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When it comes to getting a loan with RCCU you will not discover an easier, an ext confidential process anywhere.

We execute our ideal to do our members feeling welcome and also we are really concerned about your jae won success!


I have actually been with River community Credit Union for an ext years than I have the right to count, and also I feel as though ns am family members everytime ns walk through their doors, or go with their drive thru. Nate Bissell has been extremely advantageous in assisting me with my auto loans, Money sector Accounts, and any other financial needs I have. Castle literally market true great old fashioned client service, and I have a connection with every employee there, which method I never ever feel together though ns am just an additional account. I would extremely recommend RCCU come anyone, whether because that loans or deposits, they constantly have your finest interest at heart. I also love my RCCU 2 go Mobile App, together I can deposit checks through the click of a few buttons, relocate money around, check balances and more. RCCU has a life long customer here, and also I am proud to be a Member the this local institution :)

Sara D., Member

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once I was trying to purchase my an initial car on mine own, no lender would provide me because that a loan without having a co-signer. Then i submitted one auto loan applications to River community Credit Union, they called me the really next morning and also I had my first auto loan in no time there is no a co-signer! Krystal was an excellent to job-related with and also she answered every the questions I had actually as first-time automobile buyer. I will certainly be going back to RCCU once it is time because that my following car.

Tyler G., Member

River neighborhood Credit Union is a lifesaver! I newly bought a car and when ns went through the dealership, they could only offer me high-interest rates. A friend recommended I call River ar to see around a loan. Within an hour of talking to them, ns was referred to as to sign on for a loan with a an excellent interest rate and was able come go obtain the car. River ar Credit Union has the finest rates and even far better customer service!