waste more time.

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Now the you know everything after analysis our danger of Rain 2 fatality do us part guide, which technique are girlfriend going with first? will you complete this difficulty with a friend? Or will certainly you go through the psychological of doing that solo? Let us know more in the comments section right here below.